Savannah Bachelorette Party Ideas

Things to Do in Savannah Ga for Bachelorette Party

Savannah, Georgia, offers a charming setting for a bachelorette party with its rich history and beautiful scenery. Start your adventure by exploring Forsyth Park or join a ghost tour to learn about the city's mysterious past.

For a taste of local cuisine, try the shrimp and grits at a popular restaurant—this dish is a must-try in Savannah!

As the evening approaches, dive into the vibrant nightlife. Enjoy some live music at Jazz'd Tapas Bar or hit the dance floor at Club One.

If you're looking for a more relaxing day, treat yourselves to a spa day at Heavenly Spa by Westin or take a kayaking trip along the nearby Atlantic coast.

End your day with a beach bonfire, a perfect spot for making memories with your friends. Share stories and enjoy the ocean breeze as you celebrate this special occasion.

Savannah also offers numerous other activities that cater to all interests, from its cobblestone streets to its quaint shops and galleries.

Historic Savannah Tours

Exploring Savannah S Rich History

Explore the vibrant history of Savannah with our expert-led tours that delve into its historic residences, notable sites, and mysterious haunted locations. These tours offer a deep dive into Savannah's significant contributions to American history. Embark on these walking tours to fully experience the unique Southern charm that defines Savannah.

Walk along the tree-lined paths of Forsyth Park, where the trees covered in Spanish moss share stories from the past.

Explore River Street, a bustling area that seamlessly combines historical elements with modern touches, providing beautiful views of the Savannah River.

A visit to Bonaventure Cemetery is essential, as its peaceful atmosphere and detailed tombstones provide insights into the influential figures in Savannah's history.

For those interested in the supernatural, our ghost tours offer an exciting look into Savannah's spooky past, with stories that bring the eerie nighttime shadows to life. Walking through the historic district, you'll see stunning architecture and discover cultural nuances that explain why so many people fall in love with Savannah's cobblestone streets.

These tours not only entertain but also educate visitors about the rich tapestry of life and history in Savannah, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the true essence of the South.

Culinary Experiences

After touring the historic sights of Savannah, it's easy to see why this city captivates so many visitors. Its well-preserved architecture and the oak-lined streets offer a picturesque backdrop that feels both timeless and vibrant. Savannah isn't just about visual beauty; it's also a haven for food lovers. The city's culinary scene is a melting pot of old Southern flavors and innovative new twists, making it an exciting place for gastronomy enthusiasts.

One must-try dish while in Savannah is the classic shrimp and grits. This dish combines creamy, stone-ground grits with spicy, freshly-caught shrimp, a testament to the region's rich coastal offerings and culinary craftsmanship. For the best experience, I recommend visiting 'The Old Pink House,' renowned for its ambiance and exceptional take on this iconic Southern meal. Here, the shrimp and grits aren't just food; they're a part of Savannah's history and culture, presented with a flair that honors its roots yet embraces modernity.

As you enjoy the local cuisine, you'll find that Savannah's charm extends beyond its historical landmarks. The city's approach to food reflects its spirit, blending tradition with creativity. This makes each meal not just a dining experience but also a deeper dive into what makes Savannah truly unique.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Vibrant Nightlife Scene Described

As you organize your bachelorette party in Savannah, you'll discover a vibrant array of nightlife options perfect for celebrating this significant event. The city is well-known for its energetic dance clubs, ideal for showing off your dance skills, as well as more laid-back settings where live music creates a relaxing atmosphere. This diversity ensures that everyone in your party will find something they enjoy.

Why Savannah's nightlife stands out:

Savannah's unique blend of historic charm and modern entertainment creates a backdrop that enhances any celebration. Whether you're into the latest chart-toppers or prefer the soothing sounds of a jazz band, the city catifies to a wide range of musical tastes. Additionally, venues often feature local artists, giving you a taste of the region's cultural scene.

Planning Tips:

To make the most of your night out, consider starting with dinner at a restaurant like The Olde Pink House, which offers both delicious cuisine and live music in an elegant setting. Afterwards, head to a club like Club One—known for its vibrant atmosphere and regular drag shows, adding a fun, unique twist to the evening.

Live Music Venues

Explore Savannah's vibrant live music scene, perfect for a bachelorette party. The city offers a variety of venues, each providing a unique experience, whether you're up for engaging performances or a relaxed evening with great food and music.

Here are some great places to consider:

  • Savannah Smiles: This dueling piano bar is a top choice for those who love to be part of the action. The energetic environment is ideal for singing along and dancing, making it a memorable spot for a bachelorette celebration.
  • Jazz'd Tapas Bar: Nestled underground, this chic bar features live music that perfectly complements its relaxed yet stylish vibe. Enjoy a selection of tapas as you soak in the tunes and enjoy the company of friends.
  • Rocks on the Roof: Situated atop the Bohemian Hotel, this venue offers spectacular views accompanied by live music. It's a fantastic place to relax and experience the pulse of Savannah's nightlife.
  • The Olde Pink House: Dine in the elegance of this historic building, where live music meets fine Southern dining. The sophisticated atmosphere enhances any celebration, making it a classy choice for an evening out.

Each location provides a distinct slice of Savannah's music and nightlife culture, promising an exceptional experience for your bachelorette party.

Dance Club Highlights

Experience the vibrant dance club scene in Savannah, where historic elegance blends with contemporary rhythms, making it an ideal spot for your bachelorette party. Dive into the city's energetic nightlife by visiting some of the top venues, each offering a distinct mix of music, dance, and entertainment.

Start your evening at Club One, a famous multi-level venue in the center of Savannah. This club is renowned for its spectacular drag shows and themed nights that guarantee an engaging and memorable night out. It's a fantastic choice for letting your hair down and celebrating in style.

Then, make sure to check out The Jinx. This venue is celebrated for its rock 'n roll vibe and live music performances that keep the energy high all night. It's the perfect place for you and your friends to dance the night away.

Finally, head over to the Congress Street Social Club. This venue offers a relaxed atmosphere with outdoor seating and a spacious dance floor. It's great for either dancing to DJ sets or enjoying live bands, providing a versatile setting for a bachelorette party that wants both chill moments and active fun.

Each of these clubs in Savannah brings a unique touch to your celebration, making your bachelorette party as lively and unforgettable as the city itself.

Whether you're into high-energy dance floors or cozy spots with live music, Savannah's nightlife has something to offer.

Beach and Outdoor Activities

When organizing your bachelorette party in Savannah, don't miss the chance to explore the outdoor delights of Tybee Island.

Here, you can enjoy jet ski rides that glide swiftly over the ocean, providing both excitement and a unique way to see the area.

For a more relaxed pace, consider kayaking through the calm marshes. These tours offer a closer look at the local wildlife and natural scenery, enhancing your connection with nature.

To end your day, a sunset cruise is a perfect choice. This activity not only offers stunning views of the coastline but also allows you and your friends to celebrate upcoming life changes in a serene, beautiful setting.

These experiences not only create lasting memories but also strengthen bonds as you all share in these unique adventures.

Tybee Island Excursions

Planning a bachelorette party at Tybee Island promises a mix of sun, sea, and unforgettable activities. This charming location is ideal for those who seek both relaxation and a dash of adventure. Here, your group can enjoy the warm sun, play in the ocean waves, and build lasting memories together.

Explore Tybee Island with These Top Activities:

  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding: Paddle through the tranquil Atlantic waters or explore the quiet backwaters. This activity not only provides a peaceful escape but also a chance to connect with nature and each other.
  • Dolphin-Watching Tours: Join a guided boat tour to watch dolphins as they swim and play in their natural environment. This experience isn't only exciting but also gives you a glimpse into marine life.
  • Beachfront Dining: Indulge in fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails at a local café right by the sea. This setting offers a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely evening.
  • Sunset Beach Bonfires: Conclude your day with a bonfire on the beach. This provides a cozy atmosphere for sharing stories and setting future dreams.

Tybee Island is a top choice for bachelorette parties that crave beachside fun and outdoor adventures. Make sure you check out these activities, which are perfect for fostering friendship and enjoyment.

Outdoor Adventure Tours

Enhance your bachelorette party with exciting outdoor adventure tours in Savannah, Ga. This charming city offers a blend of beach activities and nature explorations, perfect for those looking to add a dash of adventure to their celebration.

Try paddleboarding on the Savannah River's calm waters, which makes it easy for beginners and enjoyable for all skill levels.

Discover the rich history of Savannah's coast with a guided dolphin cruise. As you watch playful dolphins, you'll learn about the area's historical significance and its natural surroundings. This is a great way to combine fun and education during your trip.

After soaking up the sun at the beach, take a hike through the verdant trails near the historic district. This area reveals the true spirit of Savannah, surrounded by lush greenery that enhances the city's old-world charm. These trails offer a refreshing change from the typical beach scene.

For something truly memorable, mix your adventurous day with a taste of Savannah's vibrant nightlife. After exploring outdoors, relax at a rooftop bar or enjoy a ghost tour pub crawl with the Savannah Slow Ride. This combination of day-time adventures and evening entertainment ensures your bachelorette party will be filled with joy, learning, and excitement.

Incorporating these activities into your bachelorette agenda promises a unique and unforgettable experience, balancing the thrill of adventure with the allure of Savannah's nightlife.

Shopping Excursions

Retail Therapy Excursions Planned

Discover the charm of Savannah's unique boutiques like The Paris Market & Brocante and Broughton Street during your bachelorette party. Each store on these streets tells its own story with a curated selection of products, ranging from vintage treasures to the latest fashion trends. This makes them ideal spots for finding special items you won't see anywhere else.

Enhance your shopping trip with the Sip n Shop Savannah tour. This experience combines the fun of tasting fine wines with the excitement of discovering exclusive boutiques, ensuring a lively and unforgettable day. Make sure to visit Satchel Savannah too, famed for its handcrafted leather goods that blend fine craftsmanship with stylish design, perfect for gifts or personal keepsakes.

  • The Paris Market & Brocante: Explore a collection of unique vintage and artisan items.
  • Broughton Street: Wander through diverse high-end boutiques and try local food spots.
  • The Collins Quarter: Enjoy shopping in a vibrant café setting.
  • Little Duck Diner: Experience a combination of retro ambiance and shopping for a laid-back vibe.

Conclude your shopping adventure at Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos. This spot offers a mix of music and comedy, providing a delightful end to a perfect day of shopping.

Spa and Relaxation

After a bustling day of shopping, treat yourself at some of Downtown Savannah's top spas, such as Heavenly Spa by Westin and Glow Downtown. These places are perfect for unwinding, offering a range of treatments that help calm your senses and bring back your energy.

Imagine relaxing in a scented bath or enjoying a massage that eases the tension from a long day of shopping. At Heavenly Spa by Westin, they tailor the spa experience to meet your specific desires. Their skilled therapists use high-quality products that not only make your skin look radiant but also help you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Glow Downtown provides a tranquil setting that complements your spa visit, with subtle lighting and quiet decor that enhance your relaxation. For something special, consider adding a session with the Cocktail Boys to your spa day. They offer mixology classes and butler services that introduce an element of luxury and enjoyment to your visit.

Imagine enjoying a bespoke cocktail, crafted to your preferences, following a refreshing facial or body scrub. This unique combination of relaxation and bespoke drink service makes any bachelorette party both soothing and delightful. Remember, taking time out for a spa visit not only helps relax your body but also rejuvenates your mind, making it a worthy addition to your day.

Whether you're planning a special event like a bachelorette party or just need a break from your routine, these spa services in Savannah promise a memorable and revitalizing experience.

Cultural and Artistic Outings

Exploring Culture And Art

Explore the vibrant culture of Savannah by visiting its top art galleries and theaters, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your bachelorette party. Dive into the local art scene with stops at these must-see venues:

  • Telfair Museums: Spread across three unique locations, this museum offers everything from classical sculptures to modern art. It's a great place to see a wide range of artistic expressions.
  • SCAD Museum of Art: Known for its contemporary focus, this museum showcases works by leading artists and designers from the Savannah College of Art and Design. It's a hub of modern creativity.
  • Savannah Theatre: Experience the excitement of live theater at one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the United States. From dramas to musicals, the performances here are always captivating.
  • City Market: This bustling market isn't only a great spot to shop for local produce but also a wonderful place to find handmade art and crafts. It's perfect for picking up unique souvenirs that capture the essence of Savannah.

Savannah is also celebrated for its historic theaters, such as the Lucas Theatre, offering a thrilling mix of live performances that are sure to impress. For literature enthusiasts, consider joining a tour that highlights Savannah's literary sites, enriching your understanding of the city's cultural heritage.

Each of these destinations offers a unique glimpse into the rich cultural fabric of Savannah, making them ideal additions to your itinerary. Whether you're exploring art galleries or enjoying a live show, you'll find that Savannah's cultural offerings are as charming as the city itself.

Accommodation Options

If you're planning a bachelorette party in Savannah, consider staying at the Deluxe Washington Square Getaway or the Historic Thomas Streetcar Victorian. Both properties are conveniently located just a five-minute walk from River Street, where you'll find some of the best dining and nightlife in the city. This makes it easy to enjoy your evenings out without worrying about long commutes.

Each of these Airbnb listings offers four bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus a pullout couch, which means plenty of room for your entire group to stay comfortably. What's more, both properties feature a heated pool—perfect for a relaxing dip after a day of exploring Savannah.

Booking your stay is straightforward on platforms like Airbnb and These sites are user-friendly, ensuring you can secure your accommodation quickly and get back to planning the fun parts of your trip.

These venues capture the essence of Savannah with their blend of old-world charm and contemporary amenities, providing the perfect backdrop for your celebrations. Whether you opt for the Deluxe Washington Square Getaway or the Historic Thomas Streetcar Victorian, you're sure to experience genuine Southern hospitality that will make your bachelorette party unforgettable.


As your bachelorette party in Savannah wraps up, you'll leave with more than just memories. You've experienced a blend of activities that showcase the city's unique offerings. From engaging historic tours that bring the past to life, to sampling the local cuisine's rich flavors, your days were full of discovery.

The peaceful beach moments and vibrant nightlife added varied, fun elements to your stay.

It's important to note that Savannah is more than just a location; it embodies a distinct blend of history, culture, and Southern charm. This makes it an ideal place to celebrate special occasions like bachelorette parties. Whether you're touring the old mansions or enjoying a sunset on Tybee Island, each activity offers a glimpse into the area's rich heritage and local lifestyle.

Remember, the experiences you've had here were tailored to create a joyful and memorable visit. From dancing the night away in lively bars to relaxing strolls through scenic squares, Savannah provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances any celebration.

This city isn't just a place to visit—it's a place to make lasting memories.

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