Winter Fun In Boone

Things to Do in Boone North Carolina in December

During December, Boone, North Carolina, becomes a captivating destination for winter activities. Dress warmly to explore Moses Cone Park or Elk Knob State Park, where you can hike trails surrounded by snow-covered trees and discover stunning frozen waterfalls.

Experience the holiday cheer at Chetola Resort's Festival of Lights or enjoy the local Boone Holiday Parade, which brings the community together with festive floats and performances.

For those who prefer indoor activities, the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts offers a variety of exhibits showcasing regional artists, and Mysterium Escape Adventure provides a fun challenge as you work to solve its creative puzzles.

When it comes to dining, Boone offers diverse options. Lost Province Brewing Co. provides a cozy atmosphere with its craft beers and wood-fired pizzas, making it a perfect spot to unwind.

Alternatively, Dan'l Boone Inn Restaurant is renowned for its traditional Southern cuisine, offering dishes like fried chicken and biscuits that reflect the local culinary heritage.

Boone's winter season is not only about picturesque snow scenes but also about engaging with the community and local culture through its various events and eateries. Whether you're hiking through serene parks or enjoying a meal with friends, Boone in December is truly a place of discovery and enjoyment.

December Outdoor Adventures

Winter Fun And Exploration

Explore Boone's Winter Wonderland

This December, immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Boone by venturing into Moses Cone Park, Elk Knob State Park, or along the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway for some winter hiking. These spots are perfect for walking through paths covered with frost and enjoying the fresh, crisp air of the mountains. You'll be surrounded by the tranquil beauty of snow-dusted trees and grounds. Remember to bring your camera to capture stunning scenes such as frozen waterfalls and the quiet, majestic winter forests.

Thrilling Winter Sports in Boone

Boone offers more than just scenic hikes during the winter months. Experience the excitement of skiing and snow tubing at local resorts. These activities are perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush and are also great for families looking for fun in the snow. Whether you're speeding down ski slopes or enjoying a playful descent on a tubing hill, Boone provides adventures suitable for every level of experience.

Festive Spirit Amid Nature

As you enjoy Boone's outdoor activities, you'll also experience the town's festive atmosphere. The holiday spirit is evident with events like Tweetsie Christmas and the Festival of Lights. These celebrations, combined with the natural glow from the starlit sky, create a unique and enchanting outdoor experience during your winter adventures.

These suggestions not only highlight the natural beauty and excitement of Boone during the winter but also how the town becomes a special place to celebrate the festive season amidst the great outdoors.

Festive Season Events

Enjoy the great outdoors and make sure to explore Boone's vibrant seasonal events, filled with the warmth of holiday cheer. The town shines brightly during the festive season, especially at the Festival of Lights at Chetola Resort. This event features thousands of lights reflecting off the lake, offering a breathtaking view that delights visitors.

Hop on the holiday train rides at Tweetsie Christmas for a night illuminated by impressive light displays, transforming the environment into a magical winter landscape. It's an exciting experience for both families and friends, blending fun with seasonal cheer.

Be sure to catch the Boone Holiday Parade as well. This event showcases a variety of colorful floats and live music from marching bands, enhancing the streets with a festive atmosphere. It's a great way to connect with the community and dive into local holiday traditions.

Kick off the season at the Festive First Friday Celebration & Solar Tree Lighting in downtown Boone. This event marks the start of holiday festivities with the community coming together to light up a solar-powered tree, symbolizing both celebration and sustainability.

These activities not only offer fun and excitement but also help visitors and locals alike feel the joy and community spirit of the holiday season. Make sure not to miss these wonderful events that bring the magic of Christmas to life in Boone.

Indoor Activities and Attractions

Explore Indoor Entertainment Options

Visit Boone's indoor attractions to stay warm while exploring exciting and educational activities. Mystery Hill offers a unique blend of historical museums and gem mining, where you can examine artifacts and geological finds that tell the rich history of the region. This experience provides a hands-on way to engage with both the local history and geological discoveries.

In the heart of Boone, the Mysterium Escape Adventure challenges you to solve complex puzzles. This activity is great for testing your problem-solving skills and enjoying a fun, intellectually stimulating experience in the town's cozy setting.

Art lovers shouldn't miss the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University. The center showcases a mix of contemporary art and traditional Appalachian crafts, offering insights into the area's cultural heritage through its diverse exhibitions.

For a more interactive experience, try your hand at gem mining at the Appalachian Fossil Museum and Foggy Mountain Gem Mine. These venues allow you to dig for your own gems and fossils, providing a direct connection to the natural world and a memorable educational experience.

Each of these indoor activities in Boone ensures warmth and discovery, making your visit especially delightful during the colder months.

Dining and Nightlife Options

As you explore Boone, North Carolina, this December, make sure to visit the local mountain pubs. These spots are great for warming up and enjoying a meal, thanks to their cozy settings and hearty meals.

If you're in the mood for something more upscale, Boone has excellent fine dining restaurants serving unique dishes that combine local ingredients with advanced cooking techniques.

For a night of entertainment, check out Boone's live music venues. These places offer a vibrant scene with performances from various music genres like bluegrass and indie rock. It's a fantastic way to experience the local culture and relax after a day in the mountains.

Each location offers its own unique experience: for a cozy night, try the 'Hearthstone Pub' known for its inviting fireplace and robust stews. For a high-end dinner, 'The Peak' comes highly recommended, with its award-winning trout and farm-to-table vegetables.

If you're into live music, don't miss 'The Blue Ridge Ballroom' which features a mix of local and touring bands.

Enjoy these experiences as they provide not just food and entertainment, but a genuine taste of Boone's warm hospitality and vibrant community life.

Cozy Mountain Pubs

Visit Boone's inviting mountain pubs like Lost Province Brewing Co. and Appalachian Mountain Brewery this December for a cozy dining and nightlife experience. After a day in the cool mountain air, these pubs offer the perfect spot to relax. They highlight Boone's thriving local craft beer culture with an array of unique brews.

At Lost Province Brewing Co., enjoy their specialty wood-fired pizzas which pair excellently with their craft beers. The pub's rustic setting creates a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for spending time with friends or meeting new people.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery stands out not only for its excellent beers but also for its commitment to community and environmental sustainability. Join in on fun trivia nights or enjoy live music performances. Their seasonal brews in December add a special touch to your visit.

Both venues capture the relaxed essence of Boone, providing a warm setting for memorable winter evenings.

Whether you're deeply interested in craft beers or simply searching for a comfortable place to unwind, Boone's mountain pubs are a fantastic choice for escaping the winter chill.

Fine Dining Spots

Boone's nightlife offers more than just vibrant pubs; it also boasts exceptional fine dining venues that appeal to diverse tastes. Wild Craft Eatery stands out with its eclectic menu, blending creativity with flavors that resonate with Boone's unique vibe. Here, whether you're tempted by something bold or prefer a familiar dish with an unexpected twist, you're in for a treat.

For those desiring a filling meal, Lost Province Brewing Co. is the go-to spot. Their specialty lies in wood-fired pizzas that are rich in taste, complemented by a selection of original brews. This combination provides a laid-back yet sophisticated dining atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after exploring the nearby mountains.

Troys 105 Diner offers a delightful step back in time with its cozy breakfast and lunch menu, set against a backdrop of nostalgic decor. It's an ideal choice for a charming, informal meal that feels both welcoming and memorable.

Lastly, Dan'l Boone Inn Restaurant captures the essence of Southern charm, making every visitor feel like part of the family. Known for its hearty, homemade-style meals, this spot delivers an authentic taste of Boone, making it an essential stop for those who appreciate genuine local dining experiences.

Each of these establishments not only serves great food but also encapsulates the spirit of Boone, NC, making them must-visit destinations for both locals and tourists alike.

Live Music Venues

Boone, North Carolina, is a hub for live music, boasting venues like The Jones House, Appalachian Theatre, and Legends. Each spot offers a unique array of music ranging from local bluegrass to international indie rock. Planning a visit in December? You're in for a musical treat that caters to diverse tastes.

While exploring Boone, make sure to experience the local dining scene that complements the music venues perfectly. Places like The Local and Boone Saloon not only host vibrant music performances but also serve delicious local dishes. Enhance your evening by trying a craft beer from Lost Province Brewing Co. or a signature cocktail at The Cardinal. This combination of good food, great music, and cozy venues will make your visit memorable.

Each music spot in Boone offers something different. For example, The Appalachian Theatre, with its rich history, provides a nostalgic backdrop for performances, while Legends is ideal for those looking to dance and enjoy a lively atmosphere. At The Jones House, you can enjoy intimate acoustic sessions that showcase skilled musicianship.

Shopping Destinations in Boone

Boone S Unique Shopping Experience

As you explore Boone this December, take the opportunity to dive into the town's rich cultural scene by visiting its local artisans. Boone's bookstores and small shops aren't just places to buy; they're gateways to understanding the local craft and traditions.

During the holiday season, these spots transform into bustling markets where you can find unique, handmade gifts. These markets showcase the creativity and skill of Boone's residents.

Make sure to visit these markets not only to find special gifts but also to support local artisans. Engaging with these creators offers insight into their craftsmanship and the stories behind their work.

For example, you might find handcrafted jewelry, custom woodwork, or locally authored books, each with a story that connects you more deeply to Boone.

Unique Local Artisans

Explore Boone's Thriving Artisan Community

Boone, North Carolina, offers a vibrant scene for those interested in unique, locally-made items. Here's how you can enjoy and support Boone's talented artisans:

  1. Watauga County Farmers' Market: A visit to the Watauga County Farmers' Market is more than just a shopping trip; it's a festive gathering. Here, you can pick up everything from hand-woven textiles to custom pottery, ideal for holiday gifts or personal treasures.
  2. Appalachian Cultural Museum: Make sure to stop by the gift shop at the Appalachian Cultural Museum. The items for sale, such as pottery and textiles, aren't only beautiful but also serve as a narrative of the Appalachian heritage, reflecting the area's rich cultural history.
  3. Doe Ridge Pottery: If you're looking for something more interactive, Doe Ridge Pottery offers a chance to see artisans at work. The pottery here isn't just functional; each piece captures the essence of Boone's natural beauty and serves as a meaningful gift or keepsake.

By purchasing from these venues, you contribute directly to Boone's local economy and help preserve Appalachian cultural traditions.

Whether you're searching for a unique gift or something special for yourself, Boone's artisan community is worth exploring.

Cozy Bookstores Tour

If you've just enjoyed exploring local artisans, you'll love diving into Boone's charming bookstores next. Black Bear Books and Foggy Pine Books stand out with their unique offerings.

At Black Bear Books, you'll find a mix of new and used books in a warm, welcoming space. It's a great place to find that elusive book you've been searching for or to encounter an unexpected favorite.

Foggy Pine Books captivates with its distinct charm, drawing you deeper into the literary world. The store hosts regular book signings and readings, making it a vibrant hub for those who cherish connections with authors and fellow book enthusiasts. The knowledgeable staff at both stores excel in recommending books tailored to your interests.

As you browse, the comforting ambiance and thoughtfully selected books ensure a pleasant visit. Whether you're an avid reader or seeking a thoughtful gift, Boone's bookstores offer something for everyone. Make sure to explore these spots for a truly memorable shopping experience.

Holiday Market Visits

Explore Boone's Vibrant Holiday Markets

This December, Boone, NC, turns into a vibrant hub for holiday shopping, where you can discover unique gifts and local crafts. The town, with its festive decorations and winter chill, offers a memorable shopping experience that combines the warmth of community spirit with the excitement of the season.

Key Shopping Destinations in Boone:

  1. Downtown Boone Special Events

Head to downtown Boone to enjoy community-led events that showcase handcrafted goods. These markets are perfect for finding unique gifts, as local artisans sell their creations under the glow of festive lights and the sound of holiday music.

  1. Mast General Store and Boone Mall

For a traditional shopping experience, visit Mast General Store and Boone Mall. At Mast General Store, you'll find a variety of items from nostalgic toys to handmade quilts, capturing the essence of a bygone era. Boone Mall offers a wide range of stores, making it easy to pick up everything from holiday decorations to cozy winter clothes.

  1. Tanger Outlets in Blowing Rock

A short drive from Boone, the Tanger Outlets in Blowing Rock provide great deals on brand names. It's an excellent spot to buy gifts and winter necessities at discounted prices, all within a festive setting.

Each of these locations offers something unique, making your holiday shopping both fun and fruitful. Whether you're looking for handmade local crafts or great deals on popular brands, Boone's holiday markets have something for everyone.

Nearby Winter Excursions

Explore winter activities near Boone, such as snow tubing at Hawksnest or sledding at Sugar Mountain Resort. Boone, NC, offers a variety of winter activities suitable for everyone.

At Sugar Mountain Resort, you can enjoy not just sledding but also ice skating on their well-maintained outdoor rink. This is a great place for those who enjoy the fresh, chilly air and the feel of ice under their skates.

For a change of scenery, head over to Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock. This ski resort has slopes for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced skiers. The beautiful landscapes of the High Country provide a picturesque setting for your skiing, making every trip up the mountain just as enjoyable as the descent.

Take the opportunity to create memorable winter experiences. Boone's close proximity to top-notch winter venues makes it a prime spot for your winter vacations. Pack your equipment and prepare for a remarkable December in Boone.

These destinations not only offer exhilarating downhill rides but also the chance to skate under the open sky, all surrounded by stunning views. Boone is the perfect base camp for accessing these winter sports locations.


As December rolls around, Boone, North Carolina transforms into a lively hub of outdoor activities and holiday cheer. If you're visiting at this time, you'll have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of frost-covered trails and enjoy the warmth of local dining spots. Boone's unique blend of adventure and relaxation makes it a great place to spend your winter holiday.

Start your visit with a hike through the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. The crisp winter air and light dusting of snow on the paths make for a breathtaking experience. After a day outdoors, treat yourself to some local flavors at one of Boone's cozy restaurants or cafes. Try the famous North Carolina barbecue or a hot chocolate made from locally sourced cocoa.

Don't miss the chance to stroll through Boone's downtown area. You'll find small shops offering everything from handmade crafts to artisanal foods. Shopping here supports local artisans and gives you a taste of the community's creative spirit.

Boone also hosts a variety of holiday events in December. Check out the annual Christmas parade or visit one of the seasonal markets. These events are perfect for experiencing the local culture and getting into the festive spirit.

Throughout your visit, you'll notice how Boone's charming atmosphere and friendly locals make it a special place to be during the holiday season. Whether you're hiking, dining, or shopping, Boone offers a memorable and enjoyable experience for all ages.

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