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Best Things to Do in Cocoa Beach 2024

Experience sunrise yoga, sandcastle competitions, beach volleyball, and bonfires. Try surfing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, or parasailing for thrill-seekers. Witness diverse bird species, hike lush trails, and explore nature reserves. Indulge in vibrant dining scenes, from upscale to casual beachfront eateries. Shop at boutiques, support local artisans, and immerse yourself in chic atmospheres. Enjoy nightlife with happy hours, karaoke, and live music at oceanfront venues. Cocoa Beach offers a plethora of activities that promise an unforgettable adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Beach activities like sunrise yoga, sandcastle competitions, and beach volleyball
  • Exciting water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, and parasailing
  • Nature exploration through bird watching, hiking, and exploring nature reserves
  • Diverse dining experiences from upscale fine dining to casual beachfront eateries
  • Vibrant nightlife with options like Surfside Lounge, Coconuts on the Beach, and live music venues

Beach Activities

When visiting Cocoa Beach, you can indulge in a variety of beach activities that cater to all interests and preferences. Start your day with the serenity of sunrise yoga on the soft sands, where you can greet the day with a sense of peace and rejuvenation.

As the sun rises higher, engage in friendly sandcastle competitions with family and friends, showcasing your creativity and building skills. The beach is also the perfect spot for some adrenaline-pumping beach volleyball matches, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sports all at once.

In the evening, gather around a crackling beach bonfire with loved ones, sharing stories and laughter under the starlit sky. The warmth of the fire contrasts beautifully with the cool ocean breeze, creating a cozy atmosphere for unforgettable moments.

Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, Cocoa Beach's beach activities offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Water Sports

For an exhilarating experience in Cocoa Beach, dive into the world of water sports that will ignite your sense of adventure and thrill. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned water enthusiast, Cocoa Beach offers a range of exciting activities to get your adrenaline pumping.

Take advantage of surfing lessons to ride the waves like a pro or join a paddleboarding tour for a more relaxed but equally enjoyable adventure along the coast. If speed is more your style, jet ski rentals are readily available for those looking to zip across the water with the wind in their hair. For a bird's eye view of the stunning Cocoa Beach shoreline, parasailing adventures offer a unique perspective and a rush of excitement as you soar above the crystal-clear waters.

With the sun on your face and the ocean at your fingertips, water sports in Cocoa Beach are a must-do for anyone seeking a memorable and action-packed day on the water. Whether you choose to ride the waves, paddle along the coast, or fly high above the beach, the water sports options in Cocoa Beach are sure to create lasting memories of fun and adventure.

Nature Exploration

Curious about the natural wonders awaiting you in Cocoa Beach? If you're a nature enthusiast, you're in for a treat! Cocoa Beach offers fantastic opportunities for bird watching and exploring scenic hiking trails.

Bird watching in Cocoa Beach is a delight for both beginners and experienced birders. The region is home to a diverse range of bird species, including pelicans, herons, ospreys, and even the occasional bald eagle. Grab your binoculars and head to the nearby wetlands or nature reserves for a chance to spot these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

For those who prefer to explore on foot, Cocoa Beach boasts a variety of hiking trails that wind through lush tropical landscapes. From easy strolls along the coastline to more challenging treks through dense mangroves, there's a trail for every level of hiker. Keep an eye out for native flora and fauna along the way, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Cocoa Beach's natural surroundings.

Dining Experiences

Indulge your taste buds in Cocoa Beach's vibrant dining scene, where a myriad of culinary delights awaits you. For those seeking an upscale experience, Cocoa Beach offers a range of fine dining establishments that promise to elevate your gastronomic journey. These restaurants boast elegant atmospheres and sophisticated menus that showcase the best in gourmet cuisine. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to treat yourself, these fine dining spots are sure to impress.

If you're a seafood lover, Cocoa Beach is a paradise waiting to be explored. The seafood restaurants here source the freshest catches from the nearby waters, serving up delectable dishes that highlight the flavors of the sea. From succulent shrimp and lobster to mouthwatering fish tacos and crab cakes, you'll find a seafood dish to satisfy your cravings. Whether you prefer a casual beachfront eatery or a more upscale seafood dining experience, Cocoa Beach has something for every palate. Don't miss the chance to savor the ocean's bounty in this coastal culinary haven.

Shopping Spots

Ready to shop 'til you drop in Cocoa Beach?

Discover the best boutiques and local artisan markets for unique finds and one-of-a-kind treasures.

Whether you're hunting for beachwear, souvenirs, or handmade gifts, these shopping spots have something special for every taste and budget.

Best Boutiques

Discover the hidden gems of Cocoa Beach by exploring its best boutiques, offering unique shopping experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences. When you stroll through Cocoa Beach's boutique scene, you'll find a treasure trove of fashion-forward items and one-of-a-kind pieces that will elevate your style game.

Here are a few reasons why these boutiques are a must-visit:

  • Curated Collections: Each boutique showcases carefully curated collections that are perfect for fashionistas seeking unique finds.
  • Personalized Service: Enjoy personalized service from knowledgeable staff who can help you discover the latest fashion trends.
  • Local Artisans: Support local artisans and designers by purchasing handmade goods that reflect Cocoa Beach's creative spirit.
  • Chic Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the chic atmosphere of these boutiques, where every corner exudes style and sophistication.

Local Artisan Markets

Explore Cocoa Beach's vibrant local artisan markets, where you can find unique handmade treasures crafted by talented artisans. These markets showcase a diverse range of artisan crafts, from intricate jewelry pieces to stunning paintings and pottery.

Wander through the stalls adorned with colorful displays, each offering its own set of one-of-a-kind creations waiting to be discovered. Whether you're searching for a special gift or a personal memento, these markets are sure to delight with their array of unique finds.

Engage with the local artists, learn about their techniques, and take home a piece of Cocoa Beach's creative spirit. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of these markets, where creativity and craftsmanship shine bright.

Local Attractions

With its vibrant array of local attractions, Cocoa Beach offers visitors a myriad of exciting activities to enjoy during their stay. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or a history buff, there's something for everyone in this charming beach town.

  • Explore Wildlife Encounters: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by visiting the Cocoa Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see rescued animals up close and learn about conservation efforts.
  • Discover Historical Sites: Delve into the rich history of the area by touring the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse or the Historic Cocoa Village, both offering insight into Cocoa Beach's past.
  • Experience the Kennedy Space Center: Witness the marvels of space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center, where you can learn about NASA's missions and even meet astronauts.
  • Enjoy Water Sports: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Cocoa Beach and try your hand at surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

From wildlife encounters to historical sites, Cocoa Beach's local attractions promise an unforgettable adventure for all who visit.

Nightlife Options

When the sun sets in Cocoa Beach, the vibrant nightlife scene comes alive, offering a mix of popular bars and live music venues.

Whether you're looking to sip on cocktails while listening to local bands or dance the night away to DJ beats, there's something for everyone in this lively coastal town.

Get ready to experience the energetic pulse of Cocoa Beach after dark!

Popular Bars

Nestled along the vibrant streets of Cocoa Beach are a variety of popular bars that promise an exciting nightlife experience for locals and visitors alike. These establishments offer a mix of laid-back atmospheres and lively entertainment options. Here are some highlights to consider:

  • Surfside Lounge: Enjoy daily happy hour specials with stunning ocean views.
  • Coconuts on the Beach: Dive into karaoke nights for a fun-filled experience.
  • Juice N Java Café: Sip on handcrafted cocktails in a cozy, intimate setting.
  • The Pig & Whistle: Experience a taste of British pub culture with a wide selection of beers.

With such diverse options, you're sure to find the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy Cocoa Beach's vibrant nightlife scene.

Live Music Venues

Discover a dynamic array of live music venues in Cocoa Beach that offer an immersive nightlife experience for music enthusiasts. Enjoy the vibrant local music scene with talented bands and artists performing at various venues. From outdoor concerts under the stars to cozy indoor settings, Cocoa Beach has something for every music lover. Check out the table below for a glimpse into some of the top live music spots in the area.

Venue Location Special Feature
Beachside Tavern Oceanfront Outdoor concerts
Coconuts on the Beach Beachfront Local bands
Jenna's Breezeway Downtown Cocoa Beach Live music nightly

Get ready to groove to the tunes of local bands and soak in the vibrant music scene that Cocoa Beach has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Guided Tours Available for Exploring Cocoa Beach?

You can find various guided tours for exploring Cocoa Beach. Options include eco tours for wildlife encounters, exciting Segway adventures, and relaxing paddleboarding tours. These experiences offer a unique way to discover the beauty of the area.

What Are the Best Spots for Watching the Sunrise or Sunset in Cocoa Beach?

For the best spots to watch the sunrise or sunset in Cocoa Beach, head to the shore. Enjoy beach picnics as the sky transforms with vibrant colors. Bring your camera for beautiful photography tips capturing nature's stunning display.

Can I Find Any Live Music or Entertainment Options in Cocoa Beach?

You can find live music venues in Cocoa Beach showcasing talented local bands. The nightlife scene offers diverse entertainment options, from beachfront performances to cozy bars with live music. Enjoy the vibrant music scene in Cocoa Beach!

Are There Any Family-Friendly Events or Festivals Held in Cocoa Beach?

You should check out the family-friendly events and festivals in Cocoa Beach. They offer a variety of entertainment, delicious local cuisine, and outdoor activities for everyone. It's a great way to have fun together!

Where Can I Find the Best Spots for Stargazing in Cocoa Beach?

For the best spots for stargazing in Cocoa Beach, head to the beach for beach bonfires under the night sky. Consider joining astronomy classes or night photography workshops. You can also rent telescopes for a closer look.


So, whether you're looking to relax on the sandy shores, catch some waves with water sports, explore the natural beauty of Cocoa Beach, indulge in delicious dining options, shop till you drop, visit local attractions, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife, there's something for everyone in this coastal paradise.

With its endless activities and attractions, Cocoa Beach is the perfect destination for a fun-filled getaway that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Plan your trip now and experience all that Cocoa Beach has to offer!

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