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Best Things to Do in Denver 2024

In Denver, dive into vibrant art galleries and captivating street art. Explore public murals, art walks, and graffiti spots showcasing creativity. Embrace outdoor adventures with hiking trails, parks, and Rocky Mountain exploration. Discover diverse culinary experiences from farm-to-table restaurants to craft breweries and unique food trucks. Immerse yourself in museums, historical sites, and cultural landmarks unveiling the city's past. Experience live music at top venues and a lively nightlife scene. Engage in sports excitement with games, passionate fans, and stadium tours. Uncover a tapestry of activities awaiting you in Denver!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore vibrant art galleries and street art in Denver.
  • Enjoy outdoor adventures with hiking trails and scenic parks.
  • Indulge in diverse culinary experiences and craft breweries.
  • Visit museums, historical sites, and iconic landmarks.
  • Experience diverse live music venues, clubs, and sports events in Denver.

Art Galleries and Street Art

If you're an art enthusiast visiting Denver, you'll be delighted by the vibrant art galleries and captivating street art scattered throughout the city. Denver is a haven for art lovers, boasting numerous public murals that adorn buildings and alleyways, each telling a unique story and adding a splash of color to the urban landscape. These murals are hidden gems waiting to be discovered, offering a glimpse into the creative spirit of the city.

To fully immerse yourself in Denver's art scene, consider embarking on one of the many art walks available, where you can explore various galleries showcasing local and international talent. Additionally, don't miss out on the graffiti spots that dot the city, each showcasing a different style and message. These graffiti spots offer a raw and unfiltered look into the underground art culture thriving in Denver.

Whether you're admiring public murals or seeking out hidden gems, Denver's art galleries and street art scene are sure to leave a lasting impression on any art lover.

Outdoor Adventures and Parks

Explore the natural beauty and thrilling outdoor adventures awaiting you in Denver's parks and wilderness areas. Denver is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities to enjoy under the clear blue skies. The city boasts an extensive network of hiking trails that cater to all skill levels. Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll or a challenging trek, Denver's hiking trails have something for everyone.

For those looking to relax and unwind amidst nature, Denver's parks provide idyllic picnic spots where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and head to one of the city's many parks for a delightful afternoon.

The Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for your outdoor adventures, with opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting. Take in the fresh mountain air as you explore the diverse landscapes that Denver has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a beginner looking to connect with nature, Denver's outdoor adventures and parks are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Culinary Delights and Food Trucks

Hungry for a taste of Denver? Explore the vibrant local food scene, highlighted by a diverse array of popular food trucks serving up delicious dishes.

Don't miss the chance to try some of the city's must-try culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Local Food Scene

Delve into Denver's vibrant culinary scene filled with local delights and a wide array of food trucks offering unique flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

Explore farm-to-table restaurants where fresh ingredients are sourced locally, providing a farm-fresh experience that highlights Colorado's agricultural abundance.

Don't miss out on the craft breweries that Denver is famous for, where you can sample a variety of locally brewed beers in cozy atmospheres.

From trendy eateries that focus on sustainability to cozy cafes serving up comforting classics, Denver's food scene caters to every palate.

Whether you're craving a gourmet meal made with locally sourced produce or want to grab a quick, delicious bite from a food truck, Denver's culinary offerings are sure to impress even the most discerning foodies.

Popular Food Trucks

Denver's vibrant culinary scene extends beyond traditional restaurants to include a diverse array of popular food trucks serving up delicious and unique culinary delights on the go.

Food truck festivals are a common sight in Denver, where you can sample a variety of cuisines from different trucks gathered in one location. These festivals create a lively atmosphere filled with mouth-watering aromas and a sense of community among food lovers.

Denver's food truck culture also embraces food truck fusion, where innovative chefs combine culinary traditions to create exciting and unexpected flavor combinations. From Korean-Mexican tacos to Thai-inspired burgers, the food truck scene in Denver offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that showcases the city's culinary creativity on wheels.

Must-Try Dishes

When exploring Denver's food truck scene, be sure to indulge in the must-try dishes that showcase the city's culinary innovation and diverse flavors. Denver's food trucks offer a delightful array of fusion cuisine and local delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds.

Dive into a unique culinary experience by trying out the fusion tacos that combine traditional Mexican flavors with a modern twist. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor the local delicacy of green chili, a spicy and savory stew that reflects the region's culinary heritage.

For a sweet treat, sample the gourmet ice cream sandwiches made with locally sourced ingredients. Denver's food trucks are a treasure trove of culinary delights waiting to be explored!

Museums and Cultural Sites

Exploring the vibrant museums and cultural sites in Denver offers a rich tapestry of history, art, and innovation waiting to be discovered. Denver is home to a myriad of historical landmarks and stunning architecture that provide a glimpse into the city's past. Visit the iconic Denver Art Museum, renowned for its unique architecture and impressive collection of Native American art. Marvel at the historic Molly Brown House Museum, where you can learn about the fascinating life of the 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown.

Immerse yourself in the cultural scene of Denver by attending one of the many festivals and performances held throughout the year. From the vibrant Cinco de Mayo celebrations to the lively Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, there's always something exciting happening in the city. Catch a show at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where you can experience world-class theater productions in the heart of downtown.

Whether you're a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply looking to immerse yourself in Denver's rich cultural tapestry, the museums and cultural sites in the city offer something for everyone.

Thriving Music and Nightlife Scene

Get ready to groove in Denver's vibrant music and nightlife scene! Live music venues pulsate with energy, offering a diverse range of genres to satisfy every taste.

When the sun sets, hit the dance clubs to keep the party going all night long.

Live Music Venues

Denver's vibrant music and nightlife scene boasts a diverse array of live music venues that cater to every musical taste. Whether you're into music festivals, intimate settings, jazz bars, or rock concerts, Denver has something for everyone. Check out some of the top live music venues in the city:

Venue Description
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Iconic outdoor venue known for its natural acoustics.
The Bluebird Theater Intimate setting hosting a variety of genres.
Dazzle Jazz Perfect for jazz enthusiasts looking for a cozy atmosphere.
Ogden Theatre Historic theater featuring a mix of concerts and events.
Larimer Lounge Indie music hotspot with a laid-back vibe.

Experience the thriving music scene in Denver at these fantastic venues!

Dance Clubs

Immerse yourself in Denver's vibrant music and nightlife scene by exploring the pulsating energy of its thriving dance clubs. From trendy hotspots to hidden gems, Denver offers a diverse array of dance clubs that cater to all tastes.

Get ready to experience electrifying dance competitions that will leave you in awe, or hop between different clubs for a night filled with excitement. If you're looking to refine your moves, consider joining dance workshops hosted by professional instructors who'll help you master new skills.

The nightlife vibes in Denver are unbeatable, with each club offering a unique atmosphere and music selection to keep you grooving all night long. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the night away in Denver!

Sports Games and Stadium Tours

When exploring Denver, you can dive into the vibrant sports scene and discover the thrill of sports games and stadium tours. Denver boasts some of the most passionate sports fans in the country, making attending a game a memorable experience. Before the game, immerse yourself in the lively tailgating traditions outside the stadiums, where fans come together to grill, play games, and show off their team spirit.

Stadium tours offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Denver's sports venues. You can explore areas normally off-limits to the public, like locker rooms and press boxes, gaining a new perspective on the game-day experience. Some tours even offer opportunities for player meetups, where you can interact with your favorite athletes, get autographs, and snap some photos for lasting memories.

Whether you're a die-hard sports enthusiast or just looking for an exciting outing in Denver, sports games and stadium tours provide an immersive and thrilling way to experience the city's athletic culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Haunted Tours or Ghost Hunts in Denver?

If you're into paranormal investigations, Denver has a variety of haunted tours and ghost hunts to satisfy your curiosity. Explore haunted houses, hear ghost stories, and experience eerie encounters that will send shivers down your spine.

Can You Recommend a Unique Shopping Experience in Denver?

For a unique shopping experience in Denver, explore artisan markets, local boutiques, vintage shops, and art galleries. Discover one-of-a-kind treasures and support local artists. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and eclectic shopping scene of the city.

What Are Some Family-Friendly Activities in Denver?

For family-friendly activities in Denver, you can enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking in the Rockies or exploring the Denver Zoo. Dive into the city's cultural attractions with visits to museums and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Are There Any Famous Filming Locations to Visit in Denver?

Explore Denver's famous landmarks like the iconic Brown Palace Hotel or the historic Union Station, known for their appearances in various movie scenes. These filming locations offer a glimpse into both the city's history and its Hollywood connections.

How Can I Explore Denver's Craft Beer Scene?

To explore Denver's craft beer scene, start by researching local breweries and creating a beer tasting itinerary. Enjoy brewery hopping to savor a variety of unique flavors and styles while experiencing the vibrant beer culture of the city.


So next time you're in Denver, make sure to check out the vibrant art scene, explore the beautiful outdoor spaces, indulge in delicious food truck fare, dive into the city's rich history at museums, dance the night away to live music, and catch a sports game for the ultimate Denver experience.

There's something for everyone in the Mile High City, so don't miss out on all the exciting things to do!

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