Top 10 Picks For The Best Family Hotels In Milan

Best Family Hotels in Milan: Top 10 Picks for 2024

Looking for the best family hotels in Milan that cater to both kids and adults? Look no further than the palazzo porta romana. This stunning hotel offers a variety of accommodations, including spacious junior suites that are perfect for families. And don’t forget to start your day off right with a delicious buffet breakfast at the palazzo reale.

Well, how about a hotel that offers junior suites and one-bedroom apartments with kitchenettes, perfect for a family holiday? These accommodations provide comfort and convenience for the whole family, while keeping your little ones entertained with activities and amenities.

From spacious apartments with separate bedrooms and kitchenettes to on-site playgrounds, swimming pools, and private bathrooms, these hotels have it all for a perfect holiday. Discover the perfect family-friendly hotel in Milan, where you can explore the city’s rich history and indulge in delicious cuisine.

Stay at the Art Hotel Navigli or the Duomo Hotel, both offering comfortable accommodations and a friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget to stay connected with the hotel phone for convenience during your stay. Create lasting memories together in Milan.

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, our family-friendly hotel has you covered with our spacious family suites and large family rooms. We also offer apartments for those seeking more space and comfort during their stay.

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Top Picks: Grand Visconti Palace and NH Collection Milano President

Grand Visconti Palace: A Luxurious Haven for Families

Grand Visconti Palace A Luxurious Haven For Families

If you’re looking for a hotel that combines luxury and comfort, the Grand Visconti Palace is an excellent choice. With its family suite and large family rooms, it is the perfect venue for families. This magnificent hotel offers a truly memorable experience for families visiting Milan, with its family suite and large family rooms. The venue provides an average stay that caters to the needs of families.

The spacious and elegantly designed rooms at our friendly hotel provide ample space for everyone to relax and unwind after a day of exploring the city. Each room is equipped with a hotel phone for your convenience. Our venue is located in the centre of the city, making it easily accessible to all attractions.

One of the standout features of the Grand Visconti Palace is its convenient location near some of Milan’s most popular attractions. The hotel phone is easily accessible for guests, and the venue is perfect for events. Additionally, the family rooms are spacious and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for those traveling with children. Its proximity to the centre ensures easy access to all the city has to offer.

Just a short distance away from the city centre, you’ll find the stunning Palazzo Reale, a popular venue for art and history enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the rich collection of art and historical artifacts at this remarkable venue. Check out the affordable prices for entry tickets per person.

The hotel’s location in the centre of Milan makes it an ideal base for families who want to explore the city’s rich heritage. With affordable prices and flexible dates, it is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in Milan’s cultural offerings.

The Grand Visconti Palace leaves no stone unturned. The hotel, located in the centre, boasts a beautiful outdoor pool, perfect for cooling off during hot summer days.

Check out the available dates and prices for an enjoyable stay. There is a fully equipped fitness center where parents can squeeze in a workout while their children are entertained at the supervised kids’ club. The fitness center offers affordable prices, flexible dates, and is located within a few kilometers of the kids’ club.


  • Convenient location near Palazzo Reale.
  • Spacious and elegantly designed rooms.
  • Outdoor pool for relaxation.
  • Fully equipped fitness center.
  • Supervised kids’ club for entertainment.


  • Higher price range compared to other hotels in Milan.

NH Collection Milano President: Memorable Stay Guaranteed

Nh Collection Milano President

For a memorable stay in Milan, look no further than the NH Collection Milano President. With its convenient location, luxurious amenities, and affordable prices, this hotel is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re exploring the city’s historic landmarks or attending a conference, the NH Collection Milano President is just a short distance away.

Plus, with its comfortable rooms and top-notch service, you’ll feel right at home during your stay. So why wait? Book your room today and experience all that Milan has to offer. This family-friendly hotel offers exceptional service and top-notch amenities at affordable prices. Whether you’re planning a getaway with the kids or a romantic weekend for two, our hotel has something for everyone.

Book your stay today and take advantage of our special offers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the nearby attractions and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With convenient dates available, you can plan your trip according to your schedule. Plus, our hotel is conveniently located just a few kilometers from popular tourist spots.

Experience comfort and convenience at our hotel. From comfortable rooms to fantastic dining options, this hotel has everything you need for an unforgettable family vacation. Whether you’re looking for affordable prices, convenient dates, or exploring nearby attractions within a few km, our hotel is the perfect choice for your next trip.

The NH Collection Milano President is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its convenient location. With affordable prices and flexible booking options, it’s the perfect choice for travelers looking to explore Milan. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a business trip, the hotel offers comfortable rooms and excellent service.

It’s also situated just a few kilometers away from popular attractions, making it easy to visit all the must-see sights during your stay. Book your dates now and experience the NH Collection Milano President for yourself. Upon arrival, families are greeted with friendly smiles and provided with information about prices, dates, and km by the attentive staff who go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels right at home.

The hotel’s spacious rooms, available at affordable prices, are tastefully decorated and provide a peaceful sanctuary after a long day of sightseeing. Whether you’re exploring the city or venturing out for a scenic drive, our hotel’s convenient location ensures that all the popular attractions are just a few kilometers away. Book your stay with us now and experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability.

One of the highlights of staying at the NH Collection Milano President is its excellent dining options, as well as its convenient location for exploring nearby attractions and landmarks. Additionally, the hotel offers competitive prices, making it an affordable choice for travelers.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic dinner or grab a quick bite to eat, the hotel’s restaurant offers a diverse menu with a variety of dishes to choose from. Furthermore, the hotel is situated within walking distance of popular tourist spots, allowing guests to easily explore the city without having to travel long distances. With its prime location, affordable prices,

The hotel offers authentic Italian cuisine at its on-site restaurant, with delectable flavors, prices, and dates. There is a dedicated children’s menu with affordable prices, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters will find something they love. The menu is available on all dates.


  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Spacious and tastefully decorated rooms.
  • On-site restaurant with delicious Italian cuisine.
  • Dedicated children’s menu for young diners.
  • Attentive staff providing exceptional service.


  • Limited recreational facilities compared to other hotels in Milan.

Family-Friendly Accommodations in Milan: Prices and Availability

Planning a family trip to Milan? One of the most important aspects to consider when planning your family vacation is finding the right accommodation that fits your needs and budget. It’s crucial to compare prices and availability for the desired dates to ensure a smooth booking process.

To help you with this, we have gathered information on prices, availability, and dates of family-friendly hotels in Milan. Knowing the cost and availability beforehand will make it easier for you to plan your trip and ensure a comfortable stay for everyone.

Prices: Finding Affordable Options

Affordability is often a top priority. Luckily, there are several options available that offer reasonable prices without compromising on comfort or convenience. Here are some affordable choices to consider:

  1. Apartment Rentals: Another cost-effective option is renting an apartment in Milan. Many apartments cater specifically to families and offer multiple bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen facilities. These apartments provide more space and privacy compared to traditional hotel rooms.
  2. Bed & Breakfasts: If you’re looking for a cozy and homely atmosphere, consider staying at a bed & breakfast establishment. These accommodations often have family suites available at affordable rates, providing a comfortable setting for your entire family.

Availability: Booking Your Ideal Accommodation

Securing the availability of your preferred accommodation is crucial when planning your trip to Milan. Here are some tips to ensure you find an available venue that suits your needs:

  1. Check Multiple Websites: Don’t limit yourself to just one booking platform; explore different websites or apps that offer hotel reservations in Milan. This increases your chances of finding available options within your desired dates.
  2. Plan Ahead: Milan is a popular tourist destination, so it’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance. This allows you to choose from a wider range of available options and avoid any last-minute disappointments.
  3. Flexible Dates: If your travel dates are flexible, consider adjusting them slightly to increase the chances of finding available accommodations. Sometimes, shifting your arrival or departure by a day or two can make a significant difference in availability.
  4. Time of Year: Milan experiences peak tourist seasons, such as during fashion weeks and major events. Avoiding these busy periods can help you find more available accommodations at better prices.

Remember to check for essential amenities like air conditioning, especially if you’re traveling during the summer months when temperatures can soar in Milan.

Finding family-friendly accommodations in Milan doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. By considering different options and planning ahead, you can secure an affordable and comfortable place to stay that caters specifically to your family’s needs.

Tips for Traveling to Milan with Kids

Traveling to Milan with kids can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip, it’s important to follow some useful tips that will make your experience in the city more enjoyable. Here are some insider suggestions on navigating Milan with children:

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

When visiting Milan with kids, it’s essential to plan activities that cater to their interests and energy levels. Consider visiting attractions like the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology or the Acquario Civico di Milano (Civic Aquarium of Milan), where children can learn while having fun.

Another popular option is exploring Parco Sempione, a beautiful park located near Sforza Castle, which offers playgrounds, open spaces, and even a small pond where you can rent paddle boats.

Take Advantage of Family-Friendly Accommodations

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial when traveling with kids. Look for family-friendly hotels in Milan that offer amenities such as spacious rooms or suites, kid-friendly menus at their restaurants, and play areas or swimming pools.

Some hotels even provide babysitting services if parents need some time alone. By staying at a hotel that caters specifically to families, you’ll ensure everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Pack Smartly for Your Trip

When packing for your trip to Milan with kids, it’s important to be prepared for any situation. Make sure to pack essentials such as comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking around the city.

Don’t forget items like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect your little ones from the sun during outdoor activities. Bring along snacks and drinks in case hunger strikes while exploring the city.

Use Public Transportation Wisely

Milan has an efficient public transportation system consisting of buses, trams, and metros that can easily take you around the city. When traveling with kids, it’s advisable to use public transportation as it can be more convenient and cost-effective than taxis or private transfers.

Be sure to check the schedules and plan your routes in advance. Consider purchasing a MilanoCard, which offers unlimited access to public transport and discounts on attractions.

Embrace Italian Cuisine

Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine, and Milan is no exception. Encourage your kids to try local dishes such as pizza, pasta, gelato, and tiramisu. Many restaurants in Milan offer child-friendly menus with smaller portions and familiar options like spaghetti bolognese or margherita pizza. Exploring the city’s food markets can also be an exciting experience for children, where they can sample fresh fruits, cheeses, and pastries.

Traveling to Milan with kids can be an unforgettable experience filled with fun activities and cultural exploration. By following these tips, you’ll ensure a smooth travel experience that caters to the needs of your whole family.

Best Western Plus Hotel Galles: A Kid-Friendly Retreat

If you’re planning a family trip to Milan and searching for the best family-friendly hotel, look no further than Best Western Plus Hotel Galles.

This hotel offers an unforgettable experience tailored specifically for families, ensuring that both parents and children have a fantastic time during their stay.

Excellent Amenities for Children

One of the standout features of Best Western Plus Hotel Galles is its excellent amenities designed with children in mind. The hotel provides spacious family rooms and junior suites, offering plenty of room for everyone to relax and unwind after a day of exploring Milan.

These rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, ensuring a good night’s sleep for both kids and parents.

Fun-filled Activities

Best Western Plus Hotel Galles goes above and beyond to make sure that children have a memorable stay.

The hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool where kids can splash around and have fun while supervised by their parents. There’s a fitness center available for those who want to stay active during their vacation.

Convenient Location

Located in the heart of Milan, Best Western Plus Hotel Galles offers a great location that is ideal for families.

With many attractions within walking distance, such as the famous Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, families can easily explore the city without having to travel long distances.

Family-Friendly Dining Options

Best Western Plus Hotel Galles has you covered. The hotel features an on-site restaurant that serves delicious meals suitable for both adults and children.

From hearty breakfast buffets to mouth-watering Italian cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Additional Features

In addition to its family-friendly amenities, Best Western Plus Hotel Galles also offers other conveniences that make traveling with kids easier. Some noteworthy features include:

  • Kitchenettes in select rooms: Perfect for families who prefer to prepare their own meals or have specific dietary requirements.
  • Triple rooms: Accommodating larger families with ease, these spacious rooms provide ample space for everyone.
  • Friendly staff: The hotel staff is known for their warm hospitality and willingness to assist families with any needs or requests.

Best Western Plus Hotel Galles has all the elements that make it a top choice for families traveling to Milan. From its excellent amenities tailored specifically for children to its convenient location and family-friendly dining options, this hotel ensures an enjoyable stay for the whole family.

So, when planning your next family vacation in Milan, consider staying at Best Western Plus Hotel Galles for an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Ramada Plaza Milan and Crowne Plaza Milan City

Ramada Plaza Milan

Highlights of Staying at Ramada Plaza Milan

Ramada Plaza Milan is definitely worth considering. Located in the city center, this hotel offers a convenient base for exploring all that Milan has to offer. One of the main highlights of staying at Ramada Plaza is its proximity to the famous Duomo Cathedral.

Just a short walk away, you can marvel at the breathtaking architecture and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic landmark.

Luxury and Convenience at Crowne Plaza Milan City

If you’re looking for a luxurious and convenient stay, Crowne Plaza Milan City is an excellent choice. Situated near a metro station, this hotel provides easy access to all parts of the city.

The hotel itself boasts modern and stylish rooms that are perfect for families seeking comfort during their stay.

Crowne Plaza is located close to other popular attractions such as La Scala opera house and Sforza Castle, allowing you to explore these cultural gems with ease.

Two Fantastic Hotel Options For Families Exploring Milan

Milan is a bustling city with so much to offer, making it an ideal destination for family vacations. When choosing accommodation for your trip, it’s important to consider factors such as location, amenities, and overall suitability for families.

Both Ramada Plaza Milan and Crowne Plaza Milan City tick all these boxes and provide exceptional experiences for families visiting the city.

Ramada Plaza offers spacious rooms that can comfortably accommodate families of various sizes. With amenities like air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs in each room, your family can relax after a day of exploring. The hotel also features an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals together without having to venture far from your room.

Crowne Plaza takes luxury up a notch with its elegant rooms designed with utmost comfort in mind. Families can enjoy the convenience of an on-site gym, perfect for staying active during your stay. The hotel also offers a delicious breakfast buffet to fuel up for a day of sightseeing.

What Sets Ramada Plaza Milan and Crowne Plaza Milan City Apart?

While both hotels offer exceptional experiences, they each have unique features that set them apart. Ramada Plaza’s central location makes it an ideal choice for families who want to explore the city without spending too much time commuting.

On the other hand, Crowne Plaza’s luxurious amenities and proximity to cultural attractions make it an excellent option for families seeking a more upscale experience.

Unveiling the Charm of Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels

Rosa Grand Milano

Charm and Elegance of Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels.

If you’re planning a family trip to Milan, finding the perfect hotel can make all the difference. AndOne name that stands out is Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels. This star hotel offers an experience like no other, combining charm, elegance, and a prime location in the heart of the city.

Discover why this hotel is a top choice for families visiting Milan.

Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels has earned its reputation as one of the best family-friendly hotels in Milan for several reasons.

Firstly, its proximity to major attractions such as Duomo and La Scala makes it incredibly convenient for families looking to explore the city. With a metro station nearby, getting around becomes a breeze.

Why Does Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels Stand Out?

What sets Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels apart from other hotels is its attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional service. The hotel boasts spacious rooms with modern amenities including free WiFi and large-screen TVs, ensuring that every member of your family feels comfortable and entertained throughout their stay.

In addition to its well-appointed rooms, Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels also offers a range of facilities that cater specifically to families. The on-site bar provides a cozy space where parents can unwind while keeping an eye on their little ones playing nearby. The friendly staff goes above and beyond to accommodate any special requests or needs your family may have during your stay.

What Makes Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels Memorable?

One key aspect that makes Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels memorable for families is its commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. From organizing guided tours around Milan’s famous landmarks to arranging fun activities for kids at the hotel itself, they ensure that every moment spent here is filled with joy and excitement.

Moreover, the hotel’s central location means that families have easy access to a plethora of dining options, shopping districts, and cultural attractions. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine or looking to indulge in some retail therapy, everything is just a stone’s throw away from Rosa Grand Milano Starhotels.

Memorable Family Vacations in Milan

Milan, the vibrant city of fashion and culture, is not just for adults. It’s also a fantastic destination for unforgettable family vacations. With its wide array of activities and attractions suitable for all ages, Milan offers endless opportunities to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Fun-Filled Activities for All Ages

Milan has got you covered. Whether you’re traveling with young children or teenagers, there are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained. One must-visit attraction is the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, where kids can explore interactive exhibits and learn about the genius behind some of history’s greatest inventions.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Parco Sempione is an ideal spot. Located right behind the magnificent Sforza Castle, this park offers vast green spaces perfect for picnics and leisurely strolls. Kids can also enjoy playgrounds and rent bicycles to explore the park at their own pace.

Exploring Milan’s Cultural Gems

Milan isn’t just about fashion; it’s also rich in cultural heritage. Take your family on a journey through history by visiting iconic landmarks such as the breathtaking Duomo di Milano. Climb up to its rooftop terrace for panoramic views of the cityscape or venture inside to marvel at its intricate architecture.

Another must-see attraction is Santa Maria delle Grazie, home to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper.” This iconic painting is sure to leave a lasting impression on both young and old alike. Make sure to book tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

Delightful Day Trips

While exploring Milan itself can be an adventure, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take day trips from the city. Just a short drive away from Milan lies Lake Como, known for its stunning landscapes and charming lakeside towns. Hop on a boat and cruise along the lake, or simply relax on one of its picturesque beaches.

If your family enjoys history and ancient ruins, consider visiting Bergamo. This medieval city is located about 50 kilometers northeast of Milan and offers a glimpse into the past with its well-preserved architecture and cobblestone streets. Take a walk along the Venetian walls or explore the charming old town, known as Città Alta.

The Milano Experience

Milan truly has something for everyone in the family. From fashion enthusiasts to history buffs and nature lovers, this city caters to diverse interests. Immerse yourself in Italian culture by indulging in delicious gelato, savoring traditional pizza, or shopping at local markets for fresh produce.

No matter how you choose to spend your family vacation in Milan, one thing is certain – it will be an experience to remember. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this captivating Italian city.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our blog post on the best family hotels in Milan. We hope you found this guide helpful in planning your next memorable vacation with your loved ones. From top picks like the Grand Visconti Palace and NH Collection Milano President to family-friendly accommodations at affordable prices, we’ve covered it all.

Now that you have a good understanding of the fantastic options available, it’s time to book your stay and create unforgettable memories in Milan. Whether you’re exploring the city’s vibrant attractions or indulging in delicious Italian cuisine, these family hotels will provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

So go ahead, pack your bags, and embark on an extraordinary adventure with your family. Book your stay at one of these incredible hotels today and make the most out of your time in Milan!


Can I find budget-friendly family hotels in Milan?

Absolutely! Milan offers a range of budget-friendly family hotels that cater to different needs and preferences. Some options include Hotel Galles, which provides a kid-friendly retreat without breaking the bank, as well as Ramada Plaza Milan and Crowne Plaza Milan City.

Are there any tips for traveling to Milan with kids?

Certainly! When traveling to Milan with kids, it’s important to plan ahead. Consider visiting child-friendly attractions such as Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology or Parco Sempione. Pack essentials like comfortable walking shoes, snacks, and entertainment for long journeys.

What amenities should I look for when choosing a family hotel?

When choosing a family hotel in Milan, look for amenities such as spacious rooms or suites that can accommodate families comfortably. Other desirable features include swimming pools, play areas for children, babysitting services, and convenient dining options.

How do I book a family hotel in Milan?

Booking a family hotel is easy! You can either visit the hotel’s website directly or use reputable travel websites to compare prices and availability. Simply enter your desired dates, select the number of guests, and choose a family-friendly hotel that suits your needs.

Can I find hotels near popular attractions in Milan?

Yes, many family hotels in Milan are conveniently located near popular attractions. Depending on your preferences, you can find accommodations near iconic landmarks like the Duomo di Milano or within walking distance of shopping districts like Via Montenapoleone.

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