Explore Texoma S Hidden Gems

Things to Do in Texoma

Explore Texoma and delve into its captivating mix of natural beauty and exhilarating adventures.

Hike the Cross Timbers trail for breathtaking views of Lake Texoma.

For those who crave a thrill, tackle the challenging off-road routes at Fobb Bottom.

Enjoy the water in a new way by renting a boat at Cedar Bayou, or experience the well-kept greens of Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club for a relaxing round of golf.

Make sure to visit Turner Falls to see its impressive 77-foot waterfall, a true natural wonder that showcases the area's unique landscape.

For evening entertainment, the casinos in Texoma are a perfect choice, offering a variety of games and live entertainment options.

This region is not just a place to visit, but a dynamic area full of life and excitement at every turn.

Explore Cross Timbers Trail

Hiking In The Woods

Explore the Beauty of Cross Timbers Trail

If you're looking for a scenic hike that caters to all levels of hikers, the Cross Timbers Trail is a fantastic choice. Spanning over 14 miles, this trail offers stunning views of Lake Texoma and travels through a diverse ecosystem. Whether you're starting out in hiking or you're a seasoned explorer, this trail is well-prepared to offer a great experience with its clear markings and good maintenance.

A Journey Through Diverse Landscapes

The path along Lake Texoma is more than just a walk; it's a journey through a landscape that changes from oak forests to open meadows to rocky outcrops. Each section of the trail offers a new scene, with expansive views of the lake that are simply breathtaking. The peaceful water scenes contrast beautifully with the vibrant forest life, enhancing the overall experience.

Accessible and Educational

This trail isn't just about the walk; it's also about learning. The wide variety of plants and animals you'll encounter provides a practical lesson in the biodiversity of the region. The trail is accessible, making it easy for anyone, regardless of their hiking proficiency, to explore and enjoy.

Off-Road Adventure at Fobb Bottom

Gear Up for Fobb Bottom Off-Roading

Are you ready to tackle the rugged landscapes at Fobb Bottom? Before you start your engine, it's essential to equip your vehicle with the right gear. Whether it's upgrading your tires for better traction or ensuring your suspension can handle rough terrains, these enhancements are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Understanding Local Rules

Knowing the local regulations isn't just about following the law—it's about respecting the environment and the community that enjoys this area. Make sure you're aware of any restrictions on where you can drive and the speed limits to keep both the natural habitat and your adventure on track.

Drive Responsibly

Driving responsibly protects the natural beauty of Fobb Bottom and ensures it remains a stunning getaway for everyone. Stick to designated paths and be mindful of wildlife. Educate yourself on how to handle various off-road challenges you might encounter, like mud pits or steep inclines, to prevent accidents and vehicle damage.

Trails and Terrain Analysis

If you're in search of an exhilarating experience, Fobb Bottom State Recreational Hunting Area in Texoma is your go-to destination for off-road driving adventures. This state park is more than just a thrilling location; it challenges those who are eager to test their skills against demanding terrains with their vehicles. Get ready to engage your engine and tackle the diverse landscapes that lie ahead.

As you navigate through Fobb Bottom, you'll come across various obstacles that will put your driving skills to the test. The trails wind through forested areas where branches form natural tunnels, adding beauty while increasing the complexity of your drive. Streams cross your path unexpectedly, providing a refreshing splash and adding a slick element to your route. Off-road driving here is as much about skill and precision as it's about thrill.

The terrain in this park changes dramatically, which means every visit offers a new experience. You might find yourself maneuvering through mud-dense tracks that push your vehicle to its limits one day, and climbing steep hills that reveal stunning views of the area on another. Each path presents a unique challenge and an opportunity to enhance your off-road driving abilities.

Vehicle Preparation Tips

Ensure Your Vehicle is Off-Road Ready: For a successful off-road trip at Fobb Bottom, it's crucial to equip your vehicle with off-road tires and reliable recovery equipment. Fill up your gas tank to avoid running out of fuel during your adventure.

Inspect Your Vehicle: Before heading out, check your vehicle's oil, coolant, brakes, and suspension. This is important to handle rough terrains safely and efficiently.

Carry Essential Tools and Spare Parts: Include a spare tire, a tire repair kit, and essential tools in your vehicle. Being ready for unexpected repairs is key to a smooth off-road experience.

Emergency Preparedness: Pack a comprehensive first aid kit, a durable flashlight, and extra water. This preparation is vital for safety, especially in isolated areas.

Understanding your vehicle's capabilities and practicing safe off-roading techniques are as important as the drive itself.

Whether you're planning a day trip or a bigger adventure that might include renting a boat to fish for striper at Lake Texoma, thorough preparation will enhance your experience at Fobb Bottom.

Local Regulations Overview

Visiting the Fobb Bottom State Recreational Hunting Area, managed by the Army Corps of Engineers near Lake Texoma, offers a thrilling chance for off-road enthusiasts to experience the beauty of nature. It's crucial for everyone to drive only on marked trails to ensure the protection of wildlife and the environment.

Adhering to the trail guidelines is necessary not only to reduce the environmental footprint but also to preserve the area's beauty for all visitors. Safety measures are clearly displayed throughout the area and must be rigorously followed. These include wearing appropriate safety gear, making sure your vehicle is prepared for the rough terrain, and showing respect for the natural surroundings.

To help maintain the area's pristine state and ensure your safety, keep your off-road vehicles on designated paths at all times. This protects the habitat and minimizes damage to the ecosystem.

Boating at Cedar Bayou

Calm Waters And Wildlife

At Cedar Bayou Marina on Lake Texoma, you have the opportunity to rent a boat and dive into a range of water activities suited for all skill levels. This marina is a popular spot because it's easy to reach and offers a variety of boats that cater to both beginners and seasoned boaters.

What to Expect at Cedar Bayou Marina:

  • Scenic Views: The marina provides a perfect backdrop with its beautiful views of Lake Texoma. As you navigate the waters, the changing landscapes offer a refreshing escape into nature.
  • Diverse Water Activities: Whether you enjoy water skiing, fishing, or simply cruising, Lake Texoma has something for everyone. The marina's location makes it a great spot to start these activities.
  • Convenient Boat Launches: Cedar Bayou Marina is designed to make getting into the water easy with well-maintained boat launches.
  • Nearby Attractions: After spending time on the lake, you can easily explore local attractions. The marina's close proximity to these sites means more fun with less travel.

Choosing to boat at Cedar Bayou Marina isn't just about relaxation and enjoyment; it's about making memorable experiences on Lake Texoma. It's an essential experience for anyone visiting or living near the area.

Always remember to check the current weather conditions and follow all boating safety rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the water.

Whether you're planning a quiet day of fishing or an active day of water sports, Cedar Bayou Marina provides the necessary facilities and a beautiful setting to make the most of your visit.

Shop at LaJeannes Plants N Things

Visit LaJeannes Plants N Things for a refreshing collection of plants that can brighten up any space—be it your garden or your living room. With each changing season, they introduce new specials that cater to the time of year, helping you keep your surroundings vibrant and your gardening skills sharp.

Looking for the perfect gift? LaJeannes has you covered with thoughtful options suitable for anyone who appreciates plants or enjoys a touch of rustic charm in their decor. For example, their handcrafted terrariums are a customer favorite, offering a miniature, low-maintenance garden that fits perfectly on any desk or shelf.

Their store isn't just about selling plants; it's about creating an experience that educates and inspires. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, LaJeannes provides all the tools and advice you need to succeed in your planting endeavors.

Visit them today to see what's new and get expert advice tailored to your needs.

Unique Plant Selections

If you're on the hunt for distinctive plant varieties, make your way to LaJeannes Plants N Things in the Texoma area. This delightful shop offers an array of plants and rustic decor, perfect for anyone from gardening enthusiasts to beginners.

Here, you can find everything from vibrant indoor plants to hardy succulents, all thoughtfully selected to add a touch of nature's magic to your space.

What Makes LaJeannes Stand Out?

  • Wide Range of Plants: Find everything from the soft ferns to robust succulents, catering to all preferences and indoor environments.
  • Rustic Decor: Enhance your home with decor items that feature a country theme, ideal for complementing natural elements.
  • Exotic Varieties: Explore a selection of unusual and exotic plants that you mightn't see in regular garden centers.
  • Expert Advice: The friendly staff at LaJeannes are eager to share their plant care knowledge, helping you keep your greenery thriving.

Visiting LaJeannes Plants N Things is more than just a shopping trip; it's a way to connect with nature and explore the local culture of Texoma.

Explore Our Top Picks:

  • For Indoor Beauty: Try the 'Emerald Gem' fern, known for its lush green fronds that can brighten any room.
  • For Easy Care: Consider the 'Desert Rose' succulent, renowned for its resilience and minimal water needs.

Step into LaJeannes and let your gardening imagination flourish with their unique plant selections and charming country-style decor.

Seasonal Specials Offered

LaJeannes Plants N Things is your go-to spot for refreshing your home and garden each season. As you walk through the store, you'll notice items that align perfectly with the current season's weather and celebrations. For example, bright summer blooms can liven up your living area, while rich autumn colors can enhance your garden's look.

This store is more than just plants; it's filled with country-style decor that brings a rustic charm to any space. You'll find products like welcoming wooden signs and beautifully crafted pottery that are perfect for plant lovers. Each piece not only boosts the visual appeal of your home but also makes it more inviting.

LaJeannes is ideal for anyone from gardening experts to those new to plants, offering more than just a shopping trip. It's about finding the right plants or decor to transform your space. Every visit is a chance to find new specials that fit your style and meet your needs for the season, keeping your home connected with nature.

For instance, consider adding a Snake Plant for its air-purifying qualities or decorate with a handmade ceramic vase to bring a touch of artisan craft to your space. These practical choices ensure your home not only looks good but feels good too.

Gift Options Available

When you visit LaJeannes Plants N Things, you'll find more than just seasonal discounts; you'll encounter a treasure trove of gift ideas that bring a piece of Texoma home. This delightful shop is stocked with gifts inspired by the natural beauty of the area, ideal for commemorating your trip or for giving something special to loved ones.

Explore our standout gift selections:

  • Native Plants and Flowers: Choose from an assortment of local plants and flowers that showcase Texoma's vibrant colors and scents, perfect for enhancing any room.
  • Handcrafted Country Decor: Each piece of decor is uniquely handmade, reflecting the rustic heritage of Texoma and adding a cozy touch to any home.
  • Artisanal Home Accessories: Our range of functional yet artistic home accessories is inspired by the creativity and natural splendor of the region.
  • Unique Souvenirs: Pick from exclusive pottery and hand-painted canvases that embody your unique experiences in Texoma.

Each purchase at LaJeannes Plants N Things is more than just a transaction; it's an opportunity to own a piece of Texoma's rich cultural tapestry. Whether you're decorating your home or searching for a thoughtful gift, these items serve as lasting mementos of your time in the area.

Golf at Chickasaw Pointe

Scenic Golf Course Oklahoma

Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club offers a captivating 18-hole championship course designed by the renowned Robert Trent Jones Jr., perfect for both seasoned players and beginners. Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Texoma, the course not only challenges your golfing skills with well-placed hazards but also delights with expansive views and well-kept fairways.

At Chickasaw Pointe, golf is more than a game—it's an experience. Robert Trent Jones Jr. masterfully shaped the terrain to follow the natural landscape, providing a course that's both stimulating and fair. The greens are meticulously cared for, ensuring a consistent ball roll that can enhance your strategic play.

The club doesn't just stop at golf; it includes a well-equipped pro shop, practice areas for skill improvement, and various dining options to enjoy after a day on the course. Looking to enhance your golf skills? The club offers professional lessons and hosts tournaments that cater to every level of play.

Why Choose Chickasaw Pointe? The course layout and facilities are designed to offer a comprehensive golfing experience. Whether you're looking to casually play, seriously compete, or simply enjoy the serene environment, Chickasaw Pointe meets all these needs with excellence.

Day Trip to Turner Falls

Located in Davis, Oklahoma, Turner Falls is the perfect spot for a day trip from Texoma, featuring the stunning 77-foot waterfall as its centerpiece. The park offers a variety of activities that cater to everyone, whether you're seeking thrills or a peaceful day in nature.

At Turner Falls Park, you can enjoy a multitude of activities:

  • Exploring Collings Castle: Step back in time with a visit to Collings Castle. Built in the 1930s, this historical site combines the intrigue of history with the beauty of its natural surroundings.
  • Swimming and Sunbathing: Dive into the refreshing natural pools created by the waterfall or relax on the sandy shores. It's an excellent way to cool off and enjoy the sun.
  • Hiking Trails: Take on the hiking trails around the waterfall. These trails offer varied difficulties and provide spectacular views of the area.
  • Camping Options: For those who want to extend their visit, the park offers camping sites. This is a great opportunity to spend more time exploring and relaxing in this tranquil setting.

Turner Falls isn't just a place to visit, it's a destination for making memories. Bring your camera to capture the landscapes and your experiences. Whether you're looking for a calm retreat or an exciting adventure, Turner Falls has something for everyone.

Visit Tishomingo

Experience Tishomingo S Natural Beauty

Discover Tishomingo and delve into the vibrant heritage of the Chickasaw Nation, all within the cozy atmosphere of a small town that's ideal for those who love the outdoors. As you explore Tishomingo, you'll experience a cultural tapestry that showcases the rich traditions of the Native American community.

The Johnston County Museum, located centrally, offers a compelling display of artifacts and stories that illuminate the history of the Chickasaw Nation, making it an essential stop for anyone interested in history.

Nearby Lake Texoma makes Tishomingo a perfect base for outdoor activities. The Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge covers 16,464 acres and provides a haven for hiking, fishing, or enjoying the quiet of the natural world. Here, you can listen to migratory birds and the whisper of the leaves, a peaceful soundtrack to your visit.

Make sure to walk along the Blue River or relax at Pennington Creek Park. Tishomingo offers scenic views that enhance any outdoor activity, whether you're fishing or having a picnic by the water. So, plan your trip to Tishomingo for a blend of cultural and natural exploration.

These activities not only offer relaxation but also an opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the local ecosystem. Tishomingo's historical sites and natural landscapes are waiting to be explored, promising enriching experiences for visitors.

Discover Local Vineyards

Explore the Vineyards of Lake Texoma

Venture into the serene vineyards near Lake Texoma for an enriching wine-tasting experience and educational tours. The region's unique climate and soil enrich the wines with distinctive flavors, making it a prime destination for wine lovers.

Why Visit Lake Texoma's Vineyards?

  • Learning Opportunities: Meet the dedicated winemakers and learn about the process of viticulture and wine production. Their enthusiasm and knowledge make every tour both informative and engaging.
  • Diverse Wine Selection: Taste a variety of wines, including robust reds and refreshing whites, that truly represent the local terroir.
  • Breathtaking Views: The vineyards provide a perfect backdrop for wine tasting, enhancing your experience with stunning landscapes.
  • Local Experience: Connect with the winemakers, listen to their stories, and gain insights into the art of winemaking. This personal interaction adds a unique layer to your visit.

Wine tasting here is more than just sampling; it's about understanding the craft and passion that goes into each bottle. Take your time to appreciate every flavor and soak in the peaceful atmosphere of the Texoma wine country.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or new to wine tasting, the vineyards around Lake Texoma will undoubtedly make a memorable impression.

Enjoy your visit and remember to explore each vineyard's unique offerings!

Try Texoma Casinos

Visit Texoma S Top Casinos

Discover the excitement at Texoma Casinos, where you'll find a variety of gaming experiences and live entertainment that appeal to everyone.

Visit the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant or explore the vast WinStar World Resort and Casino in Thackerville. Both places are known for their vibrant atmosphere and a rich array of activities that cater to different interests and excitement levels.

At these casinos, a wide selection of table games awaits you. Whether you're a fan of blackjack or poker, you can put your strategy and luck to the test. For those who prefer the thrill of slot machines, you'll enjoy the energetic sounds of winning that fill the air.

Beyond gaming, each casino features an impressive schedule of live events. You could enjoy a live concert, share laughs at a comedy show, or be captivated by other stunning performances.

Dining at Texoma Casinos offers something for every palate. Indulge in a gourmet meal at a fine dining restaurant or enjoy a quick, satisfying snack at a casual spot. Every dining option is designed to enhance your visit, making sure you have a delightful culinary experience along with your entertainment.

Whether you're an experienced player or just looking for a fun night out, Texoma Casinos are a perfect choice. They're a key attraction for entertainment and tourism in the region. Make sure to check out these exciting venues for a truly memorable experience.


In Texoma, your journey might take you across the rugged trails of Cross Timbers or to the thrilling off-road adventures in Fobb Bottom. These places offer not just a physical challenge but also a chance to connect with nature.

At Cedar Bayou, the peaceful environment allows for quiet reflection and relaxation.

Moving from nature to leisure, the greens at Chickasaw Pointe provide a top-notch golfing experience, while the unique treasures found at LaJeannes showcase the area's eclectic shopping scene. Each location offers a unique aspect of Texoma, enriching your visit.

The vineyards in Texoma, with their tranquil settings, invite you to enjoy a taste of local wines, providing a perfect backdrop to unwind.

Meanwhile, the casinos offer vibrant entertainment options, from live music to gaming, ensuring there's never a dull moment.

Remember, each visit to Texoma offers something new. Whether it's the natural beauty, outdoor activities, or local culture, there's always more to explore and appreciate.

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