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Unique Things to Do in Nashville

When in Nashville, you must check out the Lane Motor Museum with its 500 unique vehicles. Seek out hidden speakeasies for vintage vibes and craft cocktails. Explore vibrant street art in spots like The Gulch. Try rooftop bar hopping for stunning city views and live music. Snap up eclectic finds at vintage shopping spots. Immerse yourself in the underground music scene at secret venues. Sample diverse cuisines at food trucks for a unique dining experience. And don't miss serene nature retreats in the city. Discover the charm of Music City through these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore quirky Lane Motor Museum with over 500 unique vehicles.
  • Experience hidden speakeasies with vintage ambiance and skilled mixologists.
  • Hunt for vibrant street art in spots like The Gulch and 12 South.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views at rooftop bars with live music and mixology classes.
  • Shop for eclectic finds at vintage spots like High Class Hillbilly and The Hip Zipper.

Offbeat Museums

Explore quirky and unconventional museums in Nashville that offer a unique perspective on the city's history and culture. One must-visit museum is the Lane Motor Museum, housing a collection of over 500 unique vehicles from different eras and countries. The museum showcases quirky exhibitions such as microcars and amphibious vehicles, along with unusual artifacts like a propeller-driven car. It's a paradise for car enthusiasts and those looking for offbeat experiences.

Another gem is the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, celebrating the unsung heroes behind the music industry. Get up close with unusual artifacts like the original drum kit used in the recording of Elvis Presley's hit song 'Heartbreak Hotel.' The museum also features quirky exhibitions detailing the stories of session musicians who shaped the sound of famous recordings.

These offbeat museums offer a refreshing break from the traditional tourist spots, providing insight into unique aspects of Nashville's rich history and culture.

Hidden Speakeasies

Tucked away in the vibrant streets of Nashville are hidden speakeasies waiting to transport you back to the Prohibition era with their secretive entrances and vintage ambiance. These hidden bars offer a unique experience, where you can immerse yourself in the Prohibition style while sipping on covert cocktails.

To access these secret venues, you often need to locate their discreet entrances, which could be anything from a disguised door in an alley to a password-protected entrance. Once inside, you'll be greeted by an atmosphere that harks back to the 1920s, with dim lighting, classic decor, and a sense of exclusivity.

The bartenders at these speakeasies are skilled mixologists who can craft a wide array of cocktails, from traditional favorites to innovative concoctions. You can expect top-notch service and a diverse selection of drinks to choose from, ensuring that your visit is nothing short of memorable. So, if you're looking to add a touch of mystery and history to your night out in Nashville, exploring these hidden speakeasies is a must.

Street Art Exploration

Ready to immerse yourself in Nashville's vibrant street art scene?

Get ready to hunt down stunning murals at popular spots, explore hidden alley gems, and discover the incredible talent of local artists showcased throughout the city.

Nashville's streets are a canvas waiting for you to explore and be inspired by the creativity that adorns every corner.

Mural Hunting Spots

Uncover Nashville's vibrant street art scene by embarking on a quest to discover the city's most captivating mural hunting spots. Dive into a world of colorful creations and artistic escapades as you roam the streets searching for these hidden gems. Here are some must-visit mural locations:

  1. The Gulch: Explore this trendy neighborhood adorned with striking murals that make for the perfect backdrop for your photos.
  2. 12 South: Wander through this bustling area to find a mix of whimsical and thought-provoking mural masterpieces.
  3. East Nashville: Discover a blend of street art styles in this eclectic district, showcasing the creativity of local artists.
  4. Downtown Nashville: Immerse yourself in the heart of the city and witness larger-than-life murals that reflect Nashville's soul.

Local Artist Showcase

Embark on a journey through Nashville's vibrant street art scene by exploring the Local Artist Showcase, where you can immerse yourself in the creativity of talented artists through captivating street art exploration.

Discover hidden gems of artistic expression as you walk through the city's streets filled with colorful murals and intricate designs. Keep an eye out for pop-up galleries that showcase the latest works of local artists, providing a unique and ever-changing experience.

Witness the magic of live painting sessions, where you can see artists bringing their visions to life right before your eyes. Engage with the art community, learn about different techniques, and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry that graces Nashville's walls.

Hidden Alley Gems

As you navigate the streets of Nashville, keep your eyes peeled for hidden alley gems that showcase the city's vibrant street art scene. Explore these mysterious alleys to uncover stunning murals and graffiti that add to Nashville's artistic charm.

Here are some enticing features you can discover:

  1. Secret garden: Stumble upon hidden courtyards adorned with whimsical paintings and intricate designs.
  2. Interactive displays: Engage with street art that goes beyond visuals, offering interactive elements like augmented reality experiences.
  3. Historical storytelling: Encounter murals that narrate tales of Nashville's past, blending art and history seamlessly.
  4. Local artist collaborations: Witness the magic of local artists coming together to create captivating street art collaborations that reflect the city's diverse creativity.

Rooftop Bar Hopping

Ready to elevate your Nashville experience?

Get ready for stunning views and craft cocktails while you socialize as the sun sets.

Rooftop bar hopping in Nashville promises a memorable night of sipping drinks with a view.

Views and Cocktails

Experience the vibrant Nashville skyline while sipping on handcrafted cocktails at the city's array of rooftop bars. Here's why you should embark on this rooftop adventure:

  1. Breathtaking Views: Enjoy stunning scenic overlooks of the city that will leave you in awe.
  2. Unique Mixology Classes: Some rooftop bars offer mixology classes where you can learn to craft your own cocktails.
  3. Live Music: Immerse yourself in Nashville's music scene with live performances at select rooftop bars.
  4. Twinkling Lights: As night falls, watch the city come alive with twinkling lights while you unwind with your favorite drink in hand.

Don't miss out on this perfect combination of great views and delicious cocktails high above the bustling streets of Nashville!

Sunset Socializing

Embark on a captivating evening of rooftop bar hopping in Nashville as you soak in the vibrant sunset socializing scene high above the city. Nashville offers a variety of rooftop bars where you can enjoy delicious cocktails, live music, and breathtaking views as the sun sets. Check out the table below for a list of some must-visit rooftop bars in Nashville:

Rooftop Bar Speciality Drink Sunset View
L.A. Jackson Rooftop Spritz City Skyline
Rare Bird Music City Mule Riverfront
UP, a rooftop bar Bourbon Smash Capitol Building
Bobby Hotel Rooftop Collins Downtown Nashville

Experience rooftop picnicking and the ambiance of beach bonfires without leaving the city by hopping from one scenic spot to another during your Nashville rooftop adventure.

Vintage Shopping Spots

When exploring Nashville, you'll discover an array of charming vintage shopping spots that offer a unique glimpse into the city's rich history and culture. From retro fashion to antique treasures, these hidden gems are waiting to be explored:

  1. Old Made Good: Step into a wonderland of eclectic finds ranging from vintage clothing to quirky home decor at this cozy shop in East Nashville.
  2. Pre to Post Modern: Explore a curated collection of mid-century modern furniture and retro accessories in this boutique located in Marathon Village.
  3. High Class Hillbilly: Embrace your inner country flair with a visit to this vintage store in East Nashville, known for its selection of Western wear and unique handmade items.
  4. The Hip Zipper: Dive into a treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories at this funky store in East Nashville, where you might just find the perfect statement piece to add to your wardrobe.

These vintage shopping spots offer a delightful blend of nostalgia and style, making them must-visit destinations for any vintage enthusiast in Nashville.

Underground Music Scene

Delve into Nashville's vibrant underground music scene to uncover a tapestry of raw talent and unbridled creativity waiting to be discovered. Nashville's underground music scene is a hidden gem filled with indie band showcases at secret venues and underground music festivals highlighting local talent. Here's a glimpse into what you can experience in this lively musical underground world:

Events Description
Indie Band Showcases Discover intimate performances by up-and-coming indie bands in hidden venues, where you can get up close to the music.
Secret Venues Explore the mystery of secret venues scattered throughout the city, adding an element of thrill to your music experience.
Underground Music Festivals Immerse yourself in the energy of underground music festivals, celebrating the richness of Nashville's local talent.
Local Talent Witness the raw talent of local musicians, singers, and songwriters who bring a unique and authentic sound to the scene.

Immerse yourself in the underground music scene of Nashville; you never know what musical treasures you might uncover.

Food Truck Feast

Uncover a delicious array of culinary delights on wheels with Nashville's vibrant Food Truck Feast scene. If you're a foodie looking for a unique dining experience, exploring the mobile kitchens in Music City is a must. Here's why you should add a Food Truck Feast to your Nashville itinerary:

  1. Culinary Adventures: Embark on a journey of flavors with food trucks offering diverse menus that cater to every taste bud.
  2. Foodie Paradise: Indulge in a foodie paradise where the streets are lined with an eclectic mix of mobile kitchens serving up everything from classic comfort foods to innovative fusion dishes.
  3. Community Vibes: Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of communal dining, where locals and visitors come together to enjoy good food and great company.
  4. Convenient Eats: Enjoy the convenience of grabbing a quick and tasty meal on the go as you explore the sights and sounds of Nashville.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to savor a culinary adventure like no other in Nashville's Food Truck Feast scene!

Nature Retreats

Nashville offers an array of serene nature retreats for those seeking a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. If you're a nature enthusiast, you'll love exploring the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that these retreats have to offer. Check out the table below for a quick overview of some top spots for nature hikes and wildlife watching in and around Nashville.

Nature Retreats Activities Offered
Radnor Lake State Park Scenic nature hikes
Shelby Bottoms Nature Park Bird watching, biking trails
Warner Parks Wildlife watching, hiking trails

Radnor Lake State Park is perfect for those looking for picturesque nature hikes, while Shelby Bottoms Nature Park provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching and cycling through its scenic trails. Warner Parks offer a diverse range of wildlife watching opportunities and extensive hiking trails that cater to all skill levels. Whichever retreat you choose, Nashville's nature spots are sure to rejuvenate your spirit and offer a tranquil getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find Any Museums Dedicated to Unusual or Quirky Themes?

You can explore unconventional collections and quirky exhibits at various museums in Nashville. These unique spaces showcase fascinating themes and offer a one-of-a-kind experience for those looking to delve into the city's more eccentric side.

Where Can I Discover Secret Speakeasies With Unique Cocktails?

If you're seeking hidden bars and innovative mixology, Nashville's underground lounges offer craft cocktails beyond the ordinary. Explore secret speakeasies where mixologists concoct unique drinks that tantalize your taste buds.

Are There Specific Neighborhoods Known for Vibrant Street Art?

You'll love exploring Nashville's vibrant street art scene. Take a stroll through local murals in the Gulch or East Nashville, go on neighborhood art walks, discover graffiti alleys, and find hidden gems showcasing the city's artistic flair.

Which Rooftop Bars Offer the Best Views of the City Skyline?

For the best skyline views in Nashville, head to rooftop bars like L.A. Jackson and Rare Bird. Sip on sunset cocktails as you take in the breathtaking cityscape. These spots offer a perfect blend of ambiance and scenery.

What Are Some Hidden Gems for Vintage Shopping in Nashville?

Explore Nashville's vintage treasures at hidden boutiques like Old Made Good or High Class Hillbilly. Discover artisanal markets showcasing the work of local artisans, such as Porter Flea Market or the Nashville Flea Market.


Next time you find yourself in Nashville, don't just stick to the usual tourist spots. Explore the offbeat museums, hidden speakeasies, and vibrant street art scene.

Take in the city from rooftop bars, hunt for treasures in vintage shops, and immerse yourself in the underground music scene.

Indulge in a food truck feast and escape to nature retreats. Nashville has so much more to offer beyond the traditional attractions – go out and discover it all!

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