Family Friendly Activities In Canton

Things to Do With Kids in Canton Ohio

Canton, Ohio, offers a variety of fun and educational activities for children. Visit the McKinley Presidential Library where kids can explore a historic town setup and engage with hands-on science exhibits. This museum not only provides a glimpse into history but also sparks curiosity about the natural world.

Another must-see is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's not just about football; the place is equipped with a 4D theater and interactive exhibits that bring the game to life. This can be a thrilling experience for young sports enthusiasts and a great way for them to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship.

For those who have a lot of energy to burn, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the perfect spot. It features wall-to-wall trampolines where kids can jump and play in a safe environment. It's a fun way to encourage physical activity and healthy play.

Don't overlook the North Canton Skate Center, a fantastic place for roller-skating. Roller skating can help improve balance and coordination, and it's a fun way to get some exercise.

Each of these places offers unique opportunities for learning and fun, making them great choices for a family outing in Canton. Whether your kids are into history, sports, or just need to jump around, there's something here for everyone.

Explore McKinley Presidential Library

Historical Artifacts And Exhibits

Discover World at McKinley Presidential Library

Dive into the interactive world of the McKinley Presidential Library where children can delve into science exhibits and explore a historically inspired town. At the core of this experience is Discover World, an engaging area designed for hands-on activities. Here, children can learn about different ecosystems at Ecology Island and engage in various interactive tasks.

Interactive and Educational Fun

The library's design aims to ignite curiosity and enjoyment. Its science exhibits are more than just educational; they serve as a mental playground where children can blend learning with fun. This educational approach guarantees that every visit enhances their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Step Back in Time

Walking through the life-size replica of a historic town offers a unique educational experience. It's not just about watching history; it's about interacting with it. This method helps children grasp a tangible sense of historical life, making learning both impactful and exciting.

The McKinley Presidential Monument

Make sure to visit the McKinley Presidential Monument during your trip. This monument serves as a homage to President McKinley and stands as a significant piece of our national heritage. It provides a deeper understanding of our country's history, enriching your visit with a comprehensive cultural experience.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the McKinley Presidential Library, consider these engaging and educational attractions that promise a fulfilling experience for both you and your children. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn, play, and discover history in an interactive setting.

Visit Pro Football Hall of Fame

Explore the captivating world of American football at the Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. Spanning over 118,000 square feet, this museum offers a unique blend of historical artifacts and modern interactive exhibits that bring the sport's history to life. It's not just about viewing items; it's a dynamic celebration of football's greatest players and their monumental achievements.

Here's what you can look forward to during your visit:

  • Hall of Fame Gallery: Stand face-to-face with the busts of more than 300 Hall of Famers. Discover the pivotal roles these athletes played in shaping football.
  • Super Bowl Theater: Immerse yourself in the pivotal moments of Super Bowl history through a cutting-edge 4D experience.
  • GameDay Stadium: Capture the vibe of a live football game. Engage in interactive exhibits and try your hand at football skills.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is more than just a museum for die-hard fans; it's a place where anyone can delve into the heart of football. It serves as an educational and entertaining spot, perfect for a family day out in Ohio.

Whether you're deeply passionate about football or just curious about its history, the Pro Football Hall of Fame provides an insightful and engaging experience for all ages.

Sky Zone Trampoline Adventures

Trampoline Fun In Sky

Discover the thrill at Sky Zone Trampoline Adventures in Canton, Ohio—a top destination for family fun and fitness.

Our expansive facility features trampolines covering almost every inch of the floor, providing a safe and exciting environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're perfecting flips in the freestyle jump areas, engaging in a friendly dodgeball match, or jumping into our foam pits, there's no shortage of activities to keep you active and entertained.

Sky Zone goes beyond just trampoline activities. We're a favorite spot for hosting memorable birthday parties and special events. Our birthday packages include access to private rooms and assistance from our dedicated party hosts, making it easy for parents to organize a stress-free celebration.

For those looking to combine fun and fitness, our trampoline-based fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape while having a blast.

As a cornerstone of community entertainment in Canton, Sky Zone is committed to providing a fun, safe, and engaging experience for all visitors. Our emphasis on safety and community involvement ensures that every guest can enjoy themselves without worry. It's the perfect place for families to spend a day, where kids can jump and play in a welcoming environment.

Visit us at Sky Zone Trampoline Adventures and experience firsthand why we're a beloved part of Canton's entertainment landscape. Jump in and discover a world of fun and fitness for yourself and your family!

Fun Center at Belden Village

Explore Family Fun at Belden Village

Are you looking for a perfect spot for your family's next outing? Consider the Fun Center at Belden Village Mall in Canton, Ohio. It's a place where children of all ages can dive into a variety of activities that are both entertaining and stimulating.

As soon as you arrive, you'll notice the vibrant atmosphere filled with the sounds of joy and playful activities.

What's on Offer at the Fun Center?

  • Indoor Playground & Climbing Structures: Watch your children explore a network of climbing structures and slides that are designed to boost their physical activity and spark their creativity.
  • Arcade Games & Interactive Games: Engage with your kids in diverse arcade and interactive games. These games are great for enhancing hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills.
  • Bumper Cars & Mini-Golf: Experience the thrill of bumper cars or enjoy a game of mini-golf. Both activities are excellent for family interaction and making lasting memories.

Why Choose the Fun Center?

Choosing the Fun Center at Belden Village is more than just a day out. It's about giving your kids an environment where they can actively learn through play, challenge themselves, and most importantly, have fun with the family.

It's a space where safety and fun go hand in hand to provide peace of mind for parents and endless entertainment for kids.

Plan your visit to the Fun Center at Belden Village, where every visit is an adventure and a chance to create joyful family memories!

Canton Brewing Company Tour

Historic Brewery Tour Experience

If you're curious about how craft beer is made, the Canton Brewing Company offers a fascinating tour that delves into its rich history and brewing processes. Founded in 1883, this brewery has a long-standing tradition in Canton, and its tours provide a deep dive into the world of beer making.

During the tour, a knowledgeable guide will walk you through the brewery, explaining how basic ingredients are transformed into a variety of craft beers. This hands-on approach helps visitors understand the craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in brewing.

One of the highlights of your visit will be the tasting session. Here, you can sample different beers, each with its unique taste, showcasing the brewery's range and creativity. It's an excellent chance for you and your family to expand your understanding of beer flavors and brewing styles.

Visiting the Canton Brewing Company is more than just learning about beer; it's about experiencing a piece of local tradition that continues to evolve and impress. It's an essential stop for anyone interested in the history and future of craft brewing in Canton.

North Canton Skate Center

Rediscover the Joy of Roller Skating at North Canton Skate Center

Dive into the excitement of roller skating at the North Canton Skate Center! Located in Canton, Ohio, this venue is designed for families looking for a fun and active outing. It features a large rink that accommodates both children and adults, making it a fantastic spot for everyone to enjoy.

The center offers a vibrant experience as you skate. The combination of modern music and bright, colorful lights enhances the energetic vibe, making it an ideal place for creating memorable moments.

Skating Options for Everyone

Whether you're picking up skates for the first time or you're already confident on wheels, the North Canton Skate Center has you covered. They provide a selection of traditional roller skates and inline skates for rent. This flexibility allows everyone to find skates that suit their style and comfort, ensuring a great experience for all skill levels.

Why Choose North Canton Skate Center?

  • Family-Friendly Environment: It's a safe and welcoming place for both kids and adults to skate and have fun together.
  • Vibrant and Engaging Atmosphere: The dynamic music and lighting transform the rink into an exciting dance floor, keeping the energy high.
  • Skate Rentals Available: Don't worry if you don't own skates. The center offers a variety of skates for all ages, ensuring you can join in the fun without any hassle.

Plan a trip to the North Canton Skate Center for a delightful roller skating experience that you won't forget. It's more than just skating; it's about enjoying time with your family and engaging in a healthy, enjoyable activity.

Family Dining in Canton

Gather For Cantonese Feasts

Explore Canton's family-friendly dining spots which cater to all age groups, ensuring a pleasant mealtime experience for everyone. TD's Tailgate Grill stands out with its broad menu, offering everything from juicy burgers to inventive starters. The relaxed environment here makes it a favorite among families.

A short drive away, you can visit Menches Bros., renowned for claiming to be the birthplace of the hamburger. Here, the menu features hearty comfort food, and you must try their homemade ice cream, guaranteed to delight your taste buds. The warm ambiance provides a comforting backdrop for a meal that feels like dining at a friend's house.

Bender's Tavern invites you to dine in a space filled with local history. They serve a wide assortment of dishes that cater to diverse tastes, all in an environment that transports you back to a significant era in Canton's history.

For those looking for a unique breakfast experience, Cultured Coffee & Waffles is the place to be. This cafe is celebrated for its exceptional waffles and coffee, offering a creative twist on traditional breakfast that will start your day off right in the center of Canton.

Each of these venues not only serves delicious food but also plays a part in creating lasting memories for families, making them go-to spots in Canton's vibrant culinary landscape.


Canton, Ohio offers a fantastic mix of educational and fun activities perfect for families. Learn about America's 25th president at the McKinley Presidential Library, where interactive exhibits bring history to life for kids and adults alike.

For sports enthusiasts, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a must-visit, showcasing the history and excitement of American football through engaging displays and memorabilia.

For those looking for a bit more action, Sky Zone offers a thrilling experience with wall-to-wall trampolines – a great way for kids to burn off some energy.

Meanwhile, parents might enjoy a tour of the Canton Brewing Company, where they can learn about the local brewing process and sample some unique beers.

Each of these destinations provides a unique opportunity to explore and learn something new, making your visit to Canton truly memorable.

Whether you're jumping high at Sky Zone or exploring presidential history, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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