Indoor Activities In Boothbay

Things to Do in Boothbay Harbor on a Rainy Day

Visiting Boothbay Harbor on a rainy day? Don't worry, there's plenty to do indoors that will keep you entertained and dry. Start your adventure by exploring the Maine State Aquarium. This isn't just any aquarium—it's a chance to get up close with local sea life through interactive exhibits. Touch tanks allow you to feel the texture of starfish and sea cucumbers, providing a tangible connection to the marine world.

Next, step back in time at the Boothbay Railway Village. Here, you can learn about historical transportation and see vintage locomotives in action. It's not only educational but also a unique way to appreciate the region's rich history.

Movie lovers should check out the Harbor Theatre. It offers a curated selection of films, from the latest blockbusters to indie gems, all enjoyed with your favorite classic movie snacks like popcorn and candy.

For those who like to stay active, the Boothbay Region YMCA is equipped with modern facilities to help you keep up with your fitness regimen. From swimming pools to gymnasiums, it's a great spot to continue your workouts without interruption from the weather.

These indoor attractions offer a great mix of education, entertainment, and exercise, ensuring that your visit to Boothbay Harbor remains memorable, even on the less sunny days.

Visit Maine State Aquarium

Explore Marine Life Exhibit

Visiting Boothbay Harbor? Don't let a rainy day keep you indoors when you can explore the Maine State Aquarium. This local gem, located in the scenic town, is an affordable way to dive into the marine world. With low-cost admission, it's accessible for everyone wanting to learn and have fun.

As you step inside, a variety of marine creatures await. Picture meeting a massive 20-pound lobster or interacting with sea urchins at the touch tanks. The aquarium isn't just about observing; it encourages hands-on learning. Watch the sharks swim nearby, fascinating visitors of all ages.

The Maine State Aquarium serves as a hub for education and exploration. Each exhibit is crafted to teach visitors about marine ecosystems and foster curiosity. By the time you leave, you'll have a greater understanding and appreciation for ocean life and the importance of preserving these environments.

So, don't let the rain stop you; the aquarium offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Explore Boothbay Railway Village

Escape the rain and step into a world of historical transport at Boothbay Railway Village. Located in the picturesque town of Boothbay Harbor, this museum is more than just a place to stay dry; it's a journey back to the early days of motorized travel.

Each train and car on display not only represents a piece of history but tells the unique story of transportation's evolution.

As you explore the well-preserved exhibits, you'll feel as though you've traveled back to the era when steam ruled and cars were a novel sight. The museum features a range of artifacts, from charming steam locomotives to classic cars, all meticulously restored to their original condition.

This isn't merely a visual experience; it's an interactive dive into the creativity and skill of the pioneers of transportation.

Don't let a rainy day stop your adventure. Explore Boothbay Railway Village and see firsthand how these groundbreaking vehicles transformed society. This museum offers a detailed and tactile experience, allowing visitors to engage directly with the landmarks of transportation history.

For more information on how to plan your visit, go to or call 207-633-4727.

Workout at Boothbay Region YMCA

Exercise At Boothbay Ymca

If you find yourself in Boothbay Harbor on a rainy day, the Boothbay Region YMCA is the perfect place to keep up with your fitness routine. This facility offers a variety of equipment and spaces, including racquetball courts and swimming pools. They also have a comprehensive schedule of classes tailored to meet different fitness levels and interests.

Whether you're looking for a single-day pass or thinking about a longer-term membership, the YMCA has flexible options designed to meet your needs. This is especially useful for maintaining an active lifestyle regardless of the weather conditions outside. Engaging in regular physical activity at the YMCA can boost your mood and keep you healthy.

The YMCA's welcoming environment and diverse program offerings make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to stay fit and connected with the community. Plus, their staff is always on hand to assist you with any questions about your fitness journey.

Gym Facilities Overview

On a rainy day in Boothbay Harbor, consider visiting the Boothbay Region YMCA. This facility boasts an indoor swimming pool and racquetball courts, providing a perfect escape from the wet weather. Whether you're looking to energize your body or simply relax, the YMCA has activities to match every mood. Dive into the refreshing swimming pool or engage in a stimulating racquetball match.

The Boothbay Region YMCA offers more than just physical exercise. It provides a warm, welcoming space ideal for getting out of the rain. With affordable rates and the option for short-term memberships, the YMCA is accessible even if you're only in the area temporarily. This flexibility allows you to enjoy their amenities without the stress of a long-term commitment.

For more information about the YMCA's offerings, visit their website or call them at 207-633-2855. The friendly staff is eager to help with any questions and ensure you have a pleasant visit. Remember, a rainy day can still be fun with great indoor facilities like those at the YMCA.

Class Schedules Available

At the Boothbay Region YMCA, a wide range of class schedules makes it easy to keep your fitness routine exciting, especially when it's raining outside. Whether you're interested in a refreshing swim or a competitive game of racquetball, the YMCA is equipped to meet your needs. The facility offers top-notch fitness equipment and a variety of classes suitable for all levels of experience.

Rainy days don't have to halt your fitness goals. The YMCA offers short-term memberships, ideal for those visiting the area or anyone interested in a flexible fitness option. You'll find activities that capture your interest, from dynamic group exercises to calming yoga sessions.

For up-to-date information on class schedules and offerings, visit the Boothbay Region YMCA website. You'll get detailed descriptions of classes that can easily fit into your schedule, no matter the weather. If you have any questions, feel free to call the YMCA at 207-633-2855. The friendly staff will assist you in exploring the facilities and programs, helping you get the most from each visit, regardless of the weather.

Membership Benefits Explained

Visiting the Boothbay Region YMCA on a rainy day offers more than just keeping up with your exercise routine. It provides a wide range of membership benefits that cater to various needs and budgets, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to stay active and engaged, regardless of the weather.

At the Boothbay Region YMCA, you will discover an array of activities to suit every interest. From racquetball and swimming to indoor fitness classes, there is plenty to do that will keep you moving and entertained on damp days. This ensures that you never have to pause your fitness goals due to bad weather.

Membership Features and Benefits:

Feature Description Membership Advantage
Activities Racquetball, Swimming, and more Wide range of choices
Membership Rates Flexible rates and short-term options Customizable to your budget
Facilities Modern and well-equipped Ideal for rainy day activities

If you're interested in learning more about these benefits or tailoring a membership plan to your needs, feel free to reach out to the Boothbay Region YMCA at 207-633-2855. The staff are always eager to help you find the best ways to enjoy their facilities and services, no matter the weather.

Watch a Movie at Harbor Theatre

At Harbor Theatre, you'll find a fantastic selection of films to enjoy, from the newest big hits to captivating independent films. As you dive into the movie world, make sure to visit their snack bar. They offer a great variety of treats that are perfect for any movie-goer, from popcorn and candy to refreshing soft drinks. This is especially comforting on a rainy day in Boothbay Harbor.

The variety ensures everyone can find something they like, enhancing your overall movie experience. Having a snack while watching a film not only makes the experience more enjoyable but also adds to the feeling of comfort and relaxation that comes with a cinema visit.

Current Film Selections

Explore the latest movie selections at Harbor Theatre, located in the charming Boothbay Harbor. This quaint cinema is a fantastic choice for entertainment, especially when you're looking to spend some time indoors. At Harbor Theatre, the variety of films ensures that everyone can find something to enjoy, from thrill-seekers to those who appreciate the artistry of independent films.

Now Playing at Harbor Theatre:

Genre Film Title
Action Explosion Mania
Comedy Laugh Out Loud
Drama Deep Reflections
Independent Creative Souls
Family Adventure Quest

Explosion Mania keeps you on the edge of your seat with thrilling action sequences, ideal for those who love a good adrenaline rush. For a lighter mood, Laugh Out Loud offers a series of hilarious escapades that guarantee a good laugh. If you're in the mood for something more intense and introspective, Deep Reflections provides a compelling narrative that delves deep into emotional complexities.

For fans of unique storytelling, Creative Souls showcases the innovation of independent cinema, offering a fresh perspective often not found in mainstream films. Lastly, Adventure Quest is a perfect pick for a family outing, packed with fun adventures and heartwarming moments that appeal to both young viewers and adults.

Harbor Theatre not only provides a diverse range of films but also a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a top choice for movie-goers in Boothbay Harbor. Whether you're looking to escape the rain or simply enjoy a good film, this cinema has something special for you.

Snack Bar Offerings

Visit Harbor Theatre and elevate your movie-watching experience with our diverse snack bar options, perfect for any weather.

Settle into your seat with our classic, buttery popcorn, a favorite among movie-goers for its crisp taste.

For those who enjoy a bit of zest, our cheese-laden nachos are a perfect choice. These snacks are sure to satisfy your cravings and enhance your film experience.

For candy lovers, our snack bar offers a range of choices from chewy to crunchy and sour to sweet. Indulge in these treats to make your movie viewing more enjoyable.

To complement your snacks, select from our assortment of beverages. Whether you prefer the fizz of sodas, the refreshment of iced teas, or the warmth of hot chocolates, we've the perfect drink to match the atmosphere and your mood.

Don't miss out on our combo deal, a popular choice that provides great value. It includes a large popcorn, a drink, and a candy of your choice, all in one convenient package. This deal not only saves you money but also ensures you have all your favorite snacks to enjoy during the movie.

Next time you're at Harbor Theatre, make sure to stop by the snack bar. Treat yourself to our delicious offerings and make your movie outing even more memorable.

Discover Lincoln Theater

Explore Historical Lincoln Theater

Explore Lincoln Theater's Diverse Film Selection

Nestled in the quaint town of Damariscotta, just a short drive from Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln Theater stands out with its diverse range of films. From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to captivating indie films, there's something here for everyone.

Whether you're a movie enthusiast or simply looking for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, the Lincoln Theater is an ideal choice.

At this independent theater, you're surrounded by a cozy atmosphere that enhances your movie-watching experience. The theater's film schedule is carefully put together to include both popular and thought-provoking titles, ensuring every visit is engaging.

Make sure to call 207-563-3424 before visiting to get up-to-date information on showtimes.

The charm of Lincoln Theater goes beyond just its films. Its small-town ambiance adds to the overall experience, making each visit memorable.

Watching a movie here isn't just about the film; it's about enjoying the artistry of cinema and escaping the usual day-to-day routine. So, buy your popcorn, find your seat, and get ready to be transported into the stories unfolding on the screen.

Tour Boothbay Craft Brewery

Explore Boothbay Craft Brewery

If you love beer, a visit to Boothbay Craft Brewery is a fantastic way to discover the local craft beer culture. Located in the vibrant Boothbay Harbor, this brewery is the perfect spot to unwind, especially on a rainy day. The inviting atmosphere and the sound of rain create a cozy backdrop for enjoying some of the best craft beers.

Beer Tasting Sessions

From Thursday to Sunday, starting at 11:30 a.m., Boothbay Craft Brewery opens its doors to visitors eager to sample their famous beers. The Thirsty Botanist IPA is a highlight, capturing the essence of Maine's botanical richness with its perfect mix of bitterness and aromatic hops. It's an excellent example of how the brewery blends traditional ingredients to create distinctive and flavorful beers. Besides their signature IPA, the brewery offers a variety of seasonal beers, giving you something new to try on each visit.

Why Visit?

The relaxed setting of the brewery, combined with the gentle sound of rain, makes for an ideal environment to savor these unique brews. Visiting Boothbay Craft Brewery isn't just about drinking beer; it's an opportunity to learn about the craft of brewing and to enjoy the local flavors of Boothbay Harbor. Each visit offers a chance to explore new tastes and create lasting memories.

A Local Favorite

This brewery stands out in the Boothbay Harbor craft beer scene, offering a welcoming place to both relax and explore diverse beer options. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer lover or new to the scene, Boothbay Craft's rich selection promises an enriching experience.

Learn at Maine Maritime Museum

Explore Maritime History Exhibits

When the weather is less than ideal in Boothbay Harbor, a visit to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath is a fantastic option. Located on a spacious 20-acre site by the beautiful Kennebec River, this museum offers much more than a place to stay dry; it provides a deep dive into Maine's maritime past. The museum's exhibits do an excellent job of presenting artifacts and stories that bring to life the seafaring history that has so deeply influenced the region.

The exhibits are interactive, ensuring that you're not just a passive observer but an active participant in the historical journey. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs that cater to all ages, often featuring hands-on activities that make learning fun and impactful.

Don't miss out on the sea excursions provided by the museum. These tours are guided and give you a firsthand look at the marine environment, offering insights into the lives of the communities that depend on these waters. Whether you choose a peaceful walk through the historical shipyard or an exciting boat trip, visiting the Maine Maritime Museum is a highlight for anyone spending a rainy day in Boothbay Harbor.

This approach not only makes your visit educational but also deeply engaging, allowing you to see the significant role that maritime activities play in Maine's culture and economy.

Relax at Linekin Bay Resort

Discover the charm of Linekin Bay Resort, your cozy retreat, ideal for those drizzly days. Positioned beautifully by the water, this resort is a haven for relaxation, its picturesque setting perfect even when the rain taps gently outside.

Here, the blend of traditional warmth and contemporary comfort invites you to unwind, whether by losing yourself in a great book or soaking in the tranquil views.

The resort offers a range of indoor activities designed to dispel any dreariness associated with rainy weather. Engage in fun board games with your family or friends, sparking friendly competition and laughter. Or, consider organizing a movie marathon in a shared space, where you can watch everything from time-honored classics to new hits, ensuring every moment of your stay is enjoyable.

At Linekin Bay Resort, a rainy day is an opportunity to make unforgettable memories. Whether you're relaxing or participating in enjoyable indoor activities, the environment here helps you take a break and appreciate every moment.

This place isn't just a shelter from the rain—it's a sanctuary for your soul, making every second count toward a perfect holiday experience.

Enjoy Local Seafood Delights

Savor Fresh Coastal Cuisine

Explore the vibrant seafood offerings of Boothbay Harbor and enjoy the fresh tastes of Midcoast Maine. As you stroll through this picturesque town, you'll encounter a diverse array of culinary delights that reflect the local traditions and flavors. Begin your journey with a self-guided tour of the top seafood restaurants in the area, where you can taste the essence of coastal cuisine.

Make sure to visit Boothbay Harbor Resort to experience their renowned lobster dishes. Here, chefs expertly prepare lobster, a staple in the local culinary heritage, complemented by stunning views that enhance the dining experience.

For a laid-back yet flavorful meal, stop by The Deck Bar & Grill. The seafood here is as fresh as it gets, mirroring the lively atmosphere of Boothbay Harbor and offering a genuine taste of the ocean.

Location Experience
Boothbay Harbor Resort Renowned lobster in a luxurious setting
The Deck Bar & Grill Relaxed dining with ocean views
Top Local Restaurants Explore diverse seafood flavors
Self-guided Tour Explore at your leisure

Enjoy the delicious, savory seafood of Boothbay Harbor and turn any day into a delightful culinary adventure. Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a drizzly morning, the local cuisine promises a memorable experience.


When rain hits Boothbay Harbor, you still have plenty of exciting indoor options to explore. Dive into the underwater world at the Maine State Aquarium. It's not just about watching fish swim by; it's about understanding marine life and its ecosystems, making it a fascinating educational experience for all ages.

Alternatively, step back in time at the Boothbay Railway Village. Here, you can learn about the region's transportation history through a collection of vintage trains and historical exhibits, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

If you're feeling active, the local YMCA offers a range of indoor activities that can help you stay fit and entertained, regardless of the weather. For movie enthusiasts, the Harbor Theatre and Lincoln Theater provide a cozy refuge with a variety of films, from the latest blockbusters to cherished classics. These theaters play a crucial role in the community, bringing people together and promoting a love for the arts.

Don't miss the Boothbay Craft Brewery where you can taste some of the local brews. This spot is perfect for understanding the craft and culture behind beer making in Maine. Nearby, the Maine Maritime Museum offers insights into the state's rich maritime heritage, showcasing historic shipbuilding artifacts and exhibits.

Lastly, for a truly relaxing experience, consider stopping by the Linekin Bay Resort. It's an ideal place to unwind with a stunning view of the bay, no matter the weather. Their seafood is a must-try, offering fresh flavors that capture the essence of Maine's culinary tradition.

Each of these destinations provides a unique way to enjoy Boothbay Harbor, even on rainy days, making your visit memorable and enjoyable.

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