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Things to Do in Marysvale Utah

Explore the captivating landscapes and rich history of Marysvale, Utah. Start your adventure on the scenic trails of the Paiute ATV system or take on the refreshing challenge of paddling down the vigorous currents of the Sevier River.

Discover historical treasures at places like Miners Park and the Butch Cassidy Childhood Home, where you can connect with the stories of early pioneers.

Treat yourself to some local flavors at nearby eateries, notably the pies at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. Each activity in Marysvale offers a unique opportunity to delve into the area's vibrant heritage and natural beauty.

These experiences not only provide enjoyment but also deepen your understanding of the area's culture and history. Engage actively with the environment and the community to get the most out of your visit to Marysvale.

Explore Paiute ATV Trails

Adventure Through Paiute Trails

Discover the Paiute ATV Trails in Marysvale, where more than 1,500 miles of diverse and exciting trails await riders of all skill levels. The terrain varies dramatically, offering everything from serene desert landscapes to lush mountain scenery. Each section of the trail presents its own challenges and beauty, constantly reinvigorating your sense of adventure.

For those who don't own an ATV, rentals are available at Rose Ranch Resort, allowing everyone to explore at their preferred pace. The trails are never the same; they twist and turn through changing landscapes, presenting new discoveries and natural wonders at every mile.

The Paiute ATV Trails are more than just paths for riding; they're gateways to outdoor adventure and exploration in Marysvale. They attract enthusiasts from all over the world, drawn by the extensive network and the sheer joy of riding in such breathtaking environments. So, put on your helmet, start your ATV, and get ready to dive into an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Paiute ATV Trails offer an exciting way to connect with nature and fuel your adventurous spirit. Take advantage of the opportunity to see hidden spots and scenic views that are uniquely accessible on these trails.

Discover Local History

Explore Marysvale's Vibrant History

Dive into the past and explore the historical landscape of Marysvale, a town deeply shaped by its mining roots and pioneering spirit.

Start your journey with the Historic Sites Tour, an engaging way to connect with the stories of miners and pioneers who built this community. Learn about their challenges and triumphs through interactive experiences that bring history to life.

Make sure to visit the Pioneer Museum. It's not just a collection of items; it's a gateway to understanding the ingenuity and resilience of our ancestors. Each exhibit, from old mining tools to personal diaries, offers a firsthand look at how the early residents adapted and thrived.

Marysvale's history isn't just about the past; it's a key to understanding the present and inspiring future generations. By exploring these historical sites and artifacts, you gain a unique insight into the character and endurance of this charming town.

Join us to celebrate and learn from the enduring spirit of Marysvale's pioneers.

Historic Sites Tour

Explore Marysvale's historical landmarks and uncover the town's rich past, starting with a visit to Miners Park. This site showcases old mining equipment that provides a tangible connection to the area's mining heritage. From the park, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the Bullion Canyon waterfalls, offering a glimpse into the natural beauty that surrounds this historical industry.

Continue your journey at the Butch Cassidy Childhood Home. This isn't just any old house; it's where one of America's most notorious outlaws spent his early years. Walking through the property, you can almost picture a young Butch Cassidy embarking on his life of daring escapades. This home gives you a sense of the environment that shaped his legendary life.

Next, make your way to the Military Veterans Memorial Monument in Cottonwood Downs Park. This monument is a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of military veterans. Visiting this site helps appreciate how deeply the local community values and remembers its heroes.

Don't skip the Fremont Indian Museum. The museum is a treasure trove of Native American artifacts and exhibits that paint a detailed picture of the indigenous culture specific to this region. It's not only educational but also provides a profound understanding of the area's history.

Finish your tour with a scenic drive through Cottonwood Canyon towards U.S. Highway 89. This route offers stunning landscapes and further insights into Marysvale's historical significance, beautifully concluding your exploration of the area.

Each site on this tour offers a unique perspective on different aspects of local history, from mining and indigenous heritage to military valor and outlaw legends, making it a comprehensive and enlightening experience.

Mining Heritage Exploration

Explore the Mining Heritage in Marysvale

Discover Miners Park Historical Trail: Immerse yourself in Marysvale's mining history by walking the Miners Park Historical Trail. Along this trail, you'll see well-preserved mining equipment and a restored cabin, showcasing the region's rich past against the stunning Bullion Canyon. The trail leads to a viewpoint offering spectacular views of the canyon's waterfalls, providing a serene space to reflect on the history of the area.

Try Gold Panning at Marysvale Creek: Experience the thrill of gold panning in Marysvale Creek, a historic activity that continues to attract visitors. This creek has been a gold panning site for generations, offering a hands-on way to connect with the area's gold mining history. It's not just a fun activity but a tribute to the enduring spirit of the region's pioneers.

Tour Historic Mining Sites: Explore the surrounding landscape, which is dotted with historical mining sites. Guided tours are available, taking you through abandoned mines and ghost towns that echo the past. These sites provide a tangible link to the dreams and hardships of those who lived through the mining boom.

Why Visit Marysvale? Visiting these sites not only educates but also connects you to the adventurous spirits of Marysvale's former miners. Whether you're exploring scenic trails, panning for gold, or touring old mines, you're experiencing a piece of living history that continues to shape the community.

Pioneer Museum Visit

Explore the Pioneer Museum in Marysvale for a true immersion into the area's rich history, showcased through intriguing exhibits and artifacts. When you enter the museum, it feels as though you've stepped back into the era when early settlers were establishing their lives in Utah's challenging landscapes. The museum offers a profound glimpse into the cultural heritage and pioneering spirit of the town.

Here are four great reasons to spend an afternoon at the museum:

  1. Experience Pioneer Life: Walk through life-like settings that recreate the daily experiences of the early settlers. You'll see everything from rustic homesteads to the traditional tools they used, giving you a real sense of how the founders of Marysvale lived.
  2. Learn About Mining: Get up close with genuine mining equipment and uncover the significant role mining played in the development of the region. This is a chance to understand the economic backbone of the town through the years.
  3. Explore Historical Photographs: Look at a comprehensive collection of historical photographs that tell the story of Marysvale's growth. Each photo offers a unique glimpse into the past, helping to paint a broader picture of the area's evolution.
  4. Interactive Exhibits: Engage with exhibits where you can touch and interact, making history fun and accessible for visitors of all ages. These hands-on activities help history come alive, ensuring a memorable learning experience.

Visiting the Pioneer Museum is more than just looking at old objects; it's about connecting with the lives of those who came before us in Marysvale. Every artifact and exhibit has been chosen to give visitors an authentic understanding of the town's historical journey.

Raft the Sevier River

Adventure On Sevier River

Gear Up for Sevier River Rafting

When you're planning your rafting trip on the Sevier River, it's crucial to be well-prepared. Ensure you have all the essential safety gear: a life jacket, helmet, and waterproof clothing. Understanding how to handle your raft is just as important, especially since the river can throw challenges like swift currents and unexpected obstacles your way.

Why Preparation Matters:

The varying water levels of the Sevier River, depending on the season, can significantly affect the difficulty of your rafting trip. For instance, higher water levels in the spring can make the river more challenging, requiring sharper skills and a more cautious approach. On the other hand, lower water levels during late summer might make for a slower ride and easier navigation.

To navigate these conditions effectively, it's helpful to have a basic understanding of rafting techniques. Practice steering and controlling the speed of your raft to confidently tackle both fast-moving sections and navigate around rocks or other obstructions.

Choosing the Right Equipment:

Invest in a sturdy raft and reliable paddles; brands like Intex and Aire offer excellent options that are both durable and user-friendly. Additionally, check the latest river conditions before you head out. Local rafting guides or online forums can provide real-time updates that are invaluable for ensuring a safe journey.

Rafting Trip Preparation

Are you planning a rafting adventure on the Sevier River? It's important to be well-prepared to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here's a straightforward guide to help you get ready for your trip down the scenic Marysvale rapids:

  1. Choose Your Experience: Decide if you prefer a calm, leisurely float or the more intense white-water rafting. Both offer a great way to see the beautiful landscapes of Marysvale.
  2. Gear Up: Wearing a life jacket and helmet is crucial. Also, dress in water-resistant clothing to stay comfortable and safe from the river's unpredictable conditions.
  3. Select Experienced Guides: Book your trip with reputable companies like Always Rafting & Kayaking, where experienced guides enhance your safety and share valuable information about the river's ecology and history.
  4. Understand the Basics: Learn some fundamental paddling techniques and safety tips before you hit the water. Knowing these can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

Navigating River Challenges

When you go rafting on the Sevier River in Marysvale, Utah, prepare for a mix of challenges and breathtaking views. The river features fast currents and obstacles like large rocks, requiring skillful navigation. This makes it an ideal spot for both relaxing floats and exciting rafting trips, catering to all experience levels.

For a safer and more informed experience, consider booking a trip with Always Rafting & Kayaking. Their experienced guides will help you navigate the most exhilarating stretches of the river, where the rapids are intense and the water churns vigorously. With their guidance, you'll not only enjoy the thrill but also enhance your rafting skills.

Beyond the thrill, rafting here allows you to connect with nature. The river flows through stunning landscapes that offer a moment of tranquility and a chance to admire the natural beauty of the area. It's a perfect activity for anyone looking to add a bit of adventure to their Utah visit.

Seasonal Water Conditions

Understanding Seasonal Water Conditions on the Sevier River

Understanding the seasonal changes in the Sevier River's water conditions can significantly improve your rafting experience. As the river changes throughout the year, so do the opportunities for adventure. Here's a detailed guide to help you plan your trip:

Spring Surge: In spring, the snow from the nearby mountains melts and swells the Sevier River, creating powerful rapids. This season is ideal for those looking for an adrenaline-filled rafting trip.

Summer Stability: Summer brings steady water flow, making it the best time for beginners to try rafting. The river is calm enough to help new rafters gain confidence while enjoying the activity.

Autumn Aesthetics: Fall transforms the landscape around the Sevier River, with leaves changing colors to create a stunning view. The river calms down, providing a peaceful rafting experience that lets you enjoy the natural beauty.

Winter Warnings: During winter, the water level drops and temperatures fall, reducing rafting activities. Always check if trips are available during these colder months before planning your visit.

Rafting on the Sevier River offers a range of experiences, from exciting adventures to serene floats, all set against beautiful landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned rafter or a first-timer, there's something for everyone at different times of the year.

Hiking Adventures

Marysvale, Utah, is a prime destination for hiking enthusiasts, showcasing diverse trails suitable for various experience levels. One of the highlights is the Bullion Falls Trail, which leads to a stunning 60-foot waterfall after a 2.0-mile hike. This trail isn't only a visual treat but also a great spot for bird watching and horseback riding, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Close by, the Mossy Cave Trail is perfect for those who prefer shorter hikes. This trail is less than a mile long and leads to Mossy Cave and its nearby waterfall, making it an excellent choice for families or anyone looking to quickly immerse themselves in nature.

Additionally, Red Hollow Canyon, near Zion National Park, offers a thrilling 2-mile journey through a picturesque slot canyon, culminating in a spectacular dead end ideal for photography enthusiasts.

For those interested in a combination of adventure and history, the Meadow Lava Tubes are a must-visit. This moderately challenging trail allows you to bring your dogs and offers a rugged terrain that adds to the adventure. Moreover, you can engage in gold panning in Marysvale Creek, connecting you to the area's rich mining past while you enjoy the serene natural surroundings.

These trails not only provide physical activity and stunning scenery but also offer a chance to connect with history and nature in a meaningful way. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike, Marysvale caters to all preferences, making it a versatile hiking destination.

Winter Sports and Activities

Embracing The Winter Chill

Discover the excitement of snowboarding and skiing at Eagle Point Ski Resort, nestled in the stunning Tushar Mountains. This resort isn't just a place to ski; it's a vibrant hub for winter sports lovers, providing breathtaking views and a variety of activities that cater to all abilities.

Versatile Slopes:

Eagle Point offers slopes for every level of skier or snowboarder. Beginners will appreciate the gentle slopes designed for easy learning, while advanced enthusiasts can challenge themselves on the more demanding descents.

Stunning Scenery:

The slopes offer more than just snow; they provide a spectacular view of the Tushar Mountains. These expansive views enhance your experience, making each run memorable.

Additional Winter Activities:

Eagle Point goes beyond skiing and snowboarding by offering opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. These activities allow you to explore the landscape and enjoy the winter scenery at a different pace.

Community Atmosphere:

What makes Eagle Point truly special is its community atmosphere. It's a place where people with a shared passion for winter sports come together, exchange stories, and create lasting memories.

At Eagle Point, you engage directly with the beauty and thrill of winter sports. Whether you're there to ski, snowboard, or try something new like snowshoeing, you'll find an activity that suits your interests and skill level.

Try Local Dining

After enjoying some winter sports, stop by Paiute Trails Inn & Diner to sample some of the best local food. Located at 315 N Main St in Marysvale, this diner is a popular spot among residents for its exceptional burgers and freshly made fries. It's more than just a place to eat; it's a community hub where visitors can immerse themselves in the welcoming, small-town atmosphere and enjoy hearty, comforting meals.

Make sure to visit Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort as well, where you can enjoy slices of their celebrated pies. Each piece is linked to the local heritage, reminiscent of the tales of early miners in the area. To top off your culinary journey, head over to a local creamery for some homemade ice cream. This treat is perfect for winding down and experiencing the famous creamy desserts of Marysvale.

Here's what each place offers:

Local Dining Option Specialty
Paiute Trails Inn & Diner Hearty, homemade burgers
Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort Signature pies
Local Creameries Artisanal ice cream

Each venue provides a distinct flavor of Marysvale's culinary offerings, promising memorable dining experiences that showcase the best of local cuisine.


Exploring Marysvale, Utah, offers a diverse range of activities that cater to every adventurer's desires. Whether you're looking to tackle the famous Paiute ATV Trails or enjoy the tranquility of winter sports, there's something here for you.

Engage with the area's history by visiting local museums and historical sites. For those who love a bit of thrill, the Sevier River provides exciting whitewater rafting opportunities.

Local dining is another highlight, offering dishes that feature regional flavors. Every experience in Marysvale is an opportunity to create lasting memories, thanks to its stunning landscapes and welcoming locals.

Why is this place worth your visit? Beyond the fun activities, Marysvale allows you to connect with nature and learn about a rich cultural heritage. This combination ensures a fulfilling getaway—whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or both.

Remember to check out local favorites like the Hoover's Café for a taste of home-cooked meals or the River's Edge at Deer Creek for a scenic dining experience. Engaging in these activities isn't just about having fun; it's about enriching your understanding of what makes Marysvale special.

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