Exploring Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana

Things to Do in Tangipahoa Parish

Tangipahoa Parish offers a diverse range of activities that cater to different interests. Every April, the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival is a must-visit, showcasing local artisans and an array of strawberry-based treats. This festival not only celebrates the region's rich agricultural heritage but also supports local farmers.

For those interested in wildlife and conservation, Kliebert & Sons Alligator Tours provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of alligators, showcasing sustainable practices in alligator farming. Alternatively, the Joyce Wildlife Management Area offers scenic trails perfect for bird watching and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

The Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum plays a crucial role in educating visitors about the pivotal roles African Americans have played in shaping the region. It's an essential stop for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of local history.

Adventurers can explore the Global Wildlife Center, where you can get up close with exotic animals through guided safari tours. This experience is not only thrilling but also educational, emphasizing animal conservation.

Beer lovers should not miss a visit to Gnarly Barley, where you can tour the brewery and sample distinctive craft beers that highlight local flavors. This spot is ideal for relaxing after a day of exploring.

These attractions are just a starting point, and Tangipahoa Parish has even more to offer, ensuring visitors can find something new to discover with each visit.

Exploring Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival

Celebrating Ponchatoula S Sweet Berries

Every April, the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival becomes a hub for visitors eager to explore Louisiana's rich strawberry heritage. At this festival, you can enjoy a range of activities and strawberry-based treats that showcase the local culture. Imagine tasting unique foods like strawberry shortcakes and refreshing strawberry lemonade, each bursting with local flavors.

The festival offers more than just great food. It includes interactive strawberry-themed events that everyone enjoys. You can participate in strawberry eating contests, which are both fun and competitive. There are also carnival games like ring toss and can knockdown, which are great for family fun and laughter.

This event is perfect for all ages, ensuring that both young and old will find something to enjoy. Live music fills the air, adding to the festive atmosphere, and you can also find auctions with local crafts and produce.

The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival truly brings the community together, celebrating the local culture and the joy of strawberries. Make sure you don't miss this wonderful Louisiana festival, where enjoyment and strawberries abound.

Visiting Kliebert & Sons Alligator Tours

After enjoying the vibrant Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, extend your adventure at Kliebert & Sons Alligator Tours right in Ponchatoula. This family-friendly tour provides a hands-on educational experience with alligators and various exotic animals, perfect for anyone keen to learn about wildlife in an engaging way.

Kliebert & Sons is celebrated for its approachable and informative tours. Here, you'll explore both indoor and outdoor settings that illustrate how alligators naturally live and thrive. You'll get a close look at these fascinating reptiles during activities like nesting and basking in the sun.

What's more, the tour doesn't stop at alligators. You'll also see over 47,000 turtles sharing the habitat, offering a unique peek into their lives. The place is also home to an array of exotic creatures including red kangaroos, camels, bison, and llamas. These interactive encounters are designed to be both fun and educational, ensuring everyone leaves with new knowledge and great memories.

Whether you're deeply interested in wildlife, or simply looking for a fun day out with the family, Kliebert & Sons Alligator Tours delivers an enriching experience that combines education with excitement.

Discovering Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum

Exploring African American History

The Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum is a captivating site located in the core of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. It serves as a vivid tribute to the significant roles African Americans have played in shaping the region's history.

When you visit, you'll be greeted by more than 20 original murals and eight detailed galleries. Each of these spaces tells a powerful story of African American achievements and their crucial contributions to Louisiana's cultural and historical fabric.

As you explore the museum, you'll encounter various artifacts and exhibits that highlight the bravery and sacrifices of African American military personnel. These displays help paint a fuller picture of their pivotal roles in Louisiana's history and provide an engaging learning experience about their contributions to various American conflicts.

The museum not only houses incredible artwork but also historical objects that trace the continuous impact of African Americans in the region. It's a fantastic resource for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Louisiana's heritage, offering insights into the enduring influence and legacy of its African American community.

Make sure to visit the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum to truly appreciate and understand the integral part African Americans have played in building Louisiana's diverse cultural landscape. It's an educational journey that showcases the rich and profound heritage of African Americans in the area.

Adventure at Joyce Wildlife Management Area

If you're looking for an authentic outdoor experience, the Joyce Wildlife Management Area in Tangipahoa Parish is a perfect choice. This area offers well-maintained swamp trails that allow you to explore comfortably.

As you walk, you'll have the opportunity to see a diverse range of wildlife in their natural habitat, enhancing your understanding of the ecosystem.

One of the highlights of this area is the chance to spot various rare bird species that call the cypress-tupelo swamps home. Observing these birds not only provides a sense of wonder but also helps in appreciating the importance of conservation efforts.

The trails here are designed to provide visitors with both an educational and exploratory experience, allowing for a deeper connection with nature.

Visiting Joyce Wildlife Management Area not only offers a refreshing escape from the urban environment but also plays a crucial role in ecological education and wildlife preservation.

Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or a casual hiker, this destination promises a rewarding and enriching outdoor adventure.

Exploring Swamp Trails

Explore the expansive Joyce Wildlife Management Area, a sprawling 42,292-acre reserve near Hammond and Ponchatoula, perfect for those who love the outdoors. This area offers stunning natural landscapes typical of Louisiana, making it an ideal spot for fishing, boating, and wildlife observation.

Here's what you'll find in this natural paradise:

  • Stunning Views: Walk through areas where the water and forest meet, creating reflective scenes on the still waters of the swamp. This setting provides a peaceful backdrop for your journey.
  • Fishing Areas: Try your luck in hidden spots teeming with fish. These areas are well-known among local anglarians for their rich aquatic life, making it a top choice for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Boating Paths: Navigate the calm waters with your boat, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. This quiet environment is perfect for those looking to escape the noise of city life.
  • Birdwatching Sites: Bring your binoculars to spot both migratory and native birds. The area's natural tranquility makes it a safe haven for various bird species.

As you explore, the untouched wilderness of the Joyce Wildlife Management Area offers a break from everyday stress, giving you a chance to reconnect with nature.

Dive into the heart of Louisiana's natural beauty at Joyce Wildlife Management Area. Whether you're casting a line or simply soaking in the serene views, this location promises a memorable outdoor experience.

Viewing Local Wildlife

Exploring the Joyce Wildlife Management Area near Hammond and Ponchatoul, you're stepping into a vast natural space that covers over 42,000 acres. This park is a prime spot for observing a diverse mix of wildlife, including both seasonal migratory birds and permanent swamp residents.

Birdwatchers will find the area particularly rewarding during migration periods when birds and ducks flock to the skies and waterways in large numbers. The peaceful setting of Joyce Wildlife Management Area offers a quiet escape where you can enjoy nature's sounds and sights without the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Whether you're gliding through the water in a canoe or watching through binoculars, you'll find plenty of ways to engage with the environment. Joyce Wildlife Management Area isn't only a refuge for animals; it's also a place where people can find peace and rejuvenate amidst nature.

So, pack your outdoor gear and head to Joyce Wildlife Management Area for an enriching experience with Louisiana's wildlife.

Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or a curious explorer, this destination provides ample opportunities to connect with nature and learn more about the local ecosystem.

Sampling Local Brews at Gnarly Barley

Craft Beer Tasting Experience

At Gnarly Barley, explore an exciting range of craft beers that reflect the innovation in local brewing. Catahoula Common offers a crisp and invigorating taste, while Jucifer IPA is renowned for its robust and citrusy flavors.

Each beer you try provides a glimpse into the detailed process of beer making.

Make sure to join one of the brewery tours. It's a fantastic way to see firsthand how the beers are made and to understand the seasonal varieties that capture the spirit of Tangipahoa Parish's vibrant beer culture.

These tours not only enhance your knowledge but also deepen your appreciation for the craft.

Exploring Craft Beer Varieties

If you enjoy exploring different craft beers, a visit to Gnarly Barley Brewing Co. in Tangipahoa Parish is a must. Located in Hammond, this brewery is a cornerstone of the Louisiana craft beer community, offering a wide range of flavors that appeal to all tastes. Here, you don't just taste beers; you become part of a vibrant community that celebrates the art of brewing.

What to Expect at Gnarly Barley:

  • Catahoula Common: This ale is smooth and refreshing, ideal for sipping on a hot Louisiana afternoon.
  • Jucifer IPA: Known for its hazy appearance and a strong punch of citrus and tropical fruits, this IPA is a favorite among enthusiasts.
  • Seasonal Brews: The brewery often experiments with new flavors, often incorporating local ingredients that reflect the region's tastes and seasonal availability.
  • Unique Merchandise: Make sure to visit the gift shop for exclusive brewery-themed items that make perfect souvenirs or gifts.

Visiting Gnarly Barley is more than just beer tasting; it's an opportunity to see firsthand the creativity and dedication that goes into every batch. Whether you're new to craft beers or an experienced aficionado, you'll discover brews that perfectly match your preferences.

Brewery Tour Experience

At Gnarly Barley Brewing Co., located in the vibrant Hammond area, you'll find a genuine commitment to crafting high-quality beers. Joining one of their brewery tours offers a practical look at the beer-making process, revealing why their beverages are so popular among fans.

As you explore the brewery, you'll get to try some of their notable beers like the smooth Catahoula Common and the citrusy Jucifer IPA. These samples showcase the brewery's dedication to creating distinct and flavorful beers. Sampling these beers helps you understand the expertise and creativity behind each recipe.

Make sure to visit the gift shop before you leave. It's a great place to pick up a souvenir or a few bottles of your favorite brew to enjoy at home. Gnarly Barley welcomes everyone, from beer aficionados to those just beginning to explore the world of craft beer.

The tour at Gnarly Barley not only satisfies your palate but also expands your knowledge of brewing. A visit here promises a fun and informative experience that will make your trip to Tangipahoa Parish memorable.

Seasonal Brew Highlights

Explore the unique seasonal brews at Gnarly Barley Brewing Co., located in the heart of Hammond. This brewery is a central part of the local craft beer community, offering a taste of Louisiana's vibrant culture through their beers. Dive into their popular selections such as the Catahoula Common and the intensely flavorful Jucifer IPA, each brewed with a touch of local flair.

When you visit, take the chance to go behind the scenes with an insightful brewery tour. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Diverse Beer Styles: Discover a variety of beer styles, from refreshing blonde ales to deep stouts, appealing to all tastes.
  • Seasonal Specialties: Try special seasonal beers that make the most of fresh, local ingredients.
  • Interactive Brewery Tours: Get hands-on knowledge about brewing from experts who share their passion and expertise.
  • Gift Shop Finds: Don't forget to stop by the gift shop to grab a souvenir or some beers to enjoy later.

At Gnarly Barley Brewing Co., each drink not only delights the palate but also enriches your understanding of the brewing craft and its community connections.

Touring Global Wildlife Center

Explore the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA

Visit the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA, a unique sanctuary that's home to over 4,000 animals like giraffes, kangaroos, and zebras. When you arrive, you can join a guided wagon tour across the sprawling 900-acre facility, offering a safari-like adventure in Louisiana. Visitors have the unique opportunity to feed these exotic animals, making your trip interactive and memorable.

The center is deeply committed to wildlife conservation. During your visit, you'll discover the critical conservation efforts necessary to protect the species living there. Educating guests is a priority, enhancing understanding and appreciation of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Interacting with animals such as feeding a towering giraffe or observing roaming zebras allows for a direct connection with nature. This experience combines excitement with education, making it perfect for families eager to foster a respect for nature and conservation in their children.

Don't miss this chance to not only witness but also contribute to the conservation of these incredible animals, ensuring their survival for future generations.


Tangipahoa Parish, nestled in Louisiana, serves as a vibrant hub for both culture and nature. One highlight is the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, a lively annual event that celebrates the local strawberry farming industry. Here, visitors can enjoy fresh strawberries, music, and crafts, making it a perfect family outing.

For those who appreciate nature and wildlife, the Joyce Wildlife Management Area is a must-visit. This area provides a tranquil escape with well-maintained trails for hiking and bird-watching. It's an excellent spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts looking to capture the beauty of Louisiana's wetlands.

History buffs will find the African American Heritage Museum enlightening. The museum offers an in-depth look at the rich cultural history of African Americans in the region. Through artifacts, photographs, and stories, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the community's heritage and contributions.

Local flavors are another great aspect of Tangipahoa Parish. The parish boasts several craft breweries where visitors can sample unique, locally brewed beers. These breweries often feature tours and tastings, providing insights into the brewing process and the opportunity to taste different brew styles.

In summary, whether you're interested in cultural festivals, serene natural landscapes, historical insights, or tasting local brews, Tangipahoa Parish offers a well-rounded experience for all visitors. It's more than just a place to visit; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse offerings of Louisiana.

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