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Christmas Things to Do in Tulsa

This holiday season, Tulsa transforms into a hub of festive cheer, perfect for family outings and making memories. Start your holiday adventure at the Tulnow Christmas Parade in the Deco District. Here, colorful floats complement the area's historic Art Deco buildings, all while local bands provide a lively soundtrack.

Next, experience a magical evening at the Botanic Garden Lights. Walk through sparkling light displays that turn the garden into a winter wonderland.

For those who love ice skating, head over to Tulsa Winterfest, where you can skate under Oklahoma's tallest Christmas tree—an unforgettable experience!

Don't skip the Philbrook Festival at the Philbrook Museum. It's not just about the stunning light displays; you'll also find unique handmade crafts perfect for holiday gifts.

Each of these events gives you a taste of Tulsa's rich history and vibrant community spirit. Whether you're watching a parade, strolling through lit gardens, or enjoying museum festivities, Tulsa offers exceptional ways to celebrate the season.

Tulsa Christmas Parade

Festive Holiday Event Celebration

Come celebrate the holiday spirit at the Tulsa Christmas Parade, held annually in the vibrant Deco District downtown. As you walk along the parade route, you'll be surrounded by the area's iconic Art Deco buildings, providing a stunning setting for this festive event.

The parade features an array of eye-catching floats and balloons, thoughtfully designed to embody the spirit of the season. Each float is a work of art, created by local groups and businesses, showcasing their creativity and dedication to the community.

The sound of marching bands fills the air, playing a mix of holiday classics and upbeat tunes that bring the crowd to life. This lively music complements the joyful atmosphere, making it a perfect outing for families and friends.

Make sure to take in the beautifully decorated displays, lit up with sparkling lights, which add to the overall magic of the evening. These displays aren't just visually appealing but also tell stories of holiday traditions and community spirit.

Join locals and visitors alike in celebrating this long-standing Tulsa tradition. It's a great opportunity to make lasting memories and experience the joy of the holiday season together.


Experience the Magic at Philbrook Festival

Following the Tulsa Christmas Parade, head over to the Philbrook Museum from December 10-12 for the captivating Philbrook Festival. Held in the historic villa previously owned by oil tycoon Waite Phillips, this event brings the garden to life with brilliant holiday lights. It's a fantastic opportunity to dive into the holiday spirit in a uniquely beautiful setting.

As you walk through the museum's expertly designed gardens, you'll be guided by thousands of sparkling lights that create an enchanting atmosphere. This setting isn't just visually stunning but also a great place for finding unique holiday gifts.

Local artisans and crafters gather here to sell their original products, which are ideal for those looking to give something truly special and thoughtful.

The festival is also a hub of live entertainment, with local musicians playing festive tunes that enhance the joyful mood. Make sure to check out the variety of food trucks on-site, offering delicious treats that cater to all tastes.

Remember to purchase your tickets online to ensure you don't miss out on this cherished local tradition. The Philbrook Festival is more than just an event; it's a showcase of local creativity, a communal celebration, and a festive gathering, all in one memorable outing.

Botanic Garden Lights

Captivating Botanic Garden Display

Explore the Tulsa Botanic Garden like never before during the Botanic Garden Lights event! As night falls, the garden transforms with brilliant light displays that make you feel as though you've stepped into a storybook. To participate in this enchanting nighttime adventure, you can purchase tickets in advance.

The event not only dazzles with its lights but also offers a series of seasonal activities that add an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit. These activities provide a perfect way to celebrate the season, making your experience both magical and memorable.

Enchanting Light Displays

Visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden of Lights and experience the transformative beauty of twinkling lights scattered throughout the gardens. This event turns the garden into a visually stunning space that feels like stepping into a fairytale. It's an ideal setting for those looking to make a night extra special, whether it's for a romantic date or an unforgettable marriage proposal.

As you walk through the garden, the path lights up with thousands of vibrant lights, setting a joyful and intimate atmosphere. Every corner you turn illuminates with care, enhancing your experience and adding a festive touch to your evening.

Here's a simple guide to enhance your visit:

Feature Description
Setting Paths lined with thematic lighting
Ideal For Romantic evenings, special events
Visuals Creative light displays
Atmosphere Festive and intimate

Make sure not to miss this delightful light display at the Tulsa Botanic Garden. It's not just about the lights; it's about creating memorable moments in a magical setting.

This event exemplifies how simple elements like lights can transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary, perfect for celebrating the winter season. Whether you're planning a significant moment or simply want to enjoy a beautiful night out, this garden of lights promises a memorable experience.

Evening Hours & Tickets

Visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden of Lights from November 24 to December 30, except for December 24 and 25, between the hours of 5-9 p.m. During this time, the garden is transformed into a vibrant festival of lights and colors, accompanied by holiday music that adds to the festive mood. This makes it an ideal place to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.

Buying your tickets is easy; just go online to the event's website. There, you'll find a range of ticket options, including special packages perfect for a romantic evening or even a memorable marriage proposal. These options make it easy to plan a special night out in the enchanting light display.

As you stroll along the lit paths, you become part of the luminous setting where each turn brings a new visual surprise. The Tulsa Botanic Garden of Lights offers more than just a light show—it provides a captivating experience that leaves lasting memories of the holiday season. Be sure to plan your visit early to enjoy everything this magical winter spectacle has to offer.

Seasonal Activities Offered

Experience the enchanting Tulsa Botanic Garden's Garden of Lights this winter season! From November 24 to December 30 (closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), the garden transforms into a vibrant display of lights that captivate visitors from 5 to 9 p.m. each evening.

Why Visit the Garden of Lights?

  • Exceptional Light Displays: Wander through captivating paths lined with thousands of shimmering lights. Each display is carefully crafted to create a breathtaking atmosphere that's sure to impress.
  • Romantic Atmosphere: The garden setting provides a serene backdrop perfect for romantic evenings. It's an ideal spot for those looking to propose or simply enjoy a peaceful night out with a loved one.
  • Fun for All Ages: Children and adults alike will find joy in the colorful displays and the festive spirit of the season.
  • Special Packages Available: Enhance your visit by choosing a package that offers additional perks, making your evening even more special.

The Garden of Lights isn't just a place to visit; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories with your family and friends. The cool winter air and festive lights provide a perfect setting to celebrate the holiday season in Tulsa.

Join us for a unique experience that combines the beauty of nature with the magic of the holidays.


Discover the Charm of Tulsa's Winterfest

Tulsa's Winterfest is a vibrant holiday celebration located in the downtown Arena District. It features a sprawling 9,000-square-foot outdoor ice skating rink, where families and couples can enjoy gliding together under the bright lights. Highlighting the event is Oklahoma's tallest Christmas tree, which serves as a breathtaking centerpiece, perfect for capturing holiday photos.

As you explore Winterfest, consider taking a cozy carriage ride through the Arena District. It's a wonderful way to see the festive decorations and lights, making your visit even more memorable.

What to Expect at Winterfest:

  • Ice Rink: A large area dedicated to ice skating fun, suitable for both families and couples.
  • Christmas Tree: The tallest in the state, this tree lights up the district and is ideal for photographers.
  • Carriage Rides: Enjoy a romantic or family-friendly tour under the holiday lights.
  • Winterfest Train: A delightful train ride that appeals especially to children and train enthusiasts.
  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy a variety of music and performances suitable for visitors of all ages.

Winterfest also includes the Winterfest Express, a train ride that adds a unique element to the festivities. Children especially love the train as it travels around the district, making the holiday experience even more magical.

Make sure to join in on this cherished Tulsa tradition and create lasting holiday memories. Whether it's skating, enjoying a train ride, or just soaking in the festive atmosphere, Winterfest has something to offer everyone.

Breakfast With Santa

Wholesome Holiday Family Event

As you gear up for the holiday season, think about kicking things off with a fun Breakfast with Santa event in Tulsa. This is a great opportunity for your kids to meet Santa Claus in person and tell him their Christmas wishes. You'll enjoy a holiday-themed menu that celebrates the flavors of the season. Remember to take pictures of these special moments!

To ensure you don't miss this popular event, keep an eye on announcements from local venues about when and how to book your spots. This gathering isn't just about food and fun; it's a chance to make lasting memories with your family during the holidays.

Santa Meet and Greet

You can meet Santa Claus in Tulsa and have breakfast with him at special events. These occasions aren't just about eating but also stepping into a holiday-themed world. Picture yourself at a table with festive decorations while Santa visits each family, offering smiles and stories. This is a great chance to make lasting memories and take wonderful photos.

Why this is a must-visit event:

  • Direct Interaction with Santa: Talk with Santa Claus and see the happiness he brings to both kids and adults.
  • Holiday Environment: The venues are decorated beautifully, adding to the holiday cheer.
  • Photo Opportunities: Take photos with Santa in a great setting, ideal for holiday cards.
  • Engaging Activities: Beyond breakfast, there are many holiday-themed activities for family fun.

Make sure to check the event schedules and locations for these Breakfast with Santa events in Tulsa to plan your ideal holiday outing.

Festive Menu Highlights

After your exciting visit with Santa, treat yourself to the wonderful holiday menu at these special events. Sit down for a festive breakfast where the aroma of freshly cooked pancakes and waffles welcomes you. Enjoy every bite of these carefully prepared meals, which include savory eggs and other delights. The addition of Santa Claus makes the morning truly special.

Around you, the venue is alive with holiday-themed entertainment. You'll hear laughter and music, creating a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. Dive into fun activities suited for all family members, from crafting to playing games. These shared moments will become precious family memories.

This dining and festive experience not only delights your taste buds but also ignites the holiday spirit. Seize the opportunity to make lasting memories at this event, thoughtfully designed to enhance the joy of the season.

Enjoy this unique blend of culinary and festive joy, perfect for making your holiday season memorable.

Event Booking Details

Book your place at Tulsa's Breakfast With Santa for a delightful morning that promises fun and festive activities for the whole family. This event is a highlight of the holiday season, offering a delicious breakfast and the chance to meet Santa in person, where you can take memorable photos.

Here's how to ensure you don't miss out on this sought-after event:

  • Check Availability: First, look up the available dates and times for Breakfast With Santa. This popular event usually sells out fast.
  • Book Early: Reserve your spots early to secure your preferred date and enhance your experience.
  • Include All Children: Remember to count all children in your booking to ensure each one receives a special gift from Santa.
  • Plan Your Arrival: Aim to arrive early to fully enjoy the pre-breakfast activities.

Utica Square Shopping

Explore Tulsa's top shopping destination, Utica Square, featuring a variety of over 60 stores and dining options spread across 20 beautiful acres. As you wander this elegant area, you'll notice the charming lights and festive decorations that enhance the welcoming, joyful ambiance, especially during the holiday season. Utica Square is celebrated for its selection of upscale shops, providing a wide range of products including luxury fashion and distinctive home decor. Shopping here is more than just making purchases; it's about enjoying a delightful experience.

Holiday Celebrations at Utica Square:

During the winter months, Utica Square becomes even more enchanting. The area is adorned with stunning holiday displays and hosts live music events, all set to infuse your shopping experience with a sense of wonder. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift or just enjoying the scene, the blend of well-known brands and local shops ensures you find something special.

What You Can Find at Utica Square:

Here are some of the types of stores you'll encounter:

  • Upscale Clothing: Discover everything from boutique styles to designer labels.
  • Jewelry: Browse through a selection of custom jewelry and luxury watches.
  • Home Decor: Find everything from handcrafted items to sophisticated furniture.
  • Gifts: Shop for unique gifts and local treasures that stand out.

Why Shop at Utica Square?

Shopping at Utica Square isn't just about what you buy—it's about the experience. The mix of national and local retailers not only gives you a variety of choices but also supports local businesses. Whether you're updating your wardrobe, searching for a unique piece of jewelry, or decorating your home, Utica Square offers quality and diversity in a pleasant, easily navigable setting.

The Nutcracker Performance

Elegant Holiday Ballet Tradition

Join us this holiday season for a captivating experience with the Tulsa Ballet's annual production of 'The Nutcracker'! From December 9 to 23, 2023, at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, you'll witness a performance that brings a classic 19th-century German Christmas Eve story to life.

Why You Should See This Show:

  • Skilled Dance Performances: Watch as the talented dancers of Tulsa Ballet portray the journey of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince with precision and grace.
  • Exquisite Costumes: Each costume is crafted to showcase the period's sophistication and detail, adding to the visual splendor of the show.
  • Engaging Storyline: The story of Clara's whimsical adventure captures the essence of hope and celebration, resonating with audiences of all ages.
  • Holiday Setting: The Tulsa Performing Arts Center is decked out in festive decor, creating a perfect backdrop for a memorable family evening.

This event has been a cornerstone of holiday tradition in Tulsa for over 40 years, bringing together the community to celebrate through exceptional ballet performances.

Make sure you don't miss out on this heartwarming and visually stunning event—it's a fantastic way to enhance your holiday festivities!

Rhema Christmas Lights

Experience the magic of the holiday season at the Rhema Christmas Lights display at Rhema Bible Church. Spread across an expansive 110-acre campus in Tulsa, this festive event features millions of sparkling lights that create a spectacular winter wonderland. It's a perfect outing for families looking to enjoy the holiday spirit together.

As you walk through the display, you'll enjoy the sounds of Christmas music that fill the air, enhancing the visual experience with a joyful soundtrack. Make sure to grab a hot chocolate to keep warm while you take in the sights. For something extra special, consider taking a carriage ride. For just $10, you can see the lights from a unique vantage point, making your visit even more memorable.

Here's what you need to know before you go:

Feature Details
Start Date November 23, starting at 6 p.m.
Location Rhema Bible Church, Tulsa
Highlights Over a million lights, festive music
Additional Offers Hot chocolate, $10 carriage rides
Suitable For Families, anyone seeking holiday cheer

Don't miss out on this Tulsa holiday tradition. Whether it's your first visit or an annual tradition, Rhema Christmas Lights offers a delightful experience for all ages with every turn providing a new festive surprise.


Experience the joy of Tulsa's Christmas season through a variety of heartwarming events that cater to everyone's tastes.

Watch the dazzling Christmas parade, a highlight of Tulsa's festive celebrations, where floats and performers fill the streets with holiday cheer.

For a peaceful evening, the Botanic Garden offers a breathtaking display of lights that illuminate the natural beauty of the area, creating a serene holiday atmosphere.

Step back in time at the Philbrook Festival, which showcases the historical mansion decked out in elegant holiday decor. This event not only celebrates Christmas but also highlights the rich cultural heritage of Tulsa.

Enjoy a captivating performance of 'The Nutcracker,' a ballet that continues to enchant audiences with its magical story and exquisite dance.

For those who love shopping and architecture, Utica Square is a must-visit. This area combines unique architectural styles with a festive shopping experience, making it perfect for finding special holiday gifts.

Tulsa really comes alive during the holiday season, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. These memories of bright lights and festive nights are sure to stay with you long after the season ends.

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