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Best Things to Do in Virginia Beach 2024

Immerse yourself in the vibrant coastal paradise of Virginia Beach! Build intricate sandcastles and join beach volleyball games on the golden sands. Dive into thrilling water sports like jet skiing and paddleboarding, with rental equipment easily accessible. Indulge in mouthwatering seafood dishes like fish tacos by the shore. Explore scenic hiking trails at First Landing State Park and soar through treetops with zip-lining adventures. Discover upscale boutiques at Hilltop Shopping Center and vibrant nightlife spots for live performances and laughter-filled evenings. Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of activities and attractions for every kind of traveler.

Key Takeaways

  • Engage in beach activities like sandcastle building and beach volleyball.
  • Experience thrilling water sports such as jet skiing and paddleboarding.
  • Enjoy mouthwatering seafood dishes at local restaurants.
  • Explore outdoor adventures like hiking trails and zip lining.
  • Visit vibrant shopping districts and experience the bustling nightlife in Virginia Beach.

Beach Activities

When visiting Virginia Beach, immerse yourself in a plethora of exciting beach activities to make the most of your coastal experience. Start by grabbing a bucket and shovel for some classic sandcastle building. The soft, golden sands of Virginia Beach provide the perfect canvas for your architectural masterpiece. Let your creativity flow as you sculpt turrets, moats, and bridges, creating a sandy fortress fit for royalty.

After you've finished your sandy creations, why not join a game of beach volleyball? Feel the warm sun on your skin as you bump, set, and spike your way to victory on the sandy courts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, beach volleyball is a fantastic way to have fun and stay active while enjoying the beautiful ocean views.

Water Sports

When visiting Virginia Beach, get ready to dive into thrilling water sports!

You can enjoy popular activities like jet skiing, paddleboarding, and surfing.

Rental equipment is readily available, and it's important to follow safety guidelines to make the most of your aquatic adventures.

Popular Water Sports

Curious about the thrilling water sports scene in Virginia Beach? The coastal city offers an array of exciting activities to enjoy on the water. If you're looking to explore the scenic waterways, consider trying out some of the popular options available:

  1. Kayak Tours: Embark on a guided kayak tour to discover the beauty of Virginia Beach from a unique perspective. Paddle through tranquil waters, observe local wildlife, and learn about the area's rich history.
  2. Paddleboarding Lessons: Take paddleboarding lessons to experience a fun and relaxing way to glide across the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, you'll enjoy the calm seas and stunning views that Virginia Beach has to offer.
  3. Jet Skiing Adventure: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, jet skiing is a fantastic choice. Feel the wind in your hair as you zip across the waves and explore the coastline in an exhilarating way.

Rental Equipment Available

Explore the convenience and options for renting equipment to enhance your water sports experience in Virginia Beach. Whether you're into biking along the scenic boardwalk or want to try your hand at paddleboarding, there are various rental shops offering bike rentals and paddleboards.

For those looking to explore the waters, kayak rentals are readily available for a peaceful journey through the serene waterways. If you're feeling more adventurous and want to catch some waves, consider signing up for surf lessons to improve your skills or learn something new.

With a range of rental equipment options like bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, and surf lessons easily accessible, you can make the most of your time in Virginia Beach and enjoy the thrilling water sports on offer.

Safety and Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while participating in water sports in Virginia Beach, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines and regulations in place. When engaging in water activities, it's crucial to prioritize safety for yourself and others around you.

Here are some safety tips and beach regulations to keep in mind:

  1. Always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket while participating in water sports.
  2. Follow designated swimming and surfing areas to avoid potential hazards.
  3. Respect beach regulations such as no alcohol consumption or littering to maintain a clean and safe environment for all beachgoers.

Local Cuisine

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with Virginia Beach's seafood delicacies, regional food specialties, and dining experiences by the shore.

From fresh catches like Chesapeake Bay blue crabs to classic dishes like she-crab soup, the local cuisine offers an array of flavors that showcase the area's coastal charm.

Whether you're craving a casual beachfront meal or a fine dining experience, Virginia Beach has something to satisfy every palate.

Seafood Delicacies

Indulge in the mouthwatering seafood delicacies that Virginia Beach has to offer, giving your taste buds a delightful local treat. The coastal city boasts a rich seafood culinary scene that will leave you craving for more.

When in Virginia Beach, be sure to try these must-have dishes:

  1. Fish Tacos: Enjoy the perfect blend of fresh fish, crisp veggies, and zesty sauces wrapped in a warm tortilla, a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.
  2. Crab Feast: Dive into a sumptuous feast of sweet and succulent crab legs, crab cakes, and creamy crab soup, showcasing the best of the region's seafood bounty.
  3. Seafood Platter: Treat yourself to a lavish seafood platter featuring a variety of delights like shrimp, oysters, and scallops, all expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds.

Regional Food Specialties

Explore the vibrant tapestry of local cuisine in Virginia Beach, uncovering a world of regional food specialties that showcase the culinary diversity of the area. From food festivals that celebrate the rich heritage to traditional recipes passed down through generations, Virginia Beach offers an array of culinary experiences that will tantalize your taste buds. Check out some of the local dishes and traditional recipes below:

Local Dish Description Where to Try
She-crab Soup A creamy soup made with blue crab meat and crab roe The Back Deck
Ham Biscuits Small biscuits filled with country ham, a Southern favorite The Bee & The Biscuit
Brunswick Stew Hearty stew with lima beans, corn, and tomatoes Waterman's Surfside Grille

Dining by the Shore

Discover the enchanting flavors of local cuisine along the shores of Virginia Beach, where fresh seafood and coastal influences combine to create a culinary experience like no other. Indulge in beachfront dining while soaking in the breathtaking sunset views, making every bite a memorable moment.

Along the boardwalk, you'll find charming seafood shacks serving up succulent crab cakes, fried oysters, and shrimp linguine, all sourced locally from the nearby waters.

Top Reasons to Dine by the Shore:

  1. Fresh Seafood: Taste the ocean's bounty with dishes made from the catch of the day.
  2. Coastal Flavors: Experience a fusion of flavors that reflect the region's maritime heritage.
  3. Scenic Sunsets: Enjoy delicious meals while watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the waves.


You'll find a plethora of captivating attractions in Virginia Beach that cater to various interests and ages. For those intrigued by history, exploring the city's historical landmarks is a must. Visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse, the oldest standing lighthouse in Virginia, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and a glimpse into maritime history. Another must-see is the Adam Thoroughgood House, a colonial brick home dating back to the 17th century, showcasing early colonial architecture and lifestyle.

If you're looking for family-friendly activities, Virginia Beach has plenty to offer. Head to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, where you can marvel at marine life exhibits, including sharks, sea turtles, and playful otters. For a fun-filled day, make your way to Ocean Breeze Waterpark, featuring thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool suitable for all ages.

Whether you're a history buff or seeking family fun, Virginia Beach's attractions are sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Outdoor Adventures

Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures in Virginia Beach that will immerse you in the beauty of nature and provide exhilarating experiences for all ages. Virginia Beach is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of activities that cater to different adventure levels.

  1. Hiking Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and explore the numerous scenic hiking trails that wind through lush forests, along coastal marshes, and even up sandy dunes. The First Landing State Park boasts a variety of trails suitable for beginners and experienced hikers alike, offering stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay.
  2. Zip Lining Adventures: For an adrenaline-pumping experience, soar through the treetops on a thrilling zip lining adventure. Feel the rush of the wind as you zip through the forest canopy, taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium offers a variety of zip lining courses for all skill levels.
  3. Water Sports: In addition to land-based adventures, Virginia Beach also provides ample opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. From kayaking and paddleboarding along serene waterways to surfing the Atlantic waves, there's no shortage of aquatic fun to be had. Dive in and make a splash in the waters of Virginia Beach!

Shopping and Entertainment

For those seeking a change of pace after outdoor adventures, Virginia Beach offers a vibrant mix of shopping and entertainment experiences to explore. When it comes to shopping districts, you can head to the Hilltop Shopping Center for a variety of upscale boutiques, specialty stores, and dining options. The Virginia Beach Farmers Market is perfect for fresh local produce, handcrafted goods, and unique finds.

If nightlife spots are what you're after, the Town Center is a bustling area with trendy bars, live music venues, and restaurants. Catch a live performance at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts or enjoy a night of laughter at the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

Here is a handy table to guide you through some of the top shopping districts and nightlife spots in Virginia Beach:

Shopping Districts Nightlife Spots
Hilltop Shopping Center Town Center
Virginia Beach Farmers Market Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
Funny Bone Comedy Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Pet to the Beach in Virginia Beach?

Yes, you can bring your pet to the beach in Virginia Beach! There are pet-friendly accommodations and plenty of dog-friendly activities to enjoy. Make sure to check specific guidelines and restrictions before heading out.

Are There Any Haunted Attractions in Virginia Beach?

Yes, there are ghost tours and paranormal investigations available in Virginia Beach. You can explore haunted houses, attend spooky events, and immerse yourself in the city's eerie history. Get ready for a thrilling experience!

What Are the Best Spots for Birdwatching in Virginia Beach?

For the best birdwatching spots in Virginia Beach, head to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Pleasure House Point Natural Area. Bring binoculars for a closer look and use field guides for bird identification tips.

Is There a Specific Dress Code for the Local Restaurants?

When dining at local restaurants in Virginia Beach, it's best to dress casually yet tastefully. Opt for beach attire or smart casual outfits. Embrace the laid-back vibe but remember to respect restaurant etiquette and local fashion customs.

Are There Any Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Virginia Beach?

You can find unique souvenirs in Virginia Beach like local crafts and artisanal products. These items capture the essence of the area and make for special mementos of your time spent in this coastal city.


Overall, Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

From relaxing on the sandy beaches to trying out thrilling water sports, there's something for everyone.

Don't forget to indulge in the local cuisine and explore the various attractions and outdoor adventures the area has to offer.

Whether you're looking for a laid-back vacation or an action-packed getaway, Virginia Beach has it all.

Plan your trip today and experience the best of this vibrant coastal city.

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