Indoor Activities In Destin

Things to Do in Destin Indoors

In Destin, a range of indoor activities can enrich your experience, especially on rainy days or when you need a break from the sun. Start by exploring the Destin History & Fishing Museum where you'll discover the region's deep connection to fishing and maritime adventures. It's not just about old relics; it's a chance to see how Destin evolved from a small fishing village into a bustling tourist hub.

Next, the Indian Temple Mound Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of Native American tribes that once thrived in the area. This museum is crucial for understanding the deep cultural roots of the region.

For those who love science and hands-on activities, the Emerald Coast Science Center is a must-visit. It's packed with interactive exhibits that make learning about science fun for all ages. From robotics to natural phenomena, the center makes every visit exciting and educational.

Looking for a bit of adventure? Try Escapology, Destin's top-rated escape room, where you can challenge your problem-solving skills in a thrilling race against the clock. It's a perfect activity for families, friends, or team-building.

Lastly, don't miss Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl & Grill, where bowling meets an underwater adventure theme. It's not just bowling; it's an experience, complete with a bar and restaurant, making it an ideal spot for evening entertainment.

These activities offer more than just fun; they provide a deeper appreciation for Destin's culture, history, and science. Whether you're a history buff, a science enthusiast, or looking for some active fun, Destin's indoor offerings keep you entertained and informed.

Explore Destin's Museums

Discover Cultural Treasures In Destin

For those interested in a fulfilling indoor activity in Destin, visiting the local museums provides an insightful look into the region's culture and history.

One key highlight is the Destin History & Fishing Museum. Here, visitors can explore an array of historical artifacts, including the oldest seine fishing boat known as The Primrose. This museum is a must-visit for anyone fascinated by maritime history and the local heritage.

Nearby, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park offers a unique experience with its marine life exhibits. This venue allows visitors to engage directly with animals through interactive training sessions with dolphins and sea lions. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about marine biology in an engaging way.

Another exciting destination is the Emerald Coast Science Center, which features hands-on exhibits on Robotics and Space. This facility is perfect for families and individuals eager to discover the wonders of science in an interactive setting.

Just a short drive away in Fort Walton Beach, the Indian Temple Mound Museum showcases archaeological findings and provides educational programs about the Native American history of the region. This museum offers a comprehensive view of the indigenous cultures that have shaped the local area.

These museums not only offer educational experiences but also provide a deeper understanding of the Emerald Coast's rich history and diverse ecosystems. Whether you're a history aficionado or a science enthusiast, Destin's museums are sure to enrich your knowledge and offer a memorable indoor adventure.

Indoor Family Entertainment Centers

After you've enjoyed the museums in Destin, why not keep the fun going by visiting a local indoor family entertainment center? These venues offer a range of activities suitable for all ages, perfect for a fun day indoors.

Wild Willy's Adventure Zone in Fort Walton Beach is a great place to dive into some action with a game of laser tag or test your skills at over 65 arcade games. It's a perfect spot to keep everyone entertained.

Another exciting option is Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl & Grill, where you can enjoy a meal and bowl in an underwater-themed alley that delights both kids and adults.

If you're up for a challenge, try the escape rooms at Escape Zone 60 or Escapology in Destin. These venues offer 60-minute puzzle-solving adventures that will test your cleverness and teamwork in creatively themed settings.

For arcade enthusiasts, Fat Daddy's Arcade offers a mix of classic and modern games, including virtual reality experiences, with more than 120 games to choose from.

Don't miss out on Urban Air Trampoline Park, where you can jump on trampolines, dive into foam pits, or play dodgeball. Each location provides unique experiences that are sure to make memorable moments.

These centers aren't only fun but also offer a way to stay active and spend quality time with family or friends, making them a must-visit on your trip.

Shopping and Dining Options

Exploring Local Shopping Spots

In Destin, shopping enthusiasts and food lovers will find plenty to enjoy. Destin Commons stands out as a top shopping destination, featuring over 70 stores. Here, you can explore both well-known international brands and unique local boutiques. The center is indoors, making it a perfect spot for any day, rain or shine. It also hosts various eateries and movie theaters, providing a full day of entertainment.

A few minutes away, Silver Sands Premium Outlets offers extraordinary deals on designer brands. With more than 110 stores, including Coach and Nike, it's a haven for finding quality items at reduced prices.

For a unique blend of activities, visit HarborWalk Village. This spot combines shopping with dining and entertainment. Enjoy a meal at Harbor Docks, known for its seafood, or catch an interactive movie ride for some fun. The area also features beautiful galleries and a Starbucks where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Music enthusiasts shouldn't miss Vinyl Music Hall in the heart of Destin. This venue features performances from both local and international artists, providing a vibrant cultural experience.

These destinations not only offer a variety of options but also contribute to a memorable visit to Destin, making each location worth exploring.

Relaxation and Spa Experiences

Discover Serenity at Avant Garde Aveda Spa and Salon in Destin

Looking for a way to unwind? Avant Garde Aveda Spa and Salon in Destin offers a peaceful retreat from daily stress. Located in the city's center, this spa provides a variety of treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate.

What to Expect at Avant Garde Aveda Spa and Salon:

  1. Massages: Tension relief is at your fingertips with their array of massage options. Choose from deep tissue massages that tackle tight muscles, or opt for an aromatherapy massage that uses essential oils to enhance relaxation and balance.
  2. Facials: Treat your skin to a facial tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need hydration, deep cleansing, or exfoliation, their expert treatments will leave your skin radiant.
  3. Body Treatments: Experience luxury with body scrubs and wraps that detox and nourish your skin, helping to improve your health and mood.
  4. Hair Salon Services: Round out your visit with a stop at the hair salon. Update your look with a fresh cut or new color, expertly done by professional stylists who aim to ensure you look as good as you feel.

Visit Avant Garde Aveda Spa and Salon for a top-notch relaxation experience that caters to both your physical and emotional well-being.

Indoor Sporting Activities

Fun Indoor Sports Options

For a lively and engaging indoor activity, consider visiting Rock Out Climbing Gym in Destin. This top-rated indoor climbing facility caters to enthusiasts of all skill levels with its extensive bouldering walls. Unlike traditional rock climbing, bouldering doesn't require ropes or harnesses, giving you the freedom to move at your own pace. This makes it an ideal choice whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out.

Rock Out Climbing Gym stands out in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach community for its dynamic and fun environment. It's an excellent spot for families, especially those with children as young as three. The facility isn't only safe but also offers a variety of climbing classes and day passes, making it accessible for everyone to give bouldering a try.

If you're looking for a way to stay active, challenge yourself, and have fun, Rock Out Climbing Gym is worth a visit. It's a great way to experience the thrill of climbing in a controlled and supportive setting.


Explore Destin's indoor attractions, where you can find something engaging regardless of the weather. Dive into local history and art at Destin's museums. These spaces not only showcase fascinating exhibits but also provide insight into the region's cultural and historical significance.

If you're looking for family-friendly activities, consider visiting an indoor amusement center or participate in interactive games that are fun for all ages.

For those interested in shopping and dining, Destin offers a variety of shops and restaurants. From local boutiques offering unique finds to dining spots that serve both local and international cuisine, there's something to satisfy every taste and interest. After a day of shopping, you might want to relax at one of the city's luxurious spas. These wellness centers offer treatments that help rejuvenate your body and mind.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the indoor sports facilities in Destin. Whether you're into bowling, indoor rock climbing, or other exciting activities, these venues provide a fun and competitive environment.

No matter how you choose to spend your day indoors, Destin ensures a memorable experience. Each activity isn't just a way to pass the time but an opportunity to create lasting memories and learn something new.

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