Family Friendly Activities In Boone

Things to Do in Boone Nc With Kids

In Boone, NC, take your family on a fun journey to Tweetsie Railroad, where kids can experience the thrill of the Wild West.

Learn about physics in a fun way at Mystery Hill's Gravity Room, where everyday physical laws seem to bend.

For those who love hands-on activities, gem mining at Foggy Mountain is a great choice. Kids can dig up real gems, learning about geology in the process.

Enjoy an active adventure with family ziplining among the tall trees of Boone. It's an exciting way to see the natural beauty of the area from above.

For a more relaxed day, head to Moses H. Cone Park for a family picnic. The park offers stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and plenty of space for kids to play.

Each of these activities not only entertains but also educates, making them perfect for family outings.

Whether you're soaring through the air on a zipline or exploring the laws of physics, Boone, NC provides a variety of engaging experiences for families.

Exploring Tweetsie Railroad

Old Timey Fun On Rails

Experience the Charm of Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC

If you're planning a family trip to Boone, NC, consider a day at Tweetsie Railroad. This theme park, set amidst the beautiful North Carolina mountains, offers more than just picturesque views. It's a vibrant homage to the Wild West, perfect for both kids and adults.

At Tweetsie Railroad, the adventure is hands-on. Kids can try their hand at panning for gold or make new furry friends at the animal encounters. These activities not only entertain but also provide a glimpse into the past, making history fun and accessible.

The park is alive with entertainment. You might catch a dynamic cowboy show or stumble upon street performers—each adding a layer of excitement to your visit. This interactive approach ensures that every family member will find something to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit During Special Events

Timing your visit to coincide with one of Tweetsie Railroad's special events can make your trip even more memorable. The Ghost Train event offers thrilling Halloween fun, while Tweetsie Christmas lights up the winter season with holiday magic. These events are specially designed to deliver family-friendly entertainment infused with a Wild West twist.

Visiting Mystery Hill

When you enter the Gravity Room at Mystery Hill, prepare to be amazed. Here, objects appear to defy the expected rules of physics. You might see balls rolling uphill and water flowing in what seems to be the wrong direction. This unusual phenomenon makes you rethink what you know about gravity and physics.

Next, make sure to visit the Native Artifacts Exhibit. This display isn't just a collection; it's a journey through the history and culture of the area's original inhabitants. You'll see tools, crafts, and more, each piece telling a story of the past and underscoring the importance of preserving these cultures.

For those who like a bit more action, Mystery Hill offers exciting outdoor activities. Engage in gem mining or explore the mysterious vortex areas. These activities aren't only fun but also educational, providing a hands-on way to learn about the natural world and the science behind these curious phenomena.

Each of these experiences at Mystery Hill offers a unique way to explore and understand the mysteries and histories that shape our world. Whether you're observing bewildering gravitational anomalies or connecting with ancient traditions, there's something here to spark curiosity in everyone.

Gravity Room Exploration

Explore the Gravity Room at Mystery Hill

Step into the Gravity Room at Mystery Hill and prepare for an unusual visual experience where water flows uphill and balls seem to roll against gravity. This room challenges traditional physics laws, making you question the usual behavior of objects due to gravity.

Fun and Learning Combined

Mystery Hill offers more than just the Gravity Room. Engage in a world of optical illusions that will entertain both you and your children. You might find yourselves leaning at strange angles while trying to stand straight, sparking laughter and curiosity. The Mystery House is another highlight, packed with surprises that test your balance and alter your perspective.

Test Your Senses

As you walk through the slanted floors of the Gravity Room, try to maintain your balance and resist the unusual forces. This experience isn't only enjoyable but also educational. It provides a hands-on lesson in physics, demonstrating the impact of environmental factors on perception and balance. Each corner of the room presents a new aspect of this intriguing phenomenon.

Why Visit?

Visiting the Gravity Room is a great opportunity to blend fun with education. It's a perfect outing for families or anyone interested in seeing the curious ways that our senses can be deceived. This experience will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the complexities of physics and perception.

Make sure to explore every area of Mystery Hill to fully appreciate the intriguing world of perceptual mysteries.

Native Artifacts Exhibit

After visiting the Gravity Room, head over to the Native Artifacts Exhibit to explore the rich cultural heritage of the area through ancient objects.

At Mystery Hill, you'll enter a space where history comes alive through the artifacts left by Native American tribes. Admire a variety of arrowheads, skillfully made for both survival and ceremonial purposes. The pottery showcased here features complex designs that reveal insights into everyday life and religious practices.

As you move through the exhibit, you'll learn about the artistry and innovation that characterized these ancient communities. Tools and ceremonial items on display provide a glimpse into the advanced societies that existed long before contemporary times. This exhibit is more than just a display of items; it's a journey through history, highlighting the lasting influence of Native American cultures.

This educational experience at Mystery Hill is perfect for both children and adults. It offers an opportunity to engage with the cultural history of the region, fostering a greater appreciation for the traditions and skills of indigenous peoples.

Make sure not to miss this fascinating dive into history, artistry, and legacy.

Explore the Native Artifacts Exhibit at Mystery Hill for a deeper understanding of the region's past and the ingenious peoples who shaped it.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Mystery Hill, nestled in the picturesque mountains, offers a blend of adventure and education, ideal for families. As you drive through the scenic routes leading to the park, the natural beauty begins to unfold, setting a perfect backdrop for a day filled with discovery.

Upon arriving, dive into the fascinating world of gem mining. This hands-on activity not only captives children but also teaches them about the region's geological riches. It's a practical introduction to earth sciences, demonstrating the types of minerals found in the area and how they form.

Explore the network of hiking trails that cater to various fitness levels. These trails aren't only a way to enjoy the outdoors but also a chance to learn about the local flora and fauna. Hiking here offers a unique opportunity to discuss environmental conservation with your kids, showing them natural habitats and the importance of preserving these areas.

One of the highlights at Mystery Hill is the gravitational anomaly, a curious natural occurrence that puzzles and delights visitors. Experiencing this phenomenon first-hand can spark discussions about gravity and physics, making it a captivating educational experience.

The park also features outdoor exhibits that are interactive and designed to make learning enjoyable. No matter the weather, Mystery Hill provides a dynamic environment where education seamlessly merges with fun.

Located in Boone, NC, it's a destination that shouldn't be missed for those looking to enrich their knowledge while enjoying quality family time.

Hiking Elk Knob State Park

Exploring Elk Knob Trails

As you prepare for your family trip to Elk Knob State Park, it's good to know that the park offers trails for all skill levels—from beginners to experienced hikers. When you reach the summit trail, which stands at 5,520 feet, you'll enjoy stunning views of North Carolina's landscape. This isn't just a climb; it's a chance to see the region from one of its highest points.

Be on the lookout for wildlife during your hike. Elk Knob State Park serves as a habitat for various bird species and deer. Observing these animals in their natural environment adds a special touch to your hiking experience.

The park's diverse trails mean that everyone, regardless of their hiking experience, can find a route that suits them. This makes planning a family outing much easier, as you can select a path that everyone will be comfortable with. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk or a challenging trek, Elk Knob has options available.

Remember to bring your camera or binoculars to capture and observe the scenery and wildlife. Experiencing the beauty of nature firsthand is a powerful reminder of the importance of conservation and enjoying our natural surroundings responsibly.

Trail Difficulty Levels

Elk Knob State Park offers a range of hiking trails suited for different age groups and skill levels, ideal for a family outing. The park's diverse trails ensure that everyone, regardless of their hiking experience, can enjoy a day in nature.

For beginners and young children, the Beech Tree Trail is an excellent choice. This easy trail is manageable for small children and provides a wonderful opportunity to teach them about various plants and trees. It's just the right length for little ones and keeps them engaged with the natural world around them.

For families with older children ready to tackle a slightly tougher hike, the Summit Trail is a great option. Spanning 4.8 miles round trip, this moderate trail promises a rewarding hike with scenic views, perfect for creating lasting family memories. Reaching the summit can be a great achievement and a bonding experience for the whole family.

Elk Knob State Park is committed to offering outdoor adventures that cater to a broad spectrum of hikers. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk along the Beech Tree Trail or an energetic climb up the Summit Trail, the park provides a fulfilling escape into nature.

Scenic Viewpoints Highlights

Discover Elk Knob State Park for a Memorable Family Hike

Venturing to the top of Elk Knob State Park not only offers a fulfilling hike but also provides some of the most stunning vistas in North Carolina's High Country. The ascent via the 1.9-mile trail is ideal for families, offering an engaging mix of accessible adventure and a chance to connect with nature.

Why Elk Knob State Park is a Must-Visit for Families:

  • Perfect Trail Length for Children: The trail is designed to be engaging for kids, ensuring they can handle the distance without feeling tired.
  • Rich Biodiversity: During your hike, you'll encounter a variety of wildflowers and trees, making it a visually captivating journey.
  • Peaceful Surroundings: The park is usually not crowded, providing a calm atmosphere for you to enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Incredible Views from the Top: Once you reach the summit, you'll be treated to expansive views of the surrounding landscapes, ideal for capturing memories with your family.
  • Learn as You Hike: The trail offers numerous learning opportunities about the local ecosystem, adding an educational twist to your hike.

Elk Knob State Park is an excellent choice for families looking to explore the outdoors while enjoying a scenic and educational day out.

Wildlife Spotting Tips

Elk Knob State Park offers a fantastic chance to see wildlife like deer and birds while hiking its peaceful trails. As you walk, watch for clues of animal presence such as footprints in the mud, droppings near shrubs, or sounds from the underbrush.

Bring binoculars to observe animals from a distance without disturbing them. A camera is also essential to capture those fleeting, special moments that your family will remember. These tools help you see details and behaviors easily missed by the naked eye.

The trails at Elk Knob State Park are more than just paths; they're opportunities to interact with the diverse wildlife in the area. Walk carefully and stay observant. With some patience, your hike might become a remarkable journey through the park's vibrant ecosystem.

Gem Mining Adventures

Plan a gem mining adventure in Boone, NC, perfect for families looking to explore the natural world. Boone hosts renowned locations like Foggy Mountain Gem Mine and Docs Rocks Gem Mine, where you can dive into the exciting realm of geology. These venues offer engaging, hands-on activities that allow children to dig through soil and gravel to find gemstones and fossils.

Here's why gem mining is a must for your Boone trip:

  • Educational Fun: Discover the different types of gemstones and learn about their geological properties.
  • Hands-On Experience: Children can actively participate by using mining flumes to sift, shake, and sort for gems.
  • Gem Hunting: Each discovery, from sparkling sapphires to intriguing fossils, provides a rewarding experience.
  • Memorable Moments: The joy of uncovering their first gemstone is a significant highlight for many kids.
  • Fun for All Ages: The activities are enjoyable for everyone, from young children to teenagers.

As you dig through the earth at these sites, you'll not only learn about the various geological layers but also make memories that last. This combination of educational enrichment and fun makes gem mining in Boone an unforgettable experience.

Don't overlook this unique opportunity to blend learning with adventure in Boone.

Family Fun at Foggy Mountain

Exploring Nature With Family

At Foggy Mountain, your family can dive into an exciting gem mining experience that's both educational and fun. Here, amidst the natural beauty, you and your children can dig for rubies and emeralds, learning firsthand about the geological processes that formed these precious stones.

This hands-on activity not only lets you explore Boone's diverse geology but also helps everyone appreciate the intricate natural history of our planet.

Understanding Earth's geology through direct interaction like gem mining enriches the learning experience, making it memorable and meaningful. It's a practical way to connect with the environment and foster a curiosity for science among young minds.

For an even more engaging visit, consider bringing along tools like a sturdy sieve or a beginner's geology kit available at local outdoor stores. These tools can make your gem hunting more effective and educational.

Explore Nature Trails

Exploring the nature trails at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine in Boone, NC, provides a memorable journey where you can discover hidden gems and delve into geology. These paths aren't just beautiful; they're educational, making them a great choice for families looking to connect with nature.

Why Choose Foggy Mountain Trails?

  • Family-Friendly Fun: These trails are safe and accessible for all ages, making them a wonderful option for family outings.
  • Learn as You Walk: The trails feature educational signs and offer guided tours that explain the local geology and ecosystems.
  • Interactive Experience: Children can touch and explore natural elements, which enriches their understanding of the environment.
  • Stunning Views: Boone's landscapes are spectacular, providing a stunning setting for your explorations.
  • Healthy Outdoor Activity: Walking these trails isn't only fun but also good for physical health.

Each visit to these trails is a chance to see something new, appealing to those with a keen interest in geology and nature.

When you're planning your next family outing, consider the rich educational and recreational opportunities that the Foggy Mountain nature trails offer. It's an excellent way to spend a day, learn something new, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Gem Mining Adventures

Explore the fascinating world of gem mining at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine in Boone, NC. This destination offers a unique blend of education and recreation, making it perfect for a family outing. Here, you'll have the chance to dig up and discover gems like rubies and sapphires, which have been forming under the earth for thousands of years.

What sets Foggy Mountain Gem Mine apart is its commitment to providing a fun learning experience. Both children and adults can enjoy sifting through dirt to uncover hidden gemstones, using tools and equipment provided by the mine. The knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist and use gemstone identification charts to help you understand more about your finds.

What to Expect at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine

  • Hands-on Discovery: Engage in the exciting process of mining by sifting through soil and discovering various gemstones. Suitable for people of all ages.
  • Educational Experience: Gain insights about different types of gemstones and minerals. Ideal for families and students eager to learn.
  • Tools Provided: No need to bring your own equipment; everything from buckets to tools and identification charts is available for your use. Great for beginners and gem enthusiasts.

This attraction isn't just about digging up stones; it's about appreciating the natural beauty and geological history of the Earth. It's a chance to spend quality time with family or friends and gain new knowledge, making it more than just a day out.

Don't miss out on this unique experience in Boone that offers both fun and educational insights into the world of gemstones. Rediscover the thrill of exploration and the joy of finding a real gem tucked away beneath the surface.

Sledding at Beech Mountain

Discover the Joy of Sledding at Beech Mountain

Visiting Beech Mountain Sledding Hill in Boone, NC, offers a thrilling outdoor activity for families, especially those with young children starting from age three. As your children swoosh down the snowy slopes, their joyful laughter enhances the lively atmosphere of this popular winter destination. Beyond the fun, the hill is well-maintained to ensure everyone's safety, providing peace of mind for parents.

Why Beech Mountain Sledding Hill is a Must for Your Family:

  • Prioritized Safety: The area is well supervised, offering a safe sledding environment for all.
  • Open to All Families: With activities suitable for children starting at three years old, it's an inclusive spot for family fun.
  • Sleds Provided: There's no need to bring your own sled as they're provided free of charge right at the hill.
  • Cost-Free Activity: Enjoy the day without worrying about entry fees or equipment rental costs.
  • Perfect for Family Photos: The scenic snowy backdrop is ideal for capturing those special family moments.

Make sure to include Beech Mountain Sledding Hill in your next trip to Boone. It's a place where safety, fun, and beautiful winter scenery come together seamlessly. Dress warmly, bring your enthusiasm, and prepare for a day filled with laughter and enjoyable sledding!

Ziplining Through the Trees

Adventure In The Forest

Discover Family Fun with Ziplining in Boone, NC

Boone, NC is a fantastic spot for ziplining, offering you and your family an unforgettable adventure. At Sky Valley Zip Tours and High Gravity Adventures, the lush forest canopies provide not only a backdrop but a playground for breathtaking zipline experiences. Glide over 1,500 feet of scenic landscapes and embrace a unique opportunity to connect with your family outdoors.

Safety First for Family Adventures

Both Sky Valley Zip Tours and High Gravity Adventures take safety seriously. They use certified guides and top-notch equipment to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. The zipline courses are tailored to accommodate everyone, from first-timers to seasoned enthusiasts, making it a safe choice for family outings.

What Each Venue Offers:

Feature Sky Valley Zip Tours High Gravity Adventures
Course Length Up to 1,500 feet Various lengths
Age Suitability Family-friendly Family-friendly
Safety Certified guides Certified guides
Experience Level All skill levels All skill levels

Boone's zipline adventures are much more than just an adrenaline rush; they are a chance to experience nature from a new perspective and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you seek a peaceful journey through the trees or a thrilling escape above the forest, Boone has something to offer every family.

Make Lasting Memories Above the Treetops

Choosing Boone for your next family getaway means choosing adventure. The zipline experiences at both Sky Valley Zip Tours and High Gravity Adventures promise not just fun, but a way to strengthen family bonds, as you support each other through exciting challenges. This activity is perfect for creating stories you'll share for years to come.

Plan your visit now and take the leap into adventure with your family in Boone, NC!

River Tubing Excursions

If you've just finished ziplining and are looking to cool down, try a river tubing trip on the tranquil New River. With its mild currents, the New River is perfect for a family outing. It allows you and your children to gently float down the river amidst the beautiful surroundings of Boone, NC. This activity isn't just about enjoying the water; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories together.

Why River Tubing in Boone is a Great Choice:

  • Kid-Friendly: Children aged 5 and up can join in, making it an inclusive activity for families.
  • Beautiful Scenery: As you float, you'll be treated to breathtaking views that enhance the experience.
  • Easy to Arrange: Local tubing companies provide all the necessary gear, safety briefings, and transportation.
  • Active Engagement: It's a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family in a fun, active setting.
  • Support Local Businesses: Choosing local providers helps boost the local economy and offers a chance to gain insights from locals.

River tubing on the New River is an excellent option whether you're winding down from a morning of adventure or simply want a laid-back day with your children. This activity combines natural beauty with leisure, making it a must-try in Boone.

Picnicking at Moses H. Cone Park

Enjoying A Picnic Outdoors

Picnicking at Moses H. Cone Park in Boone, NC, is a delightful experience for families seeking both relaxation and adventure amidst nature. The park boasts stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing a tranquil setting that's perfect for a laid-back family meal outdoors.

Whether you choose to set up your picnic under the broad branches of the park's towering trees or beside its vibrant meadows, you'll find ample space for children to play and for adults to unwind.

One of the park's highlights is the historic Flat Top Manor, an impressive structure that enhances the charm of your picnic setting. Following your meal, consider taking a walk on one of the park's many trails. These paths are great for walking off your picnic lunch and offer a fantastic opportunity to observe local wildlife and plant life.

The park's trails are designed to accommodate visitors of all ages, making it easy for everyone to enjoy. These paths aren't only perfect for a leisurely stroll but also serve as an educational pathway, where children and adults alike can learn about the natural surroundings.

A day spent at Moses H. Cone Park is packed with engaging activities and provides a picturesque backdrop for making lasting memories with your family.

Snow Tubing at Hawksnest

Visiting Hawksnest during the winter offers an unforgettable snow tubing experience that's perfect for the whole family. Located in the scenic town of Boone, NC, Hawksnest is the largest snow tubing park in the Southeast, combining thrilling rides with stunning winter landscapes.

Explore the Different Slopes: Hawksnest features a variety of snow tubing lanes, each providing its own exciting descent. Whether you're looking for gentle slopes for beginners or more challenging runs for the thrill-seekers, there's something for everyone.

A Safe Place for Family Fun: At Hawksnest, safety is a priority, ensuring a worry-free environment for both children and adults. This makes it a great spot for families to enjoy snow activities together.

Young Children Welcome: Children as young as three years old can participate in the snow tubing fun. This makes it an excellent activity for young families looking to create snowy memories.

Enjoy the Views: The slopes at Hawksnest offer more than just snow tubing—they provide a panoramic view of Boone's winter wonderland. It's a beautiful setting that enhances the snow tubing experience.

More Tubing, Less Waiting: As the largest facility of its kind in the Southeast, Hawksnest has ample space, which means more tubing for you and less time standing in line.

Remember to dress warmly and get ready for a day filled with fun and laughter as you whoosh down the slopes at Hawksnest.

Whether you're making new memories or continuing a family tradition, this destination provides an excellent mix of fun and natural beauty.


Boone, NC, is a perfect destination for families looking to combine outdoor fun with educational experiences. You can dig for precious stones at local gem mines, a thrilling way to learn about geology and the earth's treasures.

For those who love adventure, ziplining through the lush Boone forests offers a breathtaking view and a unique way to appreciate the area's natural beauty.

History buffs will enjoy Tweetsie Railroad, where you can ride historic steam trains and experience the Wild West.

Elk Knob State Park is another must-visit, offering hiking trails that are both accessible and educational, explaining the local flora and fauna as you explore.

Boone is ideal for creating lasting memories filled with joy and discovery. The town provides a variety of activities that are both fun and educational, ensuring that every family trip is packed with laughter and new knowledge.

When planning your visit, consider the season as it can influence the availability of certain activities. Boone is beautiful year-round, but each season offers something special, from lush greenery in the summer to stunning snowscapes in the winter.

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