9 Best Things To Do In Amelia Island For Couples

9 Best Things To Do In Amelia Island For Couples

Welcome to Amelia Island, a scenic island located in Florida known for its breathtaking beaches, world-class golf courses, and historic charm. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, Amelia Island is the perfect destination for you.

From romantic activities and couple-friendly attractions to date ideas and romantic getaways, Amelia Island has it all. Join us as we explore the top 9 things to do in Amelia Island for couples, including the best romantic restaurants to visit.

Things To Do In Amelia Island For Couples

Amelia Island, Florida

Here are the best things to do in Amelia Island for couples:

Relax on Amelia Island’s Beautiful Beaches

When it comes to finding the perfect couple activity in Amelia Island, look no further than its stunning beaches. With miles of pure white sand and crystal-clear water, it’s no wonder that the island is home to some of the most romantic beaches in the US.

Relax and unwind in the sun, feel the cool ocean breeze on your skin, and let the gentle sound of waves melt all your stress away. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try building sandcastles together or taking a dip in the refreshing water.

But for the ultimate romantic experience, take a stroll hand-in-hand along the shore. Watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky with a warm and golden glow that is nothing short of magical. Amelia Island has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and sharing this moment with your loved one is simply unforgettable.

Beach Activities for Couples in Amelia Island

SunbathingLie on the beach and soak up the rays while feeling the cool ocean breeze.
Sandcastle BuildingUnleash your inner child and build a sandcastle, creating cherished memories together.
SwimmingCool off in the ocean and enjoy the refreshing water.
StrollingTake a leisurely walk along the shore with your loved one, setting the stage for romance.

As you can see, there are plenty of beach activities for couples in Amelia Island. So why not pack your beach bag, grab your partner, and head to one of the island’s unspoiled beaches for a day of relaxation and romance?

Explore the Historic Downtown

When it comes to amelia island couple activities, exploring the historic downtown should be at the top of your list. The charming shops, cafes, and art galleries are the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll with your significant other. Take in the historic architecture and discover the rich history of the island.

Our favorite spot is the Amelia Island Museum of History, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s past. From the Timucuan Indians to the Spanish explorers and the Gilded Age, the museum covers it all. The exhibits are interactive and engaging, making it an enjoyable experience for couples of all ages.

Amelia Island Museum of HistoryExplore the rich history of the island through interactive exhibits and guided tours.
Centre StreetStroll down Centre Street and discover unique boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries.
Historic District TourTake a guided tour of the historic district to learn more about the island’s past and its architecture.

No visit to Amelia Island is complete without taking a stroll through the historic downtown area. So put on your walking shoes and get ready to discover the charming shops, cafes, and art galleries that the island has to offer.

Indulge in a Couples Spa Day

Looking for a way to unwind and connect with your partner during your stay in Amelia Island? Look no further than the island’s luxurious spas, where you can enjoy an indulgent couples spa day.

Immerse yourself in relaxation with a soothing massage, rejuvenating facial, or other treatments aimed at revitalizing your body and mind. Many spas offer couples packages that include champagne, chocolates, and other special touches to make your day even more romantic.

As you soak in the peaceful atmosphere, you’ll feel your stress melt away and your love for each other deepen. A couples spa day is the perfect way to create a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

LocationSpa NameTreatments
Omni Amelia Island ResortThe Spa at Amelia Island PlantationMassages, facials, body treatments, salon services
Ritz-Carlton, Amelia IslandThe Ritz-Carlton Spa, Amelia IslandMassages, facials, body treatments, salon services
Amelia Island Wellness FestivalThe Spa at One OceanMassages, facials, body treatments, salon services

During your couples spa day, indulge in some of the spa’s signature treatments or opt for a customized experience tailored to your needs. Take advantage of the amenities, such as saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, to further enhance your relaxation.

A couples spa day is the perfect way to slow down, reconnect, and create lasting memories during your romantic getaway to Amelia Island.

Take a Romantic Sunset Cruise

What’s more romantic than watching the sun set over the ocean with your loved one? Enjoy a breathtaking view while sipping on a glass of champagne during a sunset cruise around Amelia Island. As the sky turns from shades of orange to pink and purple, you’ll feel the magic of being on the water with your partner.

There are several options for sunset cruises, ranging from more intimate sailboat tours to larger group excursions. Some cruises also offer food and beverage options, making it the perfect date night activity.

Suggested Date Idea: Surprise your significant other by booking a private sunset cruise for just the two of you. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of watching the sunset together in a secluded and romantic setting.

Activity typePrice (per person)Duration
Sunset Cruise$35 – $851.5 – 2 hours
Private Sunset Cruise$150 – $3001.5 – 2 hours

Note: Prices and duration times vary based on the tour company and type of cruise selected. It’s recommended to book in advance to ensure availability and to confirm details such as departure time and meeting location.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Waterfront Restaurants

Looking for the perfect spot to have a romantic dinner in Amelia Island? Look no further than our list of the best waterfront restaurants on the island. Not only do these restaurants offer delicious cuisine and fine wines, but they also boast breathtaking views of the ocean or river, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

Restaurant NameLocationCuisine
The Patio PlaceDowntown Fernandina BeachSeafood, American, International
Horizons RestaurantAmelia Island Plantation ResortAmerican, Southern, Seafood
Davi’s RestaurantDowntown Fernandina BeachItalian, Seafood, Steakhouse

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or classic American cuisine, these restaurants have it all. Enjoy a candlelit dinner while watching the sunset over the water, or indulge in a decadent dessert while listening to the sound of the waves.

Make sure to book a reservation in advance as these restaurants can get quite busy, especially during peak season. Trust us, the views and food are worth it!

Discover Outdoor Adventures for Couples

When searching for couple-friendly attractions in Amelia Island, look no further than its abundance of outdoor adventures. Explore the island’s natural beauty while enjoying fun and exciting activities together.

One of our favorite romantic activities in Amelia Island is kayaking. Paddle through the island’s peaceful waterways, surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. For a more thrilling experience, try paddleboarding or even horseback riding on the beach. These activities are sure to create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a bite to eat in beautiful outdoor settings. Whether it’s under the shade of a tree or on a tranquil beach, the picturesque landscapes of Amelia Island provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic.

Outdoor Adventures for Couples in Amelia IslandDescription
KayakingPaddle through the island’s waterways surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife.
PaddleboardingExperience excitement on the water while enjoying the stunning views of Amelia Island.
Horseback Riding on the BeachRide into the sunset with your partner on the majestic Amelia Island beaches.
Romantic PicnicFind the perfect scenic spot to enjoy a romantic meal together.

With so many thrilling activities to choose from, Amelia Island truly is the perfect couples’ getaway destination. Get ready to create unforgettable memories while experiencing the natural beauty of this enchanting island.

Explore Fort Clinch State Park

If you’re looking for a perfect date idea in Amelia Island, look no further than Fort Clinch State Park. This well-preserved Civil War-era fort offers a wide variety of outdoor activities perfect for couples. Take a scenic nature walk, go fishing, or simply have a relaxing picnic amidst the park’s picturesque surroundings.

Fort Clinch State Park is one of the best couple-friendly attractions on the island. History buffs will enjoy the interpretive exhibits throughout the park, while nature lovers will appreciate the diverse wildlife and flora found here.

Take a leisurely stroll around the park and explore the fascinating history of Fort Clinch, one of the largest 19th century brick fortifications in the US. Indulge in a romantic moment while watching the sunrise and sunset at one of the most beautiful locations in Amelia Island.

Discover the secluded and romantic beaches located within the park, each of which offers unique scenery ranging from majestic sand dunes to rocky beaches, perfect for long romantic walks. Don’t forget to bring your camera for some beautiful picture memories!

Ideas for Exploring Fort Clinch State Park

Fort TourGet a closer look at this historic 19th-century fort and learn about its significance during the Civil War.
Nature WalksImmerse yourself in the natural beauty as you explore scenic trails leading through the park’s beautiful landscape.
FishingSpend a relaxing time fishing together on one of the secluded beaches.
BikingTake a bike ride together along the trails in the park and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.
PicnicPack a romantic picnic lunch and take in views of the ocean and nature together.

Experience Amelia Island’s Vibrant Nightlife

When the sun sets on Amelia Island, the fun is just getting started! Whether you are looking for a lively night out, or a cozy spot to sip cocktails with your loved one, the island has plenty of options to offer.

For those seeking an energetic atmosphere, dance the night away at one of the island’s nightclubs. Or, if you prefer something more mellow, seek out a cozy bar with live music performances for a low-key evening together.

No matter your preference, Amelia Island provides the perfect backdrop for a night out with your partner. Make the most of your couples getaway in Amelia Island by experiencing the vibrant nightlife that this enchanting island has to offer.

The Palace SaloonFlorida’s oldest bar, live music every night, variety of drinks
The Green Turtle TavernRelaxed atmosphere, extensive beer selection, live music on weekends
The Surf Restaurant & BarOceanfront dining, happy hour specials, occasional live music

Stay at a Romantic Beachfront Hotel

To make the most of your Amelia Island couples retreat, we recommend staying at one of the island’s luxurious romantic hotels. Relax in lavish accommodations, unwind with indulgent spa treatments, and spend quality time with your partner while surrounded by stunning ocean views.

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia IslandPrivate balconies, oceanfront pool, full-service spaFernandina Beach
Omni Amelia Island ResortIn-room Jacuzzis, golf course, beachfront diningFernandina Beach
The Villas of Amelia IslandPrivate beach, tennis courts, fitness centerAmelia Island Plantation

Whichever hotel you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a truly romantic experience on Amelia Island.

Attend a Couples’ Cooking Class

Looking for a unique date idea in Amelia Island? Consider attending a couples’ cooking class! Not only will you learn to create a delicious meal together, but you’ll also bond over the culinary experience. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as a couple.

Several establishments offer couples’ cooking classes in Amelia Island, such as the Amelia Island Culinary Academy and the Residence Inn Amelia Island. These classes range in themes from classic Italian cuisine to sushi. No matter your preference, there’s a class for every couple!


In short, Amelia Island is a perfect destination for couples looking to spend quality time together and create unforgettable memories. With its beautiful beaches, historic downtown, spa treatments, romantic sunset cruises, and vibrant nightlife, the island has something to offer every couple seeking a romantic getaway. And what could be more romantic than staying at a luxurious beachfront hotel with breathtaking ocean views and indulging in a couples’ cooking class?

Our guide has covered the top 9 things to do in Amelia Island, along with some additional activities to make your visit even more memorable. Whether you’re planning a couples’ retreat or a date trip, this enchanting island will not disappoint.

So why wait? Pack your bags and head to Amelia Island for a romantic escape with your loved one. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Where can we relax on Amelia Island?

Amelia Island boasts beautiful beaches where you can relax. Spend a day sunbathing, building sandcastles, or taking a romantic stroll hand-in-hand along the shore.

What can we do in the historic downtown area of Amelia Island?

You can take a leisurely stroll through the historic downtown area of Amelia Island. Explore charming shops, cafes, and art galleries while discovering the rich history of the island.

Are there any couples spa options in Amelia Island?

Yes, Amelia Island offers luxurious spas where you can enjoy a couples spa day. Treat yourselves to massages, facials, and other relaxing treatments, creating a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

What is a romantic activity for couples in Amelia Island?

Embarking on a romantic sunset cruise around Amelia Island is a perfect date idea. You can watch the sun dip below the horizon while enjoying a glass of champagne and the company of your loved one.

Where can we have a romantic dinner in Amelia Island?

Experience a special evening with a romantic dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants in Amelia Island. Savor delicious cuisine, fine wines, and breathtaking views of the ocean or river.

Are there any outdoor adventures for couples in Amelia Island?

Amelia Island offers various outdoor adventures for couples. You can try kayaking, paddleboarding, or horseback riding on the beach. These activities allow you to create unforgettable memories while enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

What can we do at Fort Clinch State Park?

Visiting Fort Clinch State Park is a great couple-friendly attraction. You can explore the well-preserved Civil War-era fort, take a scenic nature walk, go fishing, or have a picnic amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Is there a vibrant nightlife in Amelia Island for couples?

Yes, Amelia Island offers a vibrant nightlife for couples. You can enjoy a night out, dance at a nightclub, catch live music performances, or sip cocktails at a cozy bar.

Where can we stay for a romantic getaway on Amelia Island?

Make your couple’s getaway extra special by staying at a romantic beachfront hotel on Amelia Island. Relax in luxury accommodations, enjoy amenities like private balconies or in-room jacuzzis, and wake up to breathtaking views of the ocean.

Are there any cooking classes for couples in Amelia Island?

Yes, you can join a couples’ cooking class in Amelia Island. Learn to create a delicious meal together, bond over culinary experiences, and savor the fruits of your labor while enjoying quality time as a couple.

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