Family Friendly Activities In York

Things to Do With Kids in York Pa

In York, PA, there's a wonderful array of activities that are both fun and educational for kids. Experience the excitement of snow tubing at AvalancheXpress, where families can enjoy speeding down well-maintained snowy slopes. It's a great way to enjoy the winter outdoors and get some exercise.

If you're interested in hands-on creativity, visit the Sunrise Soap Company. Here, kids can learn about the soap-making process and make their own soap with natural ingredients. This activity not only sparks creativity but also teaches them about the benefits of using natural products.

For a taste of local culture, head over to the York City Pretzel Company. Children can try their hand at twisting pretzels in the traditional Bavarian style. This is not only fun but also provides a glimpse into culinary techniques and the history of pretzel making.

Exploring local farms can be incredibly rewarding. Participate in activities like milking cows, which helps children understand where their food comes from and the work involved in farming. This real-life experience is invaluable and helps foster a connection to agriculture and nature.

Each of these activities offers kids a chance to learn something new in an engaging way. Whether it's through crafting, cooking, or outdoor adventures, York, PA provides many opportunities for family fun and learning. Make sure to explore these options on your next visit!

Explore AvalancheXpress

Winter Fun On Slopes

If you're seeking a fun-filled winter destination, consider AvalancheXpress in York. This place features ten unique snow tubing lanes, making it a standout among U.S. snow tubing parks. Each lane is designed to maximize fun and provide a new thrill with every run.

Beyond tubing, AvalancheXpress offers ice skating opportunities. Glide over the smooth ice rink and enjoy a peaceful change of pace from the exhilarating tubing. The area combines excitement with the beauty of a winter landscape, perfect for both energetic activities and tranquil moments.

Extend your day into a cozy evening by staying at the Heritage Hills Resort, with rooms starting at just $81 per night. Here, you can relax and reflect on your day's adventures in a comfortable setting.

AvalancheXpress is more than just a visit; it's a vibrant winter center that promises memorable experiences, from high-speed tubing runs to graceful ice skating.

Visit Sunrise Soap Company

Visit Sunrise Soap Company for an interactive and enriching experience in the art of soap making. Here, you can personally mix, scent, and mold your own soaps. Explore our diverse selection of handcrafted products, including luxurious lotions and effervescent bath fizzies, all crafted from top-quality, natural ingredients.

Participate in our Creation Station activities, designed for both adults and children. This hands-on approach not only educates but also lets you create unique, personalized bath products. It's an ideal way to make your visit both informative and unforgettable.

Why is this important? Engaging directly in the soap-making process and using products made from natural ingredients can enhance your understanding of sustainable practices and the benefits of organic products.

Moreover, if you're looking for specific product recommendations, don't miss our best-selling Lavender Bliss soap and the invigorating Peppermint Twist lotion. These products are favorites for their soothing qualities and refreshing scents.

Explore Soap Making Process

Dive into the world of soap making at Sunrise Soap Company, where you can craft your own soap using natural ingredients. This interactive experience isn't only entertaining but also educational, providing a deep dive into the soap-making process.

At the Creation Station, a vibrant area dedicated to creativity and science, you and your children can select from various essential oils and herbal additions to customize your soap.

As you blend and shape your soap, our expert staff will guide you through each step of the process. They're passionate about teaching and eager to discuss the advantages of using natural ingredients and the chemistry involved in making soap. This engaging activity combines learning with fun, ensuring a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Making soap here is an opportunity to be hands-on and unleash your creativity. From picking your ingredients to taking out your finished bar from the mold, every step is an exciting journey.

At Sunrise Soap Company, you leave with a soap you made yourself, as well as a lasting impression of a fun, educational day.

Discover Unique Product Selection

Discover the exciting world of Sunrise Soap Company, where you can craft your own soaps, lotions, and bath products using natural ingredients and customizable molds. At their locations in York and Gettysburg, immerse yourself in a hands-on experience that blends creativity with the essence of nature.

Here, you're not just picking products off a shelf; you're actively creating items tailored to your preferences, making each visit distinctively personal.

Sunrise Soap Company offers a wide range of natural ingredients that cater to various skin types, including sensitive skin. Choose from calming lavender, energizing peppermint, or create a mix that perfectly matches your scent preferences.

These natural choices aren't only delightful for the senses but are also formulated to be gentle on your skin.

Adding to the fun, the company provides unique molds that let you shape your soap or bath bombs into designs that reflect your personality or serve as thoughtful gifts. From animal shapes to effervescent bath bombs, these options allow you to personalize your creations further.

This isn't just shopping; it's an engaging way to learn about product creation while enjoying a fun activity. Sunrise Soap Company turns your visit into a creative journey, enriching your experience and ensuring you leave with products that are truly your own.

Enjoy Hands-On Activities

Sunrise Soap Company has expanded its offerings by introducing engaging hands-on activities, allowing you to craft your own soaps and bath items. At their Creation Station located in both York and Gettysburg, you and your family can dive into the art of soap making. This workshop uses natural ingredients and distinctive molds that ignite creativity and fun. It's not only a chance to make something unique but also an opportunity to learn the science behind soap making. Plus, your kids get to bring home their own creation, giving them a tangible memory of their experience.

Why Visit Sunrise Soap Company?

  • Tailored Creations: Mix and match scents and colors to make a product that perfectly suits your preferences.
  • Learn and Grow: Discover how natural ingredients benefit your health and the basics of soap crafting.
  • Family Friendly: The activities are enjoyable for both kids and adults, ideal for a family day out.
  • Accessible Workshops: With locations in York and Gettysburg, a fun experience is never far away.

At Sunrise Soap Company, you're not just making soap; you're creating memories and learning valuable skills. Whether you're a local or just visiting, it's a perfect spot to spend quality time with your family while engaging in a creative, educational activity.

Enjoy York City Pretzel Company

Savor Handmade Pretzels Freshly

At York City Pretzel Company, discover the craft of Bavarian-style soft pretzels being made right before your eyes. Located in the heart of York, this place offers a fun and engaging experience for all ages. Step inside, and you'll be greeted by the comforting aroma of baking pretzels and the sight of expert bakers skillfully forming the dough – a practice rooted in deep tradition.

What sets York City Pretzel Company apart is their creative twist on the classic pretzel. They offer a variety of unique dipping sauces, such as the surprising root beer mustard, which you can enjoy for just 50 cents each. This affordable treat isn't just tasty but also easy on your budget, making it an ideal choice during a family outing.

Watching pretzels being made isn't only entertaining but also educational. Kids especially love seeing how simple ingredients are transformed into delicious, golden-brown pretzels. This process provides a practical demonstration of food preparation and craftsmanship, enriching their understanding of how food is made.

So, whether you're looking for a tasty snack or a small lesson in culinary arts, York City Pretzel Company is worth a visit.

Enjoy the warm, fresh pretzels and perhaps find your new favorite dipping sauce among their inventive selection.

Discover Perrydell Farm

After enjoying tasty treats at York City Pretzel Company, make your way to Perrydell Farm for a hands-on farm experience. At Perrydell Farm, visitors get more than just a tour; they immerse themselves in a lively, family-oriented environment that makes learning about farm life both fun and informative. Here, you can truly connect with nature and discover the ins and outs of farm operations, appealing to guests of all ages.

Engage with Farm Animals: Get up close with cows and their calves. You can see how they're fed and cared for, providing a real look at the daily routines crucial to farm upkeep.

Experience Milking Sessions: Watch the milking process at designated times. This is a great opportunity to see how dairy farms operate and where milk products begin their journey.

Enjoy Fresh Ice Cream: Treat yourself to hand-dipped ice cream made right on the farm. This delicious treat is crafted using milk from the farm's cows, showcasing the quality and freshness of local produce.

Family-Oriented Environment: The farm is designed to be welcoming for visitors of all ages, with activities that educate and entertain. It's a great way to spend a day out with the family, learning and having fun together.

Don't miss out on the unique experiences Perrydell Farm offers. It's a perfect spot to explore the beauty of farm life and enjoy some of the best ice cream around.

Play at Bogey Macaws Ballocity

Fun At Indoor Amusement

Visit Bogey Macaws for a delightful combination of dining and fun, where children can dive into the Ballocity obstacle course. This area is packed with foam balls, slides, and climbing structures, perfect for kids to expend their energy while you relax.

Bogey Macaws' Ballocity offers more than just a typical play zone. It's a vibrant labyrinth where kids can engage in adventurous play right next to where you dine. Enjoy watching them navigate through the colorful obstacles, adding a unique touch to every meal.

To make the most of your visit, consider the Super Kid package. This option gives unlimited play in both the arcade and Ballocity areas, ensuring a full day of entertainment. Below is a breakdown of what to expect at Bogey Macaws' Ballocity:

Feature Description Age Suitability
Foam Balls Gentle and safe for everyone All ages
Slides Various fun slides 3-12 years
Climbing Structures Promotes active play 4-12 years
Arcade Access Included with Super Kid package All ages
Dining Experience Meals served overlooking the play area Family-friendly

Don't miss this opportunity for a fulfilling family day at Bogey Macaws, where you can create lasting memories just by playing and dining!

Join Made in America Tours

When you're in York, PA, and you have your kids along, consider joining the Made in America Tours. It's a fantastic opportunity to see some interesting places with your family.

Before you go, check out what each tour offers to decide which ones might be most engaging for your children. For instance, Utz is well-known for showing visitors how they make their tasty chips, and Perrydell Farms offers an insight into dairy production from cow to bottle.

Booking your spots early is crucial, especially if you plan to visit during the popular Made in America Days events when tours tend to fill up fast. These experiences not only provide a fun outing but also educate you and your children about how everyday products are made, right here in America.

By choosing tours that align with your family's interests, you ensure an enjoyable and informative day out. Whether it's learning about snack foods at Utz or exploring dairy operations at Perrydell Farms, these tours offer unique insights into American manufacturing that are engaging for both kids and adults.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring your curiosity!

Tour Highlights

Explore York's craftsmanship with the Made in America Tours, taking you behind the scenes at local factories like Utz and Perrydell. These tours are more than just sightseeing; they offer a deep dive into the production of beloved snacks and dairy products, making it a perfect family outing.

Why You Should Go:

  • Live Demonstrations: Watch as products come to life through a combination of skilled labor and precise machinery. It's like witnessing a well-coordinated dance between technology and human expertise.
  • Educational Value: Each tour is filled with engaging learning sessions. Whether you're eight or eighty, there's something new to learn about the processes and stories behind everyday products.
  • Unique Experiences: Forget the typical factory tour. These visits are interactive and designed to leave a lasting impression, offering hands-on experiences wherever possible.
  • Always Something New: With constantly updated tours and activities, repeat visits are just as exciting. Each trip helps you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for York's manufacturing community.

Experience the magic of manufacturing and support local businesses with your loved ones. Discover the pride of York County's industry and maybe even find some new favorite products along the way.

Booking Essentials

Secure your place on the Made in America Tours to explore the dynamic manufacturing industry in York with your family. These tours provide a fascinating glimpse into the creation of everyday products.

You and your children can watch how Utz potato chips are made, from frying to packaging, and see how Perrydell Farm Dairy processes milk into various dairy products.

Booking in advance is crucial, especially during the Made in America Days event when interest peaks and many are eager to learn about York's manufacturing capabilities. Early reservations ensure you avoid disappointment and help organize your visit better, making it more enjoyable for all.

Understanding the manufacturing process not only educates but also connects consumers with the origins of the products they use daily. This awareness can foster appreciation for local industries and influence purchasing decisions.

Observing the production of Utz potato chips, for instance, reveals the care and quality that goes into creating a product many take for granted. This can lead to a greater appreciation for the brand and its products.

When planning your visit, consider the different tour options available and choose one that best fits your family's interests. Whether it's watching delicious snacks come off the production line or learning about dairy farming, these tours promise a memorable and educational day out.


Prepare for an exciting family adventure in York, PA! Enjoy the winter fun by skiing or snowboarding at AvalancheXpress, where the whole family can enjoy the snowy slopes together.

Get creative at the Sunrise Soap Company by making your own soap, a perfect hands-on activity for kids and adults alike. Don't miss tasting the fresh, hand-twisted pretzels at York City Pretzel Company—a real treat!

Explore the scenic Perrydell Farm and learn about dairy farming firsthand, which is both educational and fun for kids.

At Bogey Macaws Ballocity, let the kids burn off some energy in an exciting play area designed for climbing and fun.

For a unique educational experience, take part in the Made in America Tours to see how local products are made, which can be a fascinating journey for curious minds.

Each of these activities offers a special way to create lasting memories with your family while exploring the charming city of York, PA.

Whether you're sliding down a snowy hill, crafting soap, or learning about local manufacturing, there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

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